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can you afford a good prime rib? My mom always does that..lol

As for soup..try it and see..you may need a thickner but i don't know what what you described wouldn't work..lol
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Well, we are back from our whirlwind trip to visit the inlaws and my folks. I am feeling pretty awful after all the indulging, and glad to be home. The kids are faring about as well as I, and I am very much looking forward to getting back into routine and our *normal* diet. My parents gave me a cooler full of home-grown beef (including bones and liver) for Christmas. I am so excited! Stock is becoming a spiritual food and eating experience around here. The kimchi and ginger carrots sat in the fridge while we were away, and I took them out today. I just got my NT book back from mom, and lent it out almost immediately to bil's girlfriend, who was totally interested. I just can't stop spreading the word!

: Welcome to the new mamas who have joined this thread!

Also, I've been attempting to lose some weight...does this sort of eating lend itself to that as well?
Hi Danae! I have lost a couple of lbs since eating a traditional diet. My goal never was to lose weight, as i am happy with the weight I am at, but I have lost about 3 lbs. I think you have to find your balance, and your body will regulate itself to a healthy weight. I know some people have lost a significant amount of weight eating a la NT. Lately I started working out a bit, and cut back on my carbs because they've been making me feel gross (well, except for Christmas has been a write-off in terms of diet : ) and I am noticing that I am slimming up a bit, and it's happening quickly, so I am taking this as a clue that my body is happier without so many carbs. I probably won't lose any weight though because I tend to weigh more when I am fit and have a bit more muscle.

Would it work if I just sauteed chopped celery, then gently heated some cream; added the celery to the cream, add salt and pepper? Is that the basic gist of a cream soup?
gardenmommy, if you want you can also use stock for part of the liquid. Sautee your celery (with a little onion is nice) then pour in stock (I suggest chicken) and heat, then add the cream, s&p. Let us know how it turns out!
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Originally Posted by Danae
HI, I'm new to this thread and I have a few questions.

I've been interested in NT for quite awhile...currently I eat a pretty good amount of fermented greens, raw milk/butter, raw cheese and raw fish/beef. (My 2 y.o. LOVES raw salmon w/seaweed & nomishoyu!)

Anyway, I am having a really hard time getting the book because I can't seem to find an affordable copy. Does anyone have any ideas or have an extra copy I can purchase for cheap? Also, I've been attempting to lose some weight...does this sort of eating lend itself to that as well?

Hi, I have an extra copy you can have ... pm me if you want it.
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Chicken Broth

I am pretty much a lurker around here. I don't feel I have much to contribute it the way of experience but I do have a question.

I make chicken broth in my crockpot before Christmas. It has been sitting in my fridge ever since. Do you think it's OK still?

Sorry about the typos I have a little helper at the keyboard today.
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I'm okay with it for about up to a week. You might want to smell it, or boil it good if you're unsure.
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Thanks for the suggestions, cobluegirl and hibou. I will try adding some stock to it first, then the cream.

I will have to wait to make it, since I used all the cream in ice cream! My dh said he's going to post here and tell everyone not to buy an ice cream maker because it will make you gain 80 lbs. the first week you have it! Seriously though, I am making it for dd's birthday party tomorrow.

After Jan. 1, we are going to do the Maker's diet 40 day plan. I am really looking forward to doing this. I think it will help us get away from our dependance on grains and refined sugars. We need a jump start to just clean up our eating, help us make the break from junk food.

I am really pleased though, even though we ate like crap over the holidays, I've only gained like 2 lbs.
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Also, I'm wondering what you do for New Year's food. Dh grew up eating pork for New Year's, but I want to stay away from pork. I am looking at a NT compatible substitution.
My dh grew up doing the kielbasa and sauerkraut thing on New Year's. It could be NT compatible if you found a good homemade version that didn't include pork-a different kind of sausage, and of course the sauekraut! I think it's a Pittsburgh thing. lol
Good luck doing the 40 day thing! I'll bet you'll be feeling so good.
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So, what's wrong with pork? Is it so much worse for you than beef or chicken or lamb? It's so much cheaper than beef or chicken!

cobluegirl, I live in WA, and was a bit worried about the e coli thing. I don't think anyone has died, though.
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NT, WAPF, and Sally Fallon don't have any problem with clean (organic, pastured) pork. It is Jordan Rubin (Maker's Diet) that says to stay away from pork, shellfish, catfish, etc (Jewish-esque). NT LOVES lard, that's from a pig. Unless some of you read something in NT I missed.

I don't eat the above items simply because my gut tells me not to (not my actually gut, as in digestion, just my intuition, I guess) But as far as I know, pork is most definitely NOT anti-NT.

Love to hear others' interpetations of NT regarding pork!

(When you read about pigs eating each others' tumors and how you can feed one pig out of 10 and they will all survive--i.e. eat "from" one another... well, I guess that was part of the turn-off for me. Though I have heard chickens are pretty gross, too. Hmm... I don't know... I never liked pork much anyway, so wasn't a big deal for me.)
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Pork is one of the meats we don't eat.

Since returning to eating meat 18 months ago, we have only introduced chicken, turkey and bison into our meals.

I just don't feel right about eating pig. Its not based on anything but intuition really. Just feels off.

We eat Salmon, tuna and white fish occasionally when I can find it fresh. (land locked).
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Originally Posted by ErinEmily

I make chicken broth in my crockpot before Christmas. It has been sitting in my fridge ever since. Do you think it's OK still?
Did your stock seal itself with a nice layer of fat on the top when it cooled? If so, it's probably fine.
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Originally Posted by mountain mom
I just don't feel right about eating pig. Its not based on anything but intuition really. Just feels off.
I have gone back and forth about pork. One of the (probably not very rational) reasons I hesitate to eat it is how intelligent pigs are. Probably the same kind of reasons that people are put off by eating dog or horse. And while I think all animal cruelty is cruel, I have a feeling that a pig feels the confinement more keenly than a cow or a chicken. I hope that doesn't come across like I think it's ok to confine and maltreat animals more the less intelligent they are, it's just that it gives greater depth to their suffering.

On the other hand, I think of how helpful a pig would be on a farm and how good lard is supposed to be for you... if I had a small farm, a pig would be very helpful. (Of course, we could have a pig or two without eating them... people keep working dogs on their farms without eating them when they have outlived their usefulness.)

I also have heard/read that a lot of the "gross" behaviours that you read about pigs (eating each others' waste, for instance) is a result of animals being confined, but it is seen as the "norm." And those "gross" behaviours don't happen when pigs are in a more natural environment.

About the only pork I've been eating lately is on the occasional restaurant pizza I've eaten and organic/free range/natural sausages (haven't had them in quite a while). I've been using a lot of lard, though.
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Mmmmmm, borscht. (Is that the right spelling?)

I recently opened a jar of fermented beets. I made them using Wild Fermentation as a guide. I peeled raw beets and cut them into the smallest pieces I had the patience for -- on average, about the size of a nickel. Packed them in brine (either 2 or 3 tsp salt per litre of water? I must have it written down somewhere, I don't have the book with me any more) with a few cloves. I tried a jar after about a month -- the beets were still very hard (just the same as raw beets) and very salty. I opened another jar (I transferred all of my jars to cool storage after about 3 wks in a warm cupboard) about 3 months after "canning" it, and the beets were softer and less salty. I also have jars of saurkraut that I make using the 4 tsp of salt per shredded head of cabbage packed in a quart sized mason jar method I have mentioned. So, I took some very thick (reduced) beef stock and cooked carrots and potatoes in it. I added some seasonings at the end -- salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, and parsley. After turning off the heat, I added some beets (no brine) and saurkraut. I'm not sure about proportions -- a bit more than a litre (quart) of stock, 2 med/large carrots, and 3 med potatoes. Maybe 1 c. of the beets, and 1/2 cup or so of saurkraut. It was very tasty. I would have added leftover beef roast, but it had been in the fridge too long. I didn't need to add the salt, the l-f veggies were salty enough. I added week-old cream (starting to taste sour) in my bowl. Yum.

For dessert, I'm making chocolate mousse. Not really an NT recipe, except I'm using good cream. I melted semi sweet chocolate chips (2 c.) then added 2 c. of cream, stirring it all up until it was smooth. I had put 2 large eggs and a bit of vanilla in my blender. I added the cream mixture to the blender and blended for about 3 mins. It is setting in the fridge now. I'm thinking you could make something like maple mousse if you want to avoid the chocolate (and the bother of melting it), or use cocoa powder, butter, and sweetener to substitue for the choc chips.

I also might make molasses popcorn tonight.

I recently made what I think is farmer's cheese or poor man's cheese. I took a half gallon of raw milk and put it in a glass bowl with a plate on top. I left it in a warm spot (my over the range microwave with the stove light on -- it gets quite warm) for a day or two (hmmm, I think I started the milk on Thurs, maybe afternoon, and finished it up Sat afternoon). It was pretty much like my yogurt. Not terribly thick, but firm nonetheless. I drained it and ended up getting it about half whey and half cheese (by volume). I tasted a bit of the cheese -- it is fairly bland. Milder than yoghurt cheese, more like store cream cheese. My kids hate yoghurt cream cheese, so this is good for us. A friend brought me some goat cheese -- it was a cheese log with cranberries all around it. So very yummy. I think I could make something similar with this cheese.

I also have a good lentil recipe, I will post it later.
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So I know it's January, but I didn't see a January NT thread, and I'm not enough of a seasoned NT-er to start one. Besides, I have more questions, and I feel guilty :

Saturday evening I felt brave and made 2 things out of the NT cookbook: beet kvass and ginger carrots. I made them exactly by the recipe - with sea salt and whey. I just tried them, and they're SO salty. I think I could get used to the taste (of the carrots, anyway, I'm still considering the beet kvass). If I let them age in the refrigerator, will the saltiness mellow? Or is there a way to make either of them with less salt? Seriously, they are so salty they are unedible/undrinkable.
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Keep it in the fridge another week, then try it again. Next time use just 1 teaspoon, it won't taste so salty. That's what I do anyway.
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