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Yes, I can see the problems with the Maker's diet book. It bothered me that the products are pushed at the expense of the science. I was left wanting more depth and "meat", so to speak. I wanted "this is why the program works, here is the data and science behind the recommendations". That said, I do know several people who have followed the program (not sure if they used all the supplements) who have had tremendous success. They have lost weight (and kept it off), changed their eating habits, and cleaned up their lifestyle.

Personally, I use several of his products with very good results. I notice a big difference when I take them faithfully.

Really, the main thing I am wanting to do is follow the plan to get out of the rut I am in; I want to use it to jumpstart myself into some better eating habits. It's not the end-all, be-all, but it is a tool.

About the raw dairy: I grew up with raw milk, cream, and butter. I was rarely sick, and to this day, my brother's and I are among the healthiest people I know.
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brisen..is there any info at www.notmilk.com ??

gardenmommy, I too use some on his products and like them. I just don't care for the barrage(sp) of panic emails...lol
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gardenmommy -- I think it's a great book for that purpose. Good luck getting back on track. It fells could to have a handle on things and to be building health.
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Hey ladies... Can I get a little help from the more experienced NT mammas???

There is a thread about soy milk for toddler (Title "Now my DS can't drink soy milk") in the general Nutrition and Good Eating Forum and would love some mammas with more info to jump on in. I posted a few links but don't have much more to say (other than personal experience for me, no toddler involved)

If anyone wants to wander over.....Thanks!
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I tend to stay away from the soymilk debate but I will check it out none the less.

FYI, for the Alberta Moms. A friend of mine is starting up a Weston Price Chapter here in Calgary. In the new year once the holiday season is done, she plans to call a meeting. I know of 5 IRL NT followers but those online ( CJR) if you want I can pass on the info about the meetings to you as well. Let me know!
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"During homogenization there is a tremendous increase in surface area on the fat globules. The original fat globule membrane is lost and a new one is formed that incorporates a much greater portion of casein and whey proteins.13 This may account for the increased allergenicity of modern processed milk."

This is the last sentence in the article. I've never read this article before... I thought Oster's theory was more solid than that. hmmmm.

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Maybe you can help me here.

Do I use millet and quinoa flour like I would use white flour?

If I have a recipe and am subbing stevia for sugar how do I make up the filler and texture.

HELP! I want to make some sort of xmas cookie or snack that is still "good" for me or something.
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Hey there! We are a NT family for the most part. We do eat out every now and then and eat at relatives houses alot. BUt at home we do what we can. Luckily we have good milk and eggs close by. Webrought the kiddos to our milk farm over the summer which was great.
Anyways, with the holidays approaching...
I am looking for a health cookie cutter recipe. I have a bunch of recipes that are basically sugar, butter and flour. So if I use Rapidura for sugar, what can do for soaking the flour without spoiling the recipe? Any ideas would be helpful. TIA~
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A lot of recipes in NT use wine in them. Thing is, dh is allergic to sulfites (which basically all wine has to some extent) and it gives me killer migraines. Is there a good substitute for it that anyone knows of?
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I used to make grape juice kefir that I made out of converted milk grains. It worked very well as a substitute for wine.
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I would love some info on the Weston Price Calgary chapter.
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We get organic wine that has no added sulfites. Not sure about the natural content though. I notice a big difference when drinking it. Also, I do not alwyas have wine so I very often just do not add it to the recipe.
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Have a question. How can I learn to like fermented foods? I cannot stand sauerkraut, don't really care for soured milk, and have to mix kefir into smoothies to drink it. I understand the reason for eating them, but cannot convince my tongue not to throw it out when I eat fermented stuff. It just tastes terrible to me! In my diet overhaul next month, I'd like to start eating more ferments. Help!
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At first I just told myself how good it is for me and actively thought about all the good things my body would do with it while I was eating/drinking. Then as I did this more and more I disliked it less and less. I still don't LOVE sauerkraut, non-flavored kefir, etc. but it doesn't taste bad to me like it once did! So Step 1) Mind over matter, Step 2)It will grow on you (hopefully)

I haven't even really started doing my own fermenting so I don't eat as much as I'd like. I know it will get better when I create the foods myself.

Good luck!!
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I agree, there are so many things that I've eaten only because I know they are good for me. The more you keep at it, the more used to them you get, soon you might even begin to actually LIKE it!
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I started eating saurkraut with mashed potatoes. That helped. Now I can eat it neat no worries. Kimchi is another way to go as it is nice & spicy.

I ferment our oatmeal overnight in whey for porridge. It comes out very sour. I put grated nutmeg in it while I am cooking it & then stir raw butter in when it is cooked & drizzle it with maple syrup. It has a beautiful sweet & sour taste. It definitely grows on you as time goes on. Unfermented porridge now tastes really yucky.

Sourdough bread is really yummy as well. I have found I am liking it more & more as time goes on. Makes very nice cheese & leafy green sandwiches.

I have come to love sour milk since I started getting raw milk. I only get it once a week so sometimes by the end of the week, the cream on top has started getting sour. I love cultured butter too. I have to remember not to cook things for normal ppl with it where they can taste it dh thinks it smells "rank" & complains about it heaps.
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See, that's my problem. I can't get past the "rank" smell/flavor to appreciate the fact that it has lots of good stuff in it! I *know* it's good for me, so I keep trying it. I just can't seem to get my tongue to appreciate it the same way my mind does!

I really like using kefir in smoothies and in my baking. I'm trying really hard to like sourdough bread. Still don't like cultured butter, it tastes off to me. Sauerkraut just plain tastes spoiled/bad. I don't really care for vinegary/very tart things, either. I'm hoping that just by continuing to try things, I will eventually cultivate a taste for ferments.

I think this is why I've never been able to stomach the smell/taste of wine or beer. Just makes me nauseous!
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dh has no problem with beer

If you are OK with spicy foods, I'd definitely give kimchi a go instead of saurkraut. All that garlic, chilli & onion disguise the standard saurkraut flavour very well. Have you tried making saurkraut yourself or buying it ? Maybe using a sweeter cabbage may help.

You can get some sourdoughs that taste very unsour. I had an awesome culture which I lost You would not have known it was sourdough. I guess it would be a matter of experimentation really.
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The fermented salsa and the ginger carrots were the easiest for me to start on. They're a little sweet with other flavors beside the sour-veggie taste. I had a hard time because I was first-trimester pregnant when I started NT... : I couln't handle all the strong flavors. I still have problems with some soaked-flour recipes. I drink Kefir everyday, but not plain-- only with fruit in it (no sweeteners) Also, I've never liked store-bought sourkraut so I though I didn't like it at all until I made my own. Yum!

Do you all make your own sourdough bread? I would like to, but it seems like I would have to be making bread everyday! It looks like the batches are big and what with feeding the starter all the time, it seems like more bread (and work) than I need... I'd appreciate hearing anyone's experiences!
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gardenmommy- what about making a jar of salt-brine pickled veggies? That might be a good place to start because it would probably taste more like something that you are not so unaccustomed to eating. If you are used to eating pickles, that is.

I'm going to try to get some ginger carrots and kimchi made today. I'm all out of fermented foods right now, except for kefir. I need something to help my digest all this chocolate. :

I feel guilty with all of the holiday indulging I am planning... lol, I'll be back, meek and penitent, in January.
yeah, that.
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