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baby clothes

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A question for experienced twin mamas: How much 0-3 stuff do I need? Do I need to bother with Newborn sizes as well? Does anyone have a detailed list of how many sleepers, onesies etc.. I should get? Thanks!
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I have no list but my daughter, born at 6 lbs, was able to fit in newborn stuff for several weeks. I'd either try and borrow as much newborn stuff as you can or make sure you leave tags on in case you don't need it and can then return it. It seems that the smaller the clothes, the more they charge you for them! My theory has been to have clothes for 1.5 children and it's worked pretty well so far. How often do you plan to do laundry? Since we were/are washing our own diapers I found myself doing baby clothes often because I was down "talking" to the washer and dryer anyway. We borrowed oodles of stuff and I bet we never wore half of it because I'd just wash the stuff I liked. Not really a great answer but I don't know that there's a super specific answer. Borrow stuff and keep the tags on the new stuff is the way I'd go! Good luck!
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One of my twins didn't reach newborn/0-3 month size until he was 2 months old and was still in them at 4 months. The other was in them almost from the start and outgrew them quickly. I guess how much you need depends on how often you plan on doing laundry. I planned on 3 change of clothing for the day and 2 for night and wanted to go at least 4 days before having to do laundry. So that equals out to 20 changes of clothes for each kid.
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My son was 6.14 and wore preemie clothes for 2 weeks, then 0-3 for 4-5 weeks. He was very long, though, 21 inches at birth, so he outgrew stuff quickly. My daughter was 5.7 and wore preemie for 4 weeks, then 0-3 for 5-6 weeks.
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