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Elizabeth Rose is here!!

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I am so sorry that it has taken me 2 wks to get this on here but life is very hetic when you have 4 people who seem to need you all the time for one thing or another. Elizabeth Rose is a beautiful healthy baby girl . She was born at 1:26 am on Thursday, Nov. 17. My actual due date and DH's B-day. She wieghed 8lbs 15oz & was 21" long. My labor was awesome. It was comfortable and peaceful. I labored for 4 hrs. She was born after only 10min. of pushing. My midwife arrived at 12:40 am. She was quite shocked that I went so quickly. She didn't even have time to set everything up. I even got to cut the cord. The whole home birth experience was wonderful. I will never go back to a hospital for birth again. DH was in awe over how strong I was and DD1 was even awake during the birth she thought it was really neat.Thankfully DD2 slept thru it all. I am so thankful that God gave me the strength and wisdom to have this baby at home. She is now 2 wks old and has already gained a pound & 1/4 of an inch. She is doing great. We are all still adjusting to life with 3 children under 5, it has been a challenge but we are doing good. I feel totally awesome. I have never felt better after a birth. Eveery thing went so well that I am just totally at peace. Well better run somebody is hungry!!
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Big congrats on a wonderful birth and your new baby girl!!! Enjoy yourselves!
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Congratulations! I had 3 under 3 so I can understand feeling overwhelmed, but it gets sooooo much easier!
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That is so wonderful I am happy for you! I love the name Elizabeth (my mn) How cool that she was born on her due date and on daddy's birthday! Extra special!
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Congrats mom!!!
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congrats mama!!
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