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My milk seems to be gone

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My daughter, a little over 3.5 years old, usually only nurses once a day before bedtime, but sometimes will ask for it in the middle of the day. In fact, on Sunday I was lying on the floor and she had a little then. Then that night she told me there was no more milk. She has said that in the past, but I've always been able to manually express some right after that, and I've showed her that there is milk. So when she said it, I started squeezing and such, and after a little while I didn't see even the first drop of milk. So I tried the other breast and it was the same situation. Then last night I told her there probably wouldn't be anymore milk but she could try if she wanted. She sucked for awhile (a minute or so), but nothing. Then she rolled over. I put my breasts back in the bra and pulled my shirt down, and she turned and kissed my chest, smiled, then turned back around. Tonight she didn't even ask to nurse. I told her that when I have a new baby, there will be more milk and she can drink some if she wants, but she will be almost 4.5 by that point and I've been wanting to stop by the time she was 4. I thought I would be happy when she finally weaned, but my eyes are tearing up right now. Not sure why, other than it is an end of an era. She's been sleeping in her own bed, often with me leaving before she is asleep, she started using the potty last month, and now she'll get up in the morning, put on her underwear and get herself dressed before she comes to my room. And she's so much friendlier with others now, it's just so weird. She's grown up so much since turning 3.

Oh well, she may not be weaned completely, but I feel like this is the beginning of the end.
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So bittersweet. I am dreading weaning.
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Kudos to you for your long bf'ing relationship! What a wonderful mama!
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How wonderful that you two made it this far! What a blessed litlle one! (and mama too)
All things happen for a reason, don't be to hard on yourself!

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Well, she nursed the next night after I posted that for about 5 seconds. I did actually manage to express a drop of milk. Then Friday morning she asked to nurse, but she hasn't asked since then. Hmmm
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Not exactly the same situation but there are some similarities...

My dd (3.5) said the same thing a few times when I was about 4 mo pg but she kept nursing without milk through pregnancy and has continuted since the babe was born 6 mo ago.

She is just starting to wean now and it at the same moment makes me sad and happy.

Good luck- cherish ever min.
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