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hey stacy ann--i've never had multiples, but for some reason i was lurking in this forum and wanted to respond. i remember with my second child going until 41 weeks and how horrible it was...cannot imagine how it must be with twins. you're doing great things for those 2 growing babies, giving them more time to "bake", etc. i can't imagine how hard that must be though. you'll make it through...thinking of you and your precious babies.
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Hang in there Stacy
Those last weeks were so bad for me too. I started throwing up again and felt horrible the whole time, but it was all worth it to have 8lb healthy babies! Your time will come soon BTW, my doc was OK with letting me go to 42 weeks or later. He just said if I got to 42 weeks he wanted me to get another u/s. Thank god I did not make it that far, I think I would have gone crazy
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Hang in there!!!! You are doing WONDERFUL work... I'm thinking of you and sending comfort vibes your way.
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aw stacy - hugs hugs hugs - i so remember how hard those last weeks were! you are doing so well! watch videos, take showers and naps, read!

If you are online check out the yahoo group called apmultiples - karen gromada posts there a lot and those parents are just a wealth of info.

you are almost done.


28 mos b/g twins
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Originally Posted by stacyann_1
Well .. I thought I was in bad shape at 38 weeks, I'm actually losing my mind at 39w1d. I had the worst weekend ever. A thrombosed hemrroid basically limited me to a very still side lying position all weekend.. I couldn't walk, sit or stand. I'm feeling a little better today, but still pretty bad. I feel like a freak at all other multiples boards besides this one. Everyone thinks my doctor must be bad to let me go past the 'full-term' 37-38 weeks for twins. My doctor would still be fine letting nature takes its course (with monitoring of course) for at least another 1-1.5 weeks, but I'm actually going crazy.

I guess all those months of being told that twins come early, made me start preparing for their entrance a month ago. Now here I am eating into my maternity leave, at almost 40 weeks. Anyway - this is the only board where I can see reassuring stories from people that delivered healthy twins at 39 weeks+. I thank you all for your support. And if I get one more email or phone call saying.. are they here yet? Any updates? What's going on? Does you doctor know what she is doing? I'm going to go ballistic.

A very emotional Stacy

Stacy, you're doing a great job as an incubator. Revel in your body's ability. As I noted in my earlier post, I cried on my due date. The whole last month I felt black and blue through my pelvis and had varicosities of the perineum. My arms got numb due to the hypervolemia, had to wake up to turn over in bed -- like a beached whale, etc. But the worst -- the very worst -- was the mental stuff. Because EVERY-frickin'-ONE tells you that you're going to go early and then EVERY-frickin'-ONE of them has to call EVERY-frickin'-day with that "Are you still here??????"; therefore, it's like being overdue even when you're not! My guys were 37 weeks on Valentine's Day and I remember poking at my bellly, saying, "You can come out now." Of course, they didn't until March 9 -- 5 days post due date. But they did come out and they've now been out and sassin' us for many, many years. (Don't forget those silhouette photos!) And tell those busybodies calling all the time just exactly where they can put their limited twin pregnancy/birth info... (You can later apologize that it was just the double pregnancy hormonse making you cranky.)

Have you tried the nipple stim???

Hang in. You're really almost there! Really!

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Wow, it's Karen Gromada! Welcome! (Ok, is it freaky that I don't have multiples and that I know who you are?)
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Dear Stacy, hang in there! Hemmorhoids really suck! Owie! Poor you.

Kids driving you crazy? Welcome to the club! You're just getting a head start!

You can do this.

I can see you are worried about the term pregnancy "cutting into your matermity leave." But having more mature babies will make you maternity leave more pleasant and less worrisome, if they don't have multiple medical/nursing issues.

When are you supposed to go back to work?

Hi Karen! Daryl from MA
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Ya'll are scaring me, lol!!! bleeding bellies?? ahhh! I am 19 weeks pg with twins...and have 3 other children...all my pgs and labor were great, and I am healthy...so, that makes me think I'll be like you, and go to 40 weeks. My singles were born 4 days late, 1 day early, and 1 day early. I can't wait to find out if you are glad you waited or not!! :-) You are just a natural at growing babies, hehe! :-)
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Originally Posted by mamaley
Wow, it's Karen Gromada! Welcome! (Ok, is it freaky that I don't have multiples and that I know who you are?)

LOL! My completely unimpressed family would probably think it freaky -- or just roll their eyes while giving me one of their looks.

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Ha! I can relate--people seem to be least impressed by people helping others. Funny how that works.
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