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I delivered

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hi - I ended up in the hospital with ruptured membranes on 11/13 and then delivered on 11/27. I developed a uterine infection , the baby was having a lot of distress, and there was meconium in my fluid so we were really scared. Amazingly she came out looking better than expected and, at 2-9 has been breathing on her own for 4 days now! The worst part is that she is over 2 hours away - I have been able to "kangaroo" her when I visit, thoguh, and it is just the greatest thing. I syaed in the hospital 5 more days on IV antibiotics and I am still feeling pretty weak. I'm pumping every 2 hours and trying to get some rest when I can.
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Forgot to add her name - Josephine Grace ("Joey") and she was exactly 29 weeks.
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I hope that everything goes well and you and your babe can be home together soon....
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Welcome Joey! Congratulations! It sounds like she is doing well for being so early! That must be hard to be so far away though. Your family will continue to be in my thoughts. Keep us posted as to how both you and Joey are doing. Oh, and I love the name!
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Congrats! I know your pregnancy was not an easy road and I hope baby joey gets to come home soon. I hope you are both doing well and keep us posted.

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Popping in from the Nov/Dec DDC to say congratulations and I wish you and your baby strength to get through this. I have a dear friend that delivered at 30 weeks and her son is now 2 years old and you wouldn't even know he was so early. I wish you the best!
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Congratulations! I hope your sweet baby is home with you soon!
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I post on another board and we have a mommy who delivered at 27 weeks. Her daughter is the same (adjusted age) as mine and doing everything she should be doing at this age. I hope your daughter comes home soon. Nice name btw. Grace is one of my daughter's middle names too.
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Not in your group but wanted to add my congratulations! My son was also born after PROM, at 31 weeks. I wish you lots of luck, and big hugs to the new baby! I hope that she continues to do well and breathe on her own!
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I'm glad she's doing so well! Gives me hope for my friend!
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Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!! I can't believe that she's breathing on her own so well! Our first DDB baby!
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s to you, mama - this must be quite an emotional roller coaster you are on and I pray that you will get to bring your healthy baby home as soon as possible!!
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Congrats and to you!! Hope little Joey continues to do well!
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Wow! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations to you and to Baby Joey for breathing on her own!!
Hang in there, Mama!
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Congrats! I am glad you are both doing well.
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My neice was born at 29 weeks and was 2 pounds 10 oz. She will be coming home before Christmas! (her EDD was this week)

Congrats on your baby! You have a long road ahead of you. Big hugs to you and your sweet baby.

I your nick name for her. How very sweet!

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Congratulations! Love her name and I hope everything continues to go well with her. Way to go mama for pumping every two hours although you're still so weak yourself!
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