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Aug 2004 Mama's & Tots, it's December - Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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Happy Holidays everyone. Thought I'd get this month it's own thread. Anyone else wondering how to get everything done this month? We have so much travel and so many get togethers and parties. I love the season, I really do, it's just so much more harder with a 16 month old in tow. So. Hoping to get some help from my mom to do some christmas shopping.

Just went out and bought her a few wood toys from marshalls - melissa and doug. the wooden peg toy and an counting bead thing. She loves the peg pounder.

Having struggles with eating. She only wants to nurse, cherrieos, or rice. She used to love chicken and beans and protein and green beans. Now it's all carbs! I'm really hoping it's just a phase. And while I am glad she is still nursing, I am hoping she will soon gradually start to nurse less.

Pounding headache here, so............hope you all are well.
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Thanks for starting us off. I'm starting to identify myself as the September mom that I actually am. I keep on heading for the September 04 chat.

Christine, I gasped when I saw the newest pictures. The boys have gotten so big, especially Ben. The morning shot of the two grumpies is priceless.

Regarding Christmas, I am trying to keep my expectations realistic. A tree, some decorations, a few presents, and some baking. Voilà.
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dodo, I don't know what to say. I feel so ..... betrayed. I'm just kidding :LOL

I just noticed that my sig still says "surviving katrina" and you may have thought that I just forgot to take it down but, no, we still have a blue roof and a tree on our swing set and no fence to speak of but we did get our furnace replaced last week. so yeah. Before that we were sleeping kinda chilly at night. I just hung out with old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. One of them lost her house (her parents house) she grew up in. She's hauling bricks (all that's left) to make a brick patio in her own home to commemorate her childhood home. The other friend is currently living with her parents. Recently married. She kept all wedding gifts and married stuff in storage that was under 18 ft. of sewage. Yuck.
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Cool, new thread.

Bears, I totally hear you about christmas! Our kids get so much junk (and I do mean junk!) from relatives that we decided to concentrate on a couple nice quality toys from us. Their big present is a train table my dad is making and the Plan City wooden roadway set.

I am doing most of my christmas shopping online, its just impossible to find anything in a crowded mall or store with two kids tagging along.
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Nifty, a new thread.

We, too are working like crazy to get ready for the holidays. Since we are a multi-religious household, we hit three of the big four: Christmas, Hannukah and Solstice. And, we are going to be out of town for all three. Yikes!
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Well the in-laws got our Dd magna doodle and a doll with laces zipper buttons . We bought off line wool animals from two tonks and a felted ball from heartfelted for Dd for Christmas
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Just edited the title of this thread, apparently I can't spell December! Well now I can!!

And Dodo- my dd just got a magna doodle and loves it. Took a little while for her to get the hang of it, but now she knows what to do with the pen and has a blast.

Her recent favorite snack - sesame sticks.
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we're here, too... i was wondering if we had a december thread or not. how on earth did it get to be this late in the year already?

more teeth and less sleep around here. sigh. lincoln loves going outside but hates boots and hats and mittens, which isn't OK because we had a good four or five inches of snow today (the forecast was for "flurries"... HA!).

lots of hugs and kisses, and his favorite book right now is "goodnight moon." (all day: "moonie! moonie! MOONIE!" until you sit down and read it with him). "chicka chicka boom boom" is another, so are the eric carle books ("brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?", and so on). he loves to hear books, though if the pace slows down any, he pops off your lap and runs off to do something else. but as soon as you pick up the paper or try to make a phone call... "moonie!" what books are your baby's favorites?

nice to see you ladies!

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Thomas gravitates to elmo and barney books, unfortunantly. They're not my favorite. Other books we like are this one book with babies faces on it. He likes that one. Peek a boo, baby. Yeah that's it.
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#5 loves to sign more. Never quite sure what more he wants, but he is pleased with himself.

Up and down are his favorite words. Over and over.

Some minor headaches with the older ones. Held a 2 week old GIRL baby and was fine to let her go back and mom was very receptive to my suggetions WRT nursing.

Made a friend IRL and have had the sickies visit my house repeatedly in the past 3 weeks.

Um, it is snowing here. That is us. Not even ready to think much about the holidays.
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Im back

After about a month of trying to get swiched from AOL to SBC we are set and I am trying to find my way back to MDC. I am working so much and missing all the time I used to have with my girls and wondering how on earth I will do it when this little babe comes in 2 months. It doesn't seem possible to have another so close to being a part of our family. I feel like things are crazy enough with the two I already have.
I think the last time I wrote I had just left the hospital after a stomach bug that started some preterm labor. Well it happened again last weekend but was much more painful and fearce. I truly hate every aspect of the hospital especially the one I went to. They are very medical and don't like the woman to make noise there. I basically told the nurse to shove it. She left me alone
I xcame home Sunday and am feeling much better. I served my last doula client yesterday. I wont be taking anymore until much later after the baby is born. It takes so much out of me. This lady was 1 week post dates with her 3rd baby, her last was 9lb 3oz and this little guy was born after two pushes and weighed 12 lbs and 22.5 in long a 15 inch head. She only had a 1st degree tear too. I was impressed. She made it look so simple. It's awesome what can be done when you trust your body.
Other than the stomach crud I am feeling pretty good. I don't have the same aches and pains that I had with the girls at this point in pregnancy. Ofcorse I am just now getting back to my pre-prego weight and only have 10 weeks till my due date. I keep comparing my prego week pics to those of Gabi's and it's unreal how different I am carrying this babe. I see that there is another mom hear prego too. Whoo hoo, Im not alone any more!

Gabi is climbing everything. EVERYTHING. She is fearless. Still driving her big sister crazy and following her and mimicking as much as possible. I just wish I were home more to see them grow. H

Hey my mom asked what to get for Gabi for Christmas. I have no clue. My parents are buying 2 gifts for each of my kids and then letting us put it under the tree from us. They have been so helpful. I never thought I wouldn't be able to get gifts for my own kids. It's quite humbling. But also a good reminder that Christmas is about much more than the gifts.

Well hubby is calling for me, gues it's my turn with the kiddo's. I hope to visit hear more often, glad to see so many of the familiar faces.

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Hey Everyone!

Things have been very busy here. We were gone for a good portion of November....first at my brother's wedding and then we went to visit my husband's aunt and see the rest of the family. It was crazy, but a really nice visit.

We came home to dd having a nasty ear infection and then a nasty reaction to her antibiotics. It's been a long week!!!!

Still not walking, but climbing, cruising and crawls SUPER fast!

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Thanks for starting us off.

Hi everyone. Not much time. Baby is great, although a major scoundrel. You know, the typical stuff. Little tantrums, wanting to climb everything, wanting to be held up to push every light switch, door doohicky, etc.

So obsessed with our older son lately. Wondering if this will be the case years from now. I think it will. :

I'm with you, Katje, how in the WORLD did it get to be December?

More when I can. Miss hearing about all of you and your babes more often. Life gets complicated and busy, huh?
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---- so much for our new 8:00 pm bedtime. DH just gave up & is P.O. because his evening was wasted! Overall the new schedule is working though --- more on that later...

1/2 the month gone & I'm just getting around to subscribing! I haven't been on MDC in about a month. Haven't felt like it for some reason, but I accidently logged on to see if my Internet was working. Read all your posts -- glad everyone is ok.

We decided that we didn't want to get further in debt from x-mas, so I have been baking cookies for gifts. We asked relatives not to get us anything either, but some just couldn't live with that. We are giving sleepers & one toy to Jamie, and a few small gifts to DD.

DD has missed 4 of the last 5 school days because of bad weather. DH closed his workplace today too, so we had a full & very messy house! Tomorrow may be cancelled too. I am going stircrazy!!!!!!!!
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My 4th anniversary is coming up on Dec 29th. I want to let both children stay at my il's while we go to Mobile which is an hour away from them. Thomas still nurses at nap time, at temper tantrum tired times, and 3 or so times at night. I've left him no problem for 6 or so hours before. He goes to bed without nursing, he just wakes up in the middle of the night and wants it for comfort. We've been working on "no tee too" when I am just too tired to nurse at night and he throws a mini fit and gets over it and goes to sleep. So....my points/questions are....
--we are working on weaning already
--he's capable of going to sleep without nursing but he still likes it alot
--My inlaws are awsome and probably wouldn't mind waking with him and comforting him back to sleep
--do you think he can handle it for one night?
--do you think I can handle it for one night?
--do you think my boobs can handle it with or without pumping?
--what would you do?
--I really want to just have 1 night of uninterupted sleep. I'm so looking forward to it. I think it would be nice to miss him and when I see him after 36 hours of missing him, I'll be so happy and recharged.
--Anyone been away from their little ones for one night?
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Hey Laurie I feel scared thinking about having mine 21 months apart Iam in no hurry for this pregnancy to end yet cant wait to use my nb diapers my Dd is cranky today dont know why.She has become very social always wants to be entertained so naps for me dont happen she only takes one nap a day at 3pm iam 3.5 months along and getting tired for no reason which sucks when you have an active 16 month old.Of course Iam 38 yrs old that may have something to do with it.lol
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christeeny, do it! what a wonderful opportunity, and i bet he'll do just great. you might get a little bit full but i don't think you'd need to pump unless you wanted to.

i haven't left linc yet for a whole night but i might if i were in a situation like you were... i'd be fine leaving him all night with his dad for sure, and i bet he'd be ok with one of his siblings, too. now you've got me thinking about it... a whole night's sleep! maybe i'll ask for that for christmas, just permission to curl up in bed for eight hours, with my earplugs and eye mask and down comforter...

he'll be really happy to see you, but i bet both he and your ILs will have a blast. go for it, girl!

sometimes when we're nursing, i'll "pull off" one of linc's toes and pretend to eat it, saying "pop!" well, dh said that this morning, during his diaper change, linc "pulled off" his own toes, saying "pop!" while he did it!

also, my 15 y.o. daughter taught him how to say "doot doo doo-doo doot!" when she says "mahna mahna" (think muppets).

he's standing in one place and sort of bobbing up and down, kind of a pre-flight check for learning how to jump, we think.

he's really enjoying all the christmas things... lights, trees, presents, stockings, and especially destroying the little paper creche figures i have. the little angel bell candles aren't in very good shape anymore, either. oh well!

hugs to all,

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Darcy: I know what you mean about feeling tired but it looks like you will start your 2nd trimest very soon and hopefully a new burst of energy will come with it.

I cant get a break: I am sick AGAIN. I must have the worst immune system ever. I sure hope this is not a sign of things to come with this little one. I woke up Monday with a cough. Started running high fever (103-104's) Tusday morning and now my chest is so heavy with crud. I used home remedies for combatting and bringing down the fever. I know how bad the fever can be in pregnancy. I think Thursday was the first day without a fever. But i felt a little better with out it. My DH has been a tramendous help. Too bad he can't take off work. He starts his week long vacation tomorrow and go's back the day after Christmas.
I am just ready to go jump off a bridge. The flu makes me irratable. Can you tell Any natural remedies you all would like to suggest. I am currently taking 2 garlic pills every 3 to 4 hours and echinacea in the morn and night. Tons of water.
Both girls are sick now too but don't seem to be near as bad as me. Bre just had some fever and cough. She is taking a cough med daily. Gabi has her first ear infec. and it's a double. They said on a scale of 1-10 one was a 9 and one was a 9 1/2. Lovely. So she is on antibiotics. Luckily she has not been sick much since her birth so she has not developed immunities to the meds.
When Gabi isn't sick she loves for me to read to her. Her favorite thing right now is music and she does her own little singing. I love it. She is growing more and more aware of my lap getting smaller. (Lucky for her my belly has grown and a much slower rate this preg. so she still actually has lap to sit in. ) She does still nurse but not a lot. Mostly before bed or nap (if I am home and not at work) She has been biting more lately. Wondering if she is going to get some more teeth soon. She climbs everything!!!

Christine: My situation is a bit different since I don't really have milk left in there for Gabi but I have had to leave her overnight twice recently when I was hospitalized. She seemed to do fine with cuddling. I am sure he will do great and the break for you will be very nice. Happy Anniversary!
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oh, laurie! hugs to you and your girls... may santa bring you all a nice new healthy year!

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LAURIE- Please take good care of yourself. I've been reading and trying to catch up on this thread, and I've been meaning to sending you some words of encouragement. I am so impressed at how hard you've been working ON TOP OF taking care of your children. Pregnancy is rough. Please know that I'm sending you good vibes. My best to you.
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