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Will AF ever show????

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Hi everyone! I used to post a little here and read a lot, but it got depressing as I kept NOT getting pregnant. Well, I'm back!

I am so frustrated with my body right now!

Dh and I have been trying to conceive since June (when we got married) I have 3 daughters from my first marriage. Oldest was a "got through 3 forms of birth control" surprise, it took 1 month to get pregnant with Middlest and 2 months to get pregnant with Youngest. I had a miscarriage (unplanned pregnancy - we were using 2 forms of birth control) when youngest was 10 months.

I thought by now I'd be at least 5 months pregnant! It's so frustrating that it's not happening as quickly.

My periods were always regular, then I went on the Pill in November 2001. Since I went off in June my cycles have been totally messed up: 30 days, 54 days, 46 days and now I'm on Day 80!!!! of this one.

I wanted to start doing my temperature charting thing when/if AF
arrived this cycle, but she just won't show! I took 2 pregnancy tests. I took one 4 weeks ago and one 2 weeks ago - both big fat negatives.

I'm overweight and I'm beginning to think that maybe that's why I can't get pregnant again. But then, I'm only 15 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Youngest DD. I'm eating healthy for the most part and doing a lot of walking but can't seem to lose weight either.

Anyone else in my situation? Can anyone relate?


mom to 3 girls born Aug 95, Oct 96 and May 98

Editted to add:
I'm 26 and Dh is 24 so I don't think age is a factor... in case that makes a difference.
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Hi there - I'm right there with you on the weird cycles. Mine have been all over the place these past 7 months (they came back when dd2 was 13 months old). Three weeks, six weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks of solid AF (!) [got everything checked out...all was fine], etc., etc.

Right now I'm now 6.5 weeks and no AF in sight...

Like you all wanted the run down! :

Anyway - it is frustrating, but breastfeeding can do funny things to your cycles. I've been trying to cut my oldest back (she's 3 years, 3 months), and she's actually been fine with that, so I'm hoping that helps.

Come join the 'Support Group for those wanting to see AF' thread!
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