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Christy I'm sorry about your grandpa, I hope you are able to see him before he passes. Good luck, hopefully someone steps up and can get you there in time
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i hope someone works something out so you get there in time, christy. so sorry about your grandpa.

::: lori
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Christy I hope everything works out and you can see him before he passes.
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((hug)) Christy. Thoughts to you and your family.
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thanks guys. it means alot. My Mom is supposed to see if she can get one of my step-uncles to come get me. DH finally said it I have to, we can take the shuttle. He's just always had weirdos sit next to him on busses, and he's afraid we'll get robbed or killed on a bus. but I'm still hoping someone we know can come get us.

Sage is excited about flying. she just says out of the blue, "goin ona air pane! goin ona air pane!" I told her we were going to go see grandma (my mom) and she says, "go see gamma in Forda?" and i say, "no, we're going to see grandma in georgia." she looks at me like i'm nuts and says, "no georgia! see gamma in Forda!! Ona air pane!" I keep trying to explain that her grandma lives in Florida but we are going to see her in georgia...she doesnt believe me, lol.

and DH was taking some wires and lights out of a box, and sage looked at him and said, "Daddy? Building a robot?" too funny.
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Christy - I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope you get there in time.

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Happy New year!

DD is running around the house like a maniac, lol. she napped from 5-7:30pm, so we;ll be up late, lol.

thank you all for being so nice. We have alot to do the next 2 days, so I'm not sure if I can get online to check in here, but i will try!
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Happy New Year!!

My kids are still up too. Plus 1. My sister is here with her bf and 6yo dd
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yay, she just crashed, lol!

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Originally Posted by Christy1980
yay, she just crashed, lol!

jelly was still up at 1:30 but is sleeping now.
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Happy New Year y'all!!! :

DH and I are such losers- we were in bed at 12:01- to sleep! I almost didn't make it. DS isn't feeling well again. FIL is going to look in his ears today to see if the ear infection is coming back. :

Y'all going to eat cabbage and black-eyed peas today? I sure am1 YUM. MIL makes the best cabbage rolls I have ever tasted. I can't wait until 4pm or thereabouts when we get to eat them. :
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i have to sneak away to the donut shop...eating "circular foods" like donuts is supposed to be lucky in the new year, b/c it represents coming "full circle."

actually, i just want some donuts, lol!

and pork is supposed to be lucky for fertility...so I have to eat some ham today!
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Happy New Year's!

Liz ... sounds yummy, even to my questionable tummy. I'm guessing that that's a LA or Southern thing though, as we don't do too many black-eyed peas around here. Actually, we don't have much of a holiday tradition for New Year's except for when we occasionally get together with Greek friends and have their special New Year's bread/cake. We are having Cajun meatloaf for dinner tonight (if I can stomach cooking it).

Christy ... Donuts, no thank you. MS has curbed my sweet tooth. How's your grandpa doing?

I'm craving salty things and protein, but could do without meat (except for bacon ). So I've been eating a lot of eggs and cheese. I've discovered that protein early in the day makes the ms a little better all day, as does eating something every 2 hours or so. I'm going to be about 400 lbs. by the time I give birth at the rate I'm going ...
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Amy, try eating some peanut butter toast or PB crackers or cheese and crackers before you go to bed at night. the protein might help your ms the next morning. My grandpa is getting worse. My mom, aunt and uncle all told him all the things they needed to tell him today. He keeps saying he's ready to go, and keeps asking why its taking so long. Today was bad, he kept taking long pauses between breaths, then gasping when he needed air. He can barely talk above a whisper. I think he may pass tomorrow. Im so sad and I wish i had booked my flight for earlier. He is a great man. I'm going to write down everything I think I should tell him so that he can take it with him in his casket. I'm going to print his favorite picture of sage and me and put that with him, too.
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Amy - m/s totally sucks! I was so sick the first few months. Christy's suggestion of peanut butter or cheese at night before bed actually does work - worked pretty well for me anyway. I still had the m/s in the morning, but not as bad. I had to eat every couple of hours too - which is why my doc had a fit about how much weight I was gaining - but once the m/s subsided, I didn't eat near as much. Once I hit the third trimester, I stopped gaining weight at all - I've been forcing myself to eat, I'm just not hungry lately. Hang in there mama, it will pass quickly

Christy- I'm so sorry. I think writing the letter is a great idea, I wish I had thought to do something like that after my grandpa passed. He passed so quickly though that I didn't have a chance to prepare at all. You're in my thoughts hon
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thanks sherri. I'm full of so many emotions right now, its starting to feel like my head may explode or something. I'm greiving over the loss of my grandpa, (although I as far as i know, he is still alive today. i havent gotten "that call."), I'm nervous about flying b/c I've never flown before, I'm scared I'm going to get lost at the airport in Atlanta, I'm excited to see my family and friends, and I'm sad b/c I'm going to miss my DH. I'm so conflicted.

I should be in Columbus around 4pm tomorrow. : I just hope it all goes smoothly.
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Christy. Flying is sort of like riding the bus these days. You will be okay! I wish I could be there to hold your hand, but alas no flying for me these days. I hope you make it in time to see your grandpa.

Amy: I had terrible ms- all day ms and nothing really worked except to choke down protein when I could and drink ginger ale( not that Shweps crap but the all natural Jamacian ginger ale stuff ;-) ) and not move too quickly. It seemed if I moved my head too quickly, I wanted to vomit. Hopefully you won't be sick much longer. Then off to more fun things like back pain and reflux

Sherri- how are you holding up? I feel and look like I'm about to pop any minute. I get new stretch marks every day, above my belly button too. They hurt and itch like crazy. i'm getting DH to take some pictures tomorrow because I can't fit myself in the full length mirror anymore without getting too far back to see anything I have soooo much to do- I still haven't gotten all the newborn diapers out of storage yet. Nor have I washed any of the new ones I have gotten. And the house is a disaster- and our stupid hot water heater has been broken for 5 days and I'm going INSANE.

Tami :
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I'm holding up well Liz - I saw my OB today and he says I'm measuring 36 weeks. He now says I will be 33 weeks on Thursday, he keeps jumping around and I"m getting to the point that I don't know how many weeks I'm supposed to be, I thought I hit 32 weeks today - but if he wants to put me at 33, I'm alright with that, as long as we're not going backward I talked to him about the pressure on my hips and groin area and he says that my uterus is like a balloon that has been blown up too many times so it isn't as strong as it used to be and isn't holding things (meaning the baby) in place like it should so baby is able to move around more and put pressure in places where he shouldn't be getting to. Well gee, nothing like making a woman feel good about what's going on - that almost sounded like his way of saying I shouldn't have another baby, I get enough of that crap from my parents and in laws :

I still haven't washed the diapers or clothes that I have for the baby, I will do that in the next couple of weeks. Dh still needs to put the cradle together but I have to pack up all my sewing stuff before he can do that so I guess I know what I'll be working on for the next week or so. My house is a disaster and unless someone is going to come in and clean it for me - it's going to stay that way. My water heater works - but dh broke a part on the washing machine : At least I can still use it, he rigged it up so it will work at least but they won't be here to fix the part until Friday.

Oh, at the OB visit today I had Mikayla take a video when we listened to the heartbeat. I don't have an audio of any of the girls' heartbeats so I was excited to be able to get this one. You have to try and do that Liz - take the video camera with you to your next visit. The video itself is pretty dull, it's just a shot of my belly, but the sound is precious!

Anyone come up with a cure for screaming yet? Jessica is about to send me to the loony bin She has such a high pitched squeal that sometimes the baby jumps when she does it - and it KILLS the eardrums! Goodness, if 2 is this bad, I'm REALLY afraid of what 3 is going to be like with her. Danielle was a monster at 3 - I'm already scared!
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