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Amy, maybe you could say you're on anti-biotics or something, so you cant drink alcohol or caffeine???? its a long-shot, but it might work, lol.

I finally turned the all-purpose room into Sage's big-girl room for her b-day. She loves it! and all the toys are finally out of the living room, AND she is in a regular bed instead of a baby bed/toddler bed. she was so excited when I unveiled the room to her!! she ran around looking at everything and was jumping up and down, lol.
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sorry to be absent for so long, i guess i've been hanging around my ddc more, anxiously awaiting the newbie!
today is k's 2nd birthday! she's doing great, tall and skinny just like her daddy, talking up a storm and looking forward to being a big sister (no, really!). she had her birthday party on saturday and got lots of fun gifts, her favorite being a percusion kit from her ooma (my mother), with maracas, a tamborine, clackers, cymbals and a triangle. she's a one-woman band!
happy birthday to all the other babes!!
::::: :::
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Happy Birthday Katie.
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so where is everyone??? How is everyone doing??

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i'm right here.
This week has been long for me so far with the 2 kids and being home alone all day and night every night. Paul has been working late. Didnt get home till 10:30 last night.
Angelica has been acting like the poster girl for terrible 2's and they are not acting that well when i've tried to take them in stores.

Jelly has been bugging me lately with breastfeeding. She is forever trying to lift my whole shirt when she bf's and I have never allowed that but man she just keeps on trying. And she is forever kicking my arm down because I guess she doesnt like where I leave it. Not to mention if she doesnt want me looking at her she'll push my face with her hand. I will ask her over and over to stop and tell her exactly how i fell but she doesnt so I'll put her down after a few (at least) times of telling her. Some day I guess she might realize the street goes both ways and when she wants to bf badly enough she'll stop when asked. *sigh*

My brother saw us bf'ing at his house last week and when I talked to him the other day he asked if she would be 12 b4 she stopped. He was nice about it at least. He suggested she would be hopiing off the school bus yelling to me for booby time.
Like I said at least *he* was polite when he spoke. My other family members just say how they feel in the tone they feel like using.......

Sherri is away this week. She left at 2am (on wednesday) for arizona. I guess she forgot to post here?? She said she would check in at least once while she was away.

Off to bed now. Nighty night
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Yes, I did forget to post and let you all know I was going to be gone. I'm in AZ visiting my mom. It was 83 degrees here yesterday!!! We're having a good time, not too yet (emphasis on yet however) Mom has dial up so I probably won't be online until after I get home (Dec.29) I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - don't miss me too much
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We've just been busy getting ready for Christmas here, ourselves. We're heading out to my folks house this evening. Christmas Eve is the big deal in my family, so we're opening most of the presents tonight. We'll save some from DH and I to the girls for tomorrow (that way we don't have to schlepp them back and forth).

I hope everyone has a very merry and safe holidays!

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Sherri, be careful travelling!



DH left for his far-away job again today, so we wont see him for another week. But we had a great holiday and it was fun. Sage really enjoyed it.
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*subscribing* because I can't ever remember that this thread exists

Hoping to get caught up. Does that ever happen?
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i'm finally back! not that i went anywhere, just was busy the past week or two crazybusy with work (i think my total shipping count from december 1st through 23rd was something like 150-200 packages sent out) and then christmas prep (read: cleaning house and decluttering).

sunday went off without a hitch -- unless jasper snagging some chocolate is a hitch (and judging by his dipes so far today and his poor raw butt, i guess it is... so much for growing out of his milk sensitivity any time soon...). we had i think about 25 people here on sunday for christmas day. friday night we had 3 overnight guests, saturday night it was up to 9, and then sunday night it was 6. i'm *so* glad that part is over, because we gave jasper's room to one of phil's sisters (with a 7 year old and a 1 year old), and had jasper sleep with us. or sleep and then wake up, scream and whine for 15 minutes before dh could get him back down or i'd give in and nurse him like he wanted, that is. that part was pretty awful. next time we have that many guests, jasper stays in his own room and we'll give up our bedroom if need be.

so mr. man has a ton of new toys (some of which have yet to be opened and i'm in no rush to do so... spreading out the mess and fun is fine by me!). his favorites look to be the lego table from my cousins complete with several lego sets (a hand-me-down gift but everything is still in great shape), and a "bop bag" or what i'd call a punching bag (the blow-up kind with a weighted base). little girl got a few cute outfits and several little sensory widgets, but of course none of it means much to her yet. still hasn't quite gotten the hang of directing those arms reliably.

how was everyone else's weekend or holiday? i hope all travels were safe and all toddlers happy! now it's time for me to try to get something healthy into myself and the boy (i.e. a real meal, not just snacks followed by leftover desserts).

::: lori
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Hey Lori! glad you had a great holiday.

Sage and I are flying to atlanta and then driving to columbus, ga. next week. my grandpa took a turn for the worse and they dont expect him to last another 2 weeks. so we're really going to say goodbye to him. My mom is taking it really hard, she's a total "daddy's girl" and isnt really facing the reality of the situation...I mean, she is very matter-of-fact about it when she talks about it, but then she'll say "but he'll be ok..." my grandma is taking it really hard, too. She's really upset by the fact that she wont be able to bring him home again, (he's in a nursing home now, and she's still recovering from her open-heart surgery last month). She would be able to bring him home if someone was there full time to help her, (like incase grandpa fell, or needed help getting around, she still cant do that b/c of her surgery), and hospice will come out to care for him periodically. I think Grandpa would rather pass away at home than in a nursing home, so I'm giong to talk to everyone and see if maybe they can let him come home while I'm there. that way I can help make it easier for him and grandma.

We'll be gone from the 3rd thru the 19th. I'm terrified of the idea of flying, and I'm not sure how sage will do, so I'm just hoping for the best. Sage will have her own seat, and I'm tkaing the car seat for her to use in-flight.
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good luck christy.
I'm sure sage will do fine on the plane.
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I'm back from my trip - glad to be home but not looking forward to the unpacking (although the kids had the toys unpacked in record time ) I've sort of spent today in a vegetative state but I need to pull myself out of it, I need to get up and get something cooking for dinner!

Christy - so sorry about your grandpa, I hope you have an easy flight - maybe you'll get lucky and Sage will sleep.

Liz - how are you holding up? Everything still going well with you and the twins? Only 8 more weeks - are you scheduling a c-sec or are you going to wait until you go into labor? I can't remember - big shocker there, I'm lucky I remember my own name lately
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I'm back! Finally- my new computer came in and it is awesome. I'm still trying to transfer everything over, but at least I can get my email now without risking my life

Christy I'm so sorry your Grandpa isn't doing well. Be safe and take care on the trip.

Sorry I can't reply to everyone else- I would be here all day I really missed y'all the last couple of weeks.

Christmas went well- DS got way too many presents but nothing awful. Lorri- he got one of those Bop Bags too and he loves it. He tackles it and falls on it like he is on MXC or playing in the Peach bowl or something. He is also loving the sit and spin that my SIL got him. The music is driving me batty though. We got him a tricycle- Red Radio Flyer- and his legs are a little too short, but he knows how to petal and it won't be long before we can go outside and he can ride.

Meanwhile on the preggo front- I had a doc appt yesterday and I'm measuring at 46w : and I am 31w. From the back you can't tell I'm pregnant, but from the side, it looks like I'm going to fall over. Now that my 'puter is here I can take some pictures, or get DH to take some. The boy is over 4lbs and little girl is 3 1/2lbs. Both have lots of fluid so I put the 'Big" in BIG MAMA. I have one pair of pants that aren't pjs that still fit. And I don't think they will last another week. Cervix is hard, long, closed and posterior, so no worries there. And BP is still good. I'm miserable though. I can't breathe, my groin muscles hurt every time I move, and I can only get comfortable in the bed at night. During the u/s, the tech showed me how the little boy's head was pushing my liver. My uterus is almost to my bra line. Running after Evan is getting harder and harder. I don't know how you do it, Sherri, running after 3! How are you doing? Ready yet?

did witchbaby have her baby yet? If she did I missed it.

Glad to be back, y'all :
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cant wait to see pics liz.

I dont remember reading anyhting about witchbaby(in this thread) having a baby.
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Aww Liz - Everytime I start complaining about how miserable I'm getting, I try to think about you and it makes all my complaints seem pitiful in comparison. I'm doing well, completely uncomfortable no matter how I sit/lay down/move, etc. I'm more than ready for baby to be here. Really it isn't taht difficult chasing after 3, Mikayla is old enough to take care of herself, and she's a big help, she can take care of the little ones too :0)

Have to get back to the stove.
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Christy ... and good luck on your trip.

Liz ... 46 weeks! Wow. My ex-co-worker's wife had triplets and she measured at 41 weeks at 20 weeks. Somehow she made it to a scheduled c/s at 36 weeks with 16 weeks of total bedrest. I remember her saying that she ate a lot of hearty pureed soups (butternut squash, carrot, etc.) b/c there just wasn't room for solid food. Oh, and I must be feeling sympathy for you because I keep having b/g twin dreams. At least that's what I keep telling myself ...

Christmas had it's drama (see my blog if you want that poop) but otherwise went really well. Henry is enjoying his new toys and I need to do a major toy sweep and downsize his collection. In big boy news, he didn't nurse at all last night -- from 10pm - 8:30am -- although he did wake up. But he informed me at 5am that "Henrys like hugs and kisses and snuggles." (He refers to himself in the third person, often times plural. It is very cute. ) I haven't been actively trying to nightwean him, but I think my supply has tanked and he's realized it isn't worth all the effort. But it makes me so sad. He's growing up. I was convinced that he'd nurse through the pregnancy and beyond, but now I think he might actually wean before #2 arrives. Very bittersweet.
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hi everyone. I'm glad all you pg mammas are doing ok. I'm sorry you guys are uncomfortable...especially you, Liz!

DH is back, and we leave tuesday. things are not going well and grandpa will probably be gone by the time we get there. I cant refund or trade in the tickets to go any sooner. he told my mom and grandma he's ready to go home, (to heaven). He was fighting it up until today. Mom said the nurses give him 2 days.

and DH is being a butt about it now. I have to either catch a ride w/ a realative or take a shuttle bus from atlanta to columbus, and DH doesnt want us to take a bus b/c "there's degenerates on busses." and i'm thinking, "yeah, well there's terrorists on airplanes!!" I dont really want my family to come get me if grandpa is still here and in bad shape, they should be with him incase he passes away. So mom and I are deciding what to do exactly tomorrow. shes going to call extended family and see if anyone can come get me. wish me luck.
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