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need thoughts on this

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I am a proud mother of a 23 month old daughter born at home. This year we found out that we are pregnant with number 2 I of course wanted another wonderful homebirth. I found a great midwife and started down that road. Around 15 weeks I began to feel a little discomfort some cramping and pelvic pain. I started to take it easy, stopped picking up my daughter and resting more often. At 20 weeks I started to really become conserned about the discomfort so I asked my midwife if I could get an ultra sound done. The ultra sound didnt show anything wrong with the baby but it did however show that I has complete placinta previa. I thought that it was ok and would just contiune to take it easy and hope that it moves with in the next several weeks, because I want a home birth so badly. I have had no bleeding just this more and more constant discomfort. But the more I think about it and the more I read about it the more I wonder if I should go see a doctor. I dont want to be risked out of homebirth but the safety of my child and myself is most important. So should I just becareful and watch for bleeding or go see a doctor right away? I am scared and upset. I thought i could deal with it and I am for themost part but the little voice that wakes me up in the middle of the night is getting louder
thanks for any thoughts
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Wow, that sounds scary. Have you thought about cross-posting in the midwives and homebirths boards to get some advice there?

I would say listen to your inner voice, and ask your midwife about a good doctor she recommends that you can see. I think it will give you some reassurance (not that you will necessarily get the answer you want, but at least you will be able to make a more informed decision).

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Hi! If it is any consolation, I was "diagnosed" with placenta previa with my ultrasound for my first baby, and after two more ultrasounds the placenta moved up out of the way...

Your midwife will be able to hear the sound of your placenta as your pregnancy progresses, and confirm that it is moving. Many placentas develop low in the uterus, appearing to be previas, and "move" upward as the uterus grows. Since you had an ultrasound, it is quite likely that your midwife will want you to have another later in the pregnancy to confirm the placenta has moved up out of the way.

Previas sound really scary, but the placental sounds are quite distinct, so you caregiver will be able to track your progress. Even if you had not had an ultrasound, there would be other symptoms later in the pregnancy which would surface warning of previa- spotting or bleeding which would signal to your midwife that you might have a placenta previa and need and ultrasound to confirm.

I hope that helps some...

The Lord bless you!

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