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Well, I'm really bummed. cd14 and no LH surge yet, not even a bit of one. So, tomorrow I go in to get a vaginal ultrasound to measure my lining and follicles and if they look good Ill get a hCG trigger shot.

I guess it takes a lot to get my eggs ready early.

If this isn't successful I think I'm going to consider going unmedicated next cycle... we'll see what the RE thinks, I guess that even after this long TTC I'm still not quite ready for this intervention.

We'll see how I feel in 2 weeks!!!
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I am sorry. That sounds frustrating and draining. I am sending you energy.
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ma_Donna: I wouldn't worry about not having surged yet on Day 14. I think clomid makes a lot of people surge a little bit later, days 16-18, or something. I surged on day 16 the first month, and day 17 the second month. I was going crazy with the OPKs the second month (the only month I inseminated, first month was just to see if clomid would make me O). I was sure that the tests weren't working or that I'd somehow missed my surge. But, just when I was ready to jump off a bridge, I surged! So please, don't give up hope yet!

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I just barely started getting a surge on Tuesday, cd15 but went in for the u/s and trigger anyway.

I had one big 'ole follicle of 22mm on my left ovary and a 11mm thick lining... just ready and waiting to go!!

Only problem is the u/s tech found a polyp at the top of my uterus. Apparently the only bad thing about this is that it could interfere with implantation. Virtually all uterine polyps are benign. Anyway, if we're not successful this cycle then I go in for a D&C (uch) one of those in my lifetime was more than enough!!!

The trigger shot didn't hurt a bit, but it got tender that night (really got me in the mood) and Wednesday I really felt pregnant again!! I was bloated, grumpy and although I was hungry, nothing sounded good. I guess it's just a reminder of what to expect

My temps rose yesterday morning so I O'd right on time after the trigger.

So now I've joined the many of you in the 2ww... I'm off to get into trouble buying cloth diapers... using a friend's EDD in 2 months as an excuse to buy baby stuff for her that she can use and return to me Really, this is the first time in all this TTC that I've done this... previously I've just bought kids books.
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