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December 5th - 11th Updates

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Thought I'd start a new thread going.

Old thread can be found here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=376060

How is everybody doing? Cathy, good luck with your appointment and finding out if you have twins. Exciting.

Eilonwy, I knit too, though not much lately. You should post some pictures of your what you're making. Would love to see it. As long as it doesn't ruin the surprise for anyone.

Last ultrasound the tech said that my baby had his feet in the lower left corner of my uterus and that his head is in the upper right portion. Which makes sense... I've been feeling most of the movement at the bottom. But today... I was having this stretching pain, I don't think it can be ligament pain, near my ribs on the right. I swear he must be trying to poke his head through. It wasn't movement, but it hurt! Maybe my ribs are just trying to move to make way for him?

Also sometimes I feel as if he's scratching at me or something. It's so weird, cause I feel this tuggging (?) on my right side like I'm being scratched.... So odd. I can't really tell by feeling my tummy where the body parts are yet exactly. How do you figure this stuff out?
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I'm having major hormonal anger issues today. Every little thing that the kids do makes me want to smack them. : I feel horrible and guilty, and of course they can't just leave me alone so that I get a chance to feel better, they have to get in my face and keep going.... : I'm just totally pissed off for no good reason. I'm sure it's hormones. Blech.
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Everything good here. I have my dr appointment on Wednesday and we'll talk more about my due date and such. I now understand all the back pain though lol.
eilonwy- sorry for the bad day. I have had those too lately so don't feel too bad. Its all hormones lol.
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Rynna, sorry today is stressful. It seems like it's going to be hard once the baby comes... managing everything. And I don't have the best temper. My husband is even worse. What do you do? Count to 5? I don't have kids yet, so I can't say I know what it's like. But my dog is driving me crazy. He's always been my dog, waiting for me when I use the bathroom. But now he's plum crazy.

I go to cuddle/talk to my husband and he pushes with his nose in between us. I sit watching TV or playing a console game and he leans against me and just looks up at me... staring?!? It's creepy. I go to the front of the house and close the doors so he can't get to me, and he just sits there staring at the door for me to come back. It's nuts. We are going to have problems when the baby comes..

I'm going to try counting to 5 now instead of yelling at the dog...
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Hairpin, a great site is www.spinningbabies.com it has great info on figuring out babies positioning.

SadieBug, U/S are not 100% accurate in figuring out due dates. Especially after the first trimester. If you do a search online a bunch of great info comes up.

Eilonwy, I know how you feel, my DD and DS are driving me nuts! I feel so bad when I snap at them. It does not help that it is freezing cold and they cannot go out to play as much.

Well we have an U/S today at 3pm to find out the sex. Our midwife does not care if we have one or not so there really is no other reason today. She would like to know the placental position as long as we are having one. So maybe later today we will know.

And I will eventually get my cards done for the swap. I have everything, I just need to package, address, and take to the post office. Oh, I hate the PO.
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Hi there! Its been forever since I joined in the chat thread. Things are just so hectic at this time of year!

Anyway, I have my 17 week check up tonight and I've begun Hypnobirthing classes... for those undecided, I seriously recommend checking into HB! I am really enjoying it and I think its going to help make a really amazing birth experience.

We're debating whether to get a script for the 20 week scan. My DH wants to in case there are problems... but I just don't want to risk something might show up as kinda wrong and jeopardize my birth experience. My BC will not deliver you there if you have any kind of risk. I went through ultra conservativism with my DD and it was nightmarish. They dx me as PIH, but my BP was hardly high and wasn't a problem... but I was classified as HR anyway!

It is sooooo cold here. I remember being really hot with my DD, but I am not this time. I am always freezing. It could be that we've been setting the thermostat really low and trying to save some $$$ and conserve energy. I don't know.

Anyway... DD is getting up. And I've gotta get ready for my appt. Looking forward to catching up!
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Hi! I haven't been around much -- we've all had pretty intense colds for the past couple of weeks, so I have been busy taking care of dh and ds (oh yeah, and trying to remember to look after myself too, lol!)

I am doing my best to catch up, but will probably just have to start fresh here.

Black Orchid, I am totally intrigued by hypnobirthing. Is there a website that you know of that can point people in the direction of classes in their area? TIA!

Time to go start dinner. Have a great night everyone!
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I was feeling really hopeful about this pregnancy this week, until I wrote that I was! Then I had an anxiety attack, and now feel kind of .... blah? I thought for so long that I wasn't going to have a live baby, after losing Heather. Is it fair to expect that now with this one? Not sure what I need to feel better. Tired now, after spending a few hours working on DH's christmas present.

I also wonder where baby is, and also feel most movement in lower uterus. But sometimes I feel a movement like a whale sliding against the surface of the uterus. that feels neat. When DH puts his hand on my belly, I feel baby move underneath it, in response.

So feeling vulnerable, nervous and like this: :
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eilonwy- I think we had the same day! But I'm going to blame mine on hormones and dd waking up for the last 3 nights at 3:30AM and chatting for an hour. Ugh. She's not distressed or anything, just chatty. She sings the alphabet, and happy birthday...ugh. I just want to sleep!

Speaking of happy birthday, dd started talking today about singing HB to the baby. And she wants to give him a card, a hat and a teddy. I told her we have about 4 months to wait, but I think she is very excited to be a big sister!

Can you believe the Eagles are losing 35-0 (yes, that's a ZERO) on Monday Night Football? I may just cry.
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They aren't having a good season are they? The broncos are - but I doubt they can oust the undefeated Colts...:

I was having a fine day...until my DH came home and told me his work is changing insurance plans, and that after this baby is born - insurance is going to go from approx. $300/month to $500/month!!!!! WTF?????

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OMG, it's 42-0. How did that happen?: Thanks for the sympathy, Adina.

And I hear you, insurance sucks! If we had gotten our insurance through dh's work (for dd and I), it would have been well over $600/month. So we have individual policies. Luckily I found a relatively affordable one with maternity coverage. So we pay about $290/month. Which is still way too much, if you ask me.
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Holy crap! Who are they playing???!!! That is bad!

Insurance is such a scam. :
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I had no idea what position ds was in until my OB wanted an ultrasound at 37.5 weeks to make sure ds wasn't breech because I felt movement everywhere and the OB couldn't figure it out by feel. Turned out ds was head down, but with his hands in front of his face tickling me down there, with his butt up in my left ribs and knees/feet in my right ribs. Makes sense after the fact, but before then, I wasn't sure if I was having a baby or an alien.

I've also had a really short temper, especially tonight. Haven't felt any movement for a day, when lately I've been getting at least a few good thumps a day and some rolls or whatever. Ds is just getting into everything, I'm the only one that notices because dh isn't paying attention, etc. I just need a little vacation or something. But that just isn't going to happen.

On top of that, of the maternity clothes I just ordered from Old Navy, they screwed up. A shirt I was really looking forward to at least trying on (more than half the stuff looks horrible on me, it's hit or miss usually) turned out to be a pink angora hap from the Gap. They'll be hearing from me shortly. :

And the kicker for me yesterday... Dh farted in bed a few times around midnight. It was 13 degrees outside, and we even put a giant box fan in the window and left the bedroom door open to air out the room for an hour. By 8am the smell had gone from you-can-taste-it to you-can-still-smell-it. I'm surprised there aren't holes in the sheets/blankets. Almost makes me hope this bean is a girl.
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Originally Posted by lmonter
And the kicker for me yesterday... Dh farted in bed a few times around midnight. It was 13 degrees outside, and we even put a giant box fan in the window and left the bedroom door open to air out the room for an hour. By 8am the smell had gone from you-can-taste-it to you-can-still-smell-it. I'm surprised there aren't holes in the sheets/blankets. Almost makes me hope this bean is a girl.
OMG, I didn't know Mike had a twin! Honestly, sometimes he actually *wakes the kids* with is farts. I have no idea how it happens. I'll awaken and think it was a really loud snore (yeah, he does that, too ) and then smell it and hear one of the kids coughing and the other crying... It's always really funny to me, except in the middle of the night when the kids are crying from the stench.
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Hi mamas!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their second trimesters! And warm, snug thoughts going out to all those mamas in cold climates - like me....

A quick update for me.... Am 23 weeks today, feel like I'm getting bigger by the day and feeling the baby move regularly now!
The only thing our midwife was a bit concerned about at the last appointment is the fact that the ultrasound we had last month is showing that the baby is 2 weeks bigger than it should be.... He sent me in for a glucose test, to be sure I haven't developed gestational diabetes, and is considering changing my due date (from 4/4 to 3/24). Am not really too worried - really don't think it's diabetes and I know when conception was, so I think it's just one big baby (maybe it's taking after me - I was 9lbs 13 oz)! Hoping to hear from him today - otherwise just trying to relax and do my best to go with the flow!

Wish I could keep up with the boards more - it's amazing how much can happen between the times I'm able to check in!
If I can't stop in beforehand - I hope everyone has a wonderous and joyful holiday season!
Many blessings to all!
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Originally Posted by lmonter
Almost makes me hope this bean is a girl.
Hahaha! As if girls don't fart... ((sigh)) Oh well.

Steelcitysistah, don't worry too much. I think everyone gets the gestational diabetes test, and ultrasounds are never exactly accurate. They thought I was measuring ahead a while ago, and then things seem to have gone back to the right rate. Even then not everyone develops/gestates at the same rate, so it's really not a big deal in my opinion.

Oh, it's funny how there are all these things written down on charts that I never hear about until the midwife/doctor decide it's not a problem. Odd.. I forgot to mention but at the last midwife visit, she mentioned my baby had a spot on his heart that they saw in the ultrasound. Not a big deal (no risk), she said, and I don't think so either. I'm not worrying about it obviously. I have a heart murmur that was picked up only in my 20's. And it's not the kind of murmur that risks heart function... so why sweat it. As long as it's not a problem, it's kind of interesting... like he has a tattoo on his heart.

I checked out that spinning babies website. There's still parts I think I don't understand, about how to lay a plank on a couch and lay on it for 20 minutes. I'm having a hard time visualizing. Anyways, I learned a lot about posture. It all started to make sense!!! After sitting correctly for about an hour, I felt kicks on my lower right side instead of lower left. And I slept on my left side, and this morning I felt baby kicks on the upper right side. So I think I got my baby to spin overnight!!! I might be over-anxious. But it's pretty cool. No more lounging on the couch, and hopefully no more sleeping on my right side. Yes, and more yoga!
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Hi Girls. I'm new... and Gillian. LOL.

I went for my first US last monday and she gave me no real info about the baby, other then it is a boy. Baby looked great and I got 5 great pics of him too! I had some fun shopping for him yesteday on a trip to the city.

I am finding that I am eitehr less patient with my 2 yr old, or she is pushing at me more these days. Both are totally feasable. Luckily all the amazing stuff about her is generally out weighing the "moments" we have.

I still have morning sickness, but eventually it will go away... I hope! LOL!
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Welcome Gillian!

Black Orchid - I just started the Hypnobabies home study course. I'm really excited about it! I had a really hard time choosing which hypno method to go with but finally opted for this one since I'm already a CBE and didn't feel the need to take an actual class that was going to deal with mechanics of birth, etc. So I felt that a home study course was perfect and so far so good! I can't wait to try it out!!!

I have my next mw appt tomorrow. I'll be 22 weeks. This will be the first appt. my dh gets to go to so that's nice. I'm hoping he'll be able to hear the hb on the fetascope (should be able to as long as the baby isn't in some funky position). I also want to remember to ask if they can tell me how the baby is currently positioned. That will be fun for my dd's to know I think. I'm curious too if they can tell where the placenta is located.

Nothing else much going on. I had a super hormonal day the other day but that sounds like it's going around. I'll update after my appt. tomorrow!
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I had my appt today with the midwife. I'm 23 + weeks and right on target. I think she has finally turned head down. I only gained 3 1/2 pound since the last visit which I am happy about. That puts me from 108 to 133. Alot to some but I always gain from the get go. My DH went with me to see where the birth center is just in case, meet the midwives and get some advice in case he has to deliver this one on his own. I had told them several times that my last birth was fast (35 minutes) but I think they finally took us seroiusly this time. They gave my DH a book called Emergency Childbirth. ( I think it was published back in the 70s but how much has changed with natural childbirth? ) We also talked about what to do if we come across things that have happened in my previous births. Two of my DSs got stuck at their chests and my last DS was born in the caul. They are going to give my husband some sterile tools so he can tear open the sack if there is a problem. This was the biggest ego booster for him. Catching the baby and having medical supplies, he thinks he's ready to deliver babies for a living.
I honestlly think I can do it on my own. (He tends to panic when I'm in labor.) We'll see.
I keep forgetting that it's winter. It's 78 out and foggy. I hope everyone is staying warm.
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