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Its A...........

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Its a girl for me! Had the u/s this morning and everything looks great except for one thing. The baby is measureing at 16wks and 1 day not 19wks and 2 days that I was told I was!!! Can you believe that? They were a whole three weeks off which makes my new due date May 21!! Now I don't feel so bad that I haven't felt the baby move or that I haven't really gained weight. i really don't want to go to the May thread, but I think I might have too since I'm soo far. I guess I'm just disappointed that I'm not further when thats what I've been going on for so long. Here is the little bug there is no profile pic because she is curled up in a c and sitting right up against my spine. I go December 3 for one more u/s to make sure of the dating and to get some better shots of her little organs. What a day lol.
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I wouldn't be so quick to switch boards, though...remember that dating is much more acurate early in the first trimester. or,maybe you can hang out on both!

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Congrats!!! When they did my u/s, they said I was 2 weeks off... Whatever! LOL You also have to remember that they go by averages when they measure the baby, so it might not REALLY be as far as the three weeks....

But I say you can be on both boards! I know I am! I started here and will more than likely end here (My EDD is 5/2 now... BUt I was 2 weeks early with DD, so I may be early this time, too! LOL)...

Also, I tried to look at yoru princess and it said that it was inaccessible!

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Our u/s last week was off on dates too(earlier dd by u/s) and I am 200% sure of mine as we were charting to conceive. Hang out on both boards
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Congratulations on a sweet girl, mama!

Wait and see what your next ultrasound dates you as - but if it's still early, I'd recommend hanging out on both boards!
That's what I may do... - our ultrasound dated us 2 weeks earlier than we had expected! They haven't changed our due date yet (we're possibly going from 4/4 to 3/24), but if they do I may just drop in to the March boards occassionally but still stay active here.
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My 20 week u/s was about a 1 week + off on dates, but I know exactly when I concieved due to charting and 2 early u/s. Stick around here too!
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Thanks all. Her being curled up in a little ball in the back of my uterus aginst my spin didn't really help with dating lol. I guess is a shy baby. I"m just going to hang out in both boards. They always changed my due date with my two dd so I guess I'll just wait and see. (That's all we can do right lol)
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Hello Sadiebug!

My mother had May 17th as a due date and I ended up coming on April 30.
I agree with the pps...just frequent both threads.

We're having a little girl too!
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Yeah for girls!

My doc does a quick sono at the first appt (when they are most accurate) and sets the date in stone. So even though I'm measuring ahead right now (first time ever - I make tiny babies) I'm sticking with my 4/20 due date.
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we attempt to find out the sex tommorow at 21 weeks. I'm excited. I don't know whether I want a boy or girl because both would be awesome, but I need to know what we're having so we can afford to buy clothes & diapers if it's a girl - LOL.
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CONGRATS on your lil girl, how excitng

this is my first and i am having a girl too
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