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The **update** on Brynn Amelia

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I know - finally!!

Y'all, you will not believe when I tell you our birth story. It was just like Murphy's Law of birth: everything that could go wrong, did. OK maybe not that bad, but suffice it to say that I was in labor for over 24 hours and we ended up with an epidural, pitocin, and finally a C-section. It was disappointing but I am really OK with it, and Brynn is totally and 100% healthy, happy, and wonderful!!! That is all I care about.

Brynn and Mama and Daddy

I checked the link and it should work. You may need an account to sign in, but I am not sure!

She looks so much like her daddy that I can honestly tell you if I hadn't seen her come out of my body, I wouldn't be sure I was here mama!! (Oh and she loves to suck on her bottom lip, so that's why in some pictures it looks like she doesn't have one, LOL!)

She's beautiful, with a full head of black hair, long eyelashes, blue eyes, rosy chubby cheeks, and adorable cupie-doll lips. She is a big girl, too; 8 pounds 10 ounces at birth, and 20.5 inches long!!! I never would have thought I could grow such a big baby!

She's been absolutely wonderful since she was born at 3:48am on Saturday December 3rd. She only fusses when we take any of her clothing off (she must have a hat on at ALL TIMES or there will be hell to pay!) and she loves to be swaddled and cuddled. She is really a content sweet baby, and we are just so unbelievably blessed.

We just got home a couple of hours ago so I will be posting more later.

I just want to thank you for all of your love and prayers over the past few days (and months)!!


Update, 12/10/05

After having had a week to think about it, I've decided not to post my birth story. One reason is simply that it is soooooo long; so many things happened. The other is that after a week, I am still finding myself very much not wanting to talk about it or re-live it. Also, I know posting it would evoke a lot of sympathy and anger from y'all, and I would rather not get everyone's ire up and have to feel a lot of negative feelings. That being said, I am really proud of myself for everything I did during the birth and for how hard I worked to TRY to achieve our goal of a natural birth. I learned *a lot* about myself during that experience.

On the positive side, I do want to share how wonderfully Brynn is doing and how much I am totally loving being a mama!! She's just so gorgeous (I know, whose baby isn't??!!) and soft and cuddly. She's such a little MAMMAL, I absolutely love it! She wants to be cuddled *all the time* and she's already showing a preference for her mama, and I'm so glad DH is evolved enough not to be threatened by that. Speaking of DH, he has been just unbelievably amazing during the entire birth experience and the past week. I mean he has done *everything* around here with a smile on his face and has been telling anyone and everyone how in love he is with his daughter. It just makes me heart want to pop!!

Breastfeeding has been going well, though I did have a couple of days where she was having a really hard time with my nipple because of the combination of my milk coming in plus all of the water retention from the surgery. Good old LLL came through, though, and everything is back on track - and that girl LOVES to nurse! Slinging is also going *really* well. I was a little nervous because I had never practiced, but I just put her in it on like day 3 and she loved it and fell asleep within 10 minutes. I was so happy! Cloth diapering is going great - I am really happy with our Kissaluvs and so happy to have gotten her hiney out of plastic (we used sposies at the hospital). We're also kind of getting started with EC and we've had a couple of catches each day, so that's fun. Overall everything is just great!

Physically I am recovering quickly from the c-section, and taking/applying arnica still (thanks MamaFern for the recommendation!!). My ab muscles still hurt of course, but it's kind of not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm also having after-pains but they are kind of like menstrual cramps, so totally tolerable. I've lost 24 pounds so far (I know, insane) and my belly gets smaller every day which is kind of cool.

So that's about it for now. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your concern and love over the past week. I wish I had more time/energy to get back up to speed with everyone but I figure by next week things will be a little more normal. I need to get with the yahoo group and figure out how to do that.

Thanks for reading. I you mamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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how awesome! sorry the birth didnt' go as planned, but glad you and baby (and dada) are all doing fine. the babe is beautiful!

congrats!!! hope your recovery goes well.

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Congratulations on a job well done, Mama! Brynn is just beautiful.

A happy healthy baby and a happy healthy mama is whats important
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She's BEAUTIFUL!! I especially love the sleepy baby pic...
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congrats amy (and jason) & welcome baby brynn!! Rest up and enjoy your beautiful little girl!
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Congrats Amy!!!!! She's absolutely beautiful! It sounds as if you are taking everything in stride and focusing on the important part...your healthy little angel is in your arms!!! Happy babymoon to you!!!
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Congratulations Amy!!! She's gorgeous!

I totally know how you feel - we were planning a homebirth and after 12 hours of early labor and 26 hours of active labor we went to the hospital and got an epidural. Parenting is all about choices - and having to make the best decisions we can give the circumstances. You did the things you needed to do to bring your baby into your arms and you should be proud of yourself!

Enjoy your babymoon!

- Sarah
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amy she is beautiful! congrats on your healthy little girl. im sorry your birth didnt go as planned but you have your healthy baby girl in your arms. heal well.
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Congratulations!! She's so big & gorgeous & I can't believe how much hair she has! You guys are such a gorgeous family.

I'm sorry the birth didn't go as peacefully as planned, but I'm very happy to hear that Brynn is wonderfully healthy! You did a good job. Have a fabulous babymoon, all of you.
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Congrats! I totally understand the disappointment and I am sure you will spend some time in the months ahead processing it. Don't let anyone discount your feelings of disappointment over the birth - yes a healthy baby is the most important thing, but you can still be sad about loosing your dream birth experience. it doesnt mean you love brynn any less!

She is a cutie! I hope you recover quickly. Good thing DH has all that time off - so you can both rest, heal and do nothing but hold and nurse that baby!
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The good news is everyones OK. She is freakin adorable. That is the plus side to c-section babies... their heads are perfect!
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Sorry, lurking from December (Amy, you may have noticed that you have some what of a fan club following your pregnancy ). Congratulations - look at all her hair. your family is beautiful!!!

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i understand

We ended up being induced, having labor stop, haveing Pit, not dialating, haveing an Eperdural, and then forcepts. 30 hours of labor, 3 of pushing. so much for the clam peacful beith with teh CNM and the doula.

All that matters is that you and baby are safe and healthy!!!!

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Yay!!!!! Brynn is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Amy, even if you didn't get the birth you'd dreamed of, you still have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
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She is so beautiful! Congratulations!
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What a beautiful little girl!! She looks very wise and aware in the picture where she is all bundled up! Congratulations!!

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Congrats on your precious baby girl, sorry you didnt' have the birth of your dreams, but so glad to hear she has arrived safe and sound. Sh'es VERY cute btw!
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Congratulations to you and your DH,She is a beauty!
Take those 6 weeks recovery time and love on that baby.
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Yeah!!! She is totally adorable!!!!

I am sorry that things didn't go as you guys planned but having had one of those births myself...I can so understand what it is like just to be SO happy to have your baby in arms and everyone back at home.

As someone else said above...it does take awhile for everythng to fall into place as you process the events...but I am happy to hear that you are already so positive about things not going as you intended. It sounds like Brynn makes all of the other details not really matter in the grand scheme of things...

Enjoy Brynn and take it as easy as you can. I will be so interested to read your birth story!

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I'm sorry birth didn't go so well for you honey. I am so glad you finally have Brynn in your arms! She's a cutie pie!
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