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Behavior during nursing

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Anyone have any idea why babies' hands go ALL OVER while nursing? It almosts drives me mad, if I wouldnt think it were so cute!

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You might want to try posting something like this in one of the bf'ing forums.
I have heard of some moms getting nursing necklaces to distract the baby from fiddling, fidgeting, etc. They're basically brightly colored necklaces, often with "picture beads", and strung so that they don't break easily.
I don't have a problem with that yet, but I plan on trying out a nursing necklace when we get to that stage. What irks me now is when ds wiggles his cold feet in under my shirt! (he goes shoeless at night, 'cause he hates having stuff on his feet)
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oh yeah! he grabs everything, my nse, lips, hair, clothes, and he kicks and plas. He's just learning, having fun, and following his primate insticts to hold on!
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Yep, it's just a normal developmental stage. Baby is learning how to use his hands to explore his world!
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Originally posted by mrzmeg
What irks me now is when ds wiggles his cold feet in under my shirt! [/B]
i hate that too dd1 (2 1/2) who is now in her own crib for almost a year, first thing in the morning, she comes to cuddle in bed with me...with her cold feet rubbing against my legs...ahhhhh. i try to put her in pj's that have feet (but when she picks which ones she wantsd to wear...)
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hey there,i just posted my bf problem on my tribe thread.masybe you guys can help.my i yr old constantly plays with my other nipple! this is the longest ive ever bf and i have 7 dd and ds.shes no longer content to lay there and bf,she bfs upside down,standing up and in the tub.it drives me crazy.maybe because i associate it with foreplay and my dh.also are there any ideas about making your own breastfeeding book for your nursling?i cant find any in my local bookstores.when i asked at barnes and nobles the guy scruntched up his face and complete with snere and rolling of the eyes said that was the most ridiculous thing hes ever heard!thank god i controlled myself and didnt hurt him.anyway id be glad to hear from all of you.thanks

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I think the worse is when M is nursing in the cradle position and her hand that's underneath (and cold) sneaks around my topless side and reminds me that I should cut her fingernails!! :LOL

She's also really into petting me lately. I have to make sure that the other breast is completely covered or she grabs on to my bra. That skin is so sensitive and ticklish!
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