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Can my Dr. Tell?

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Would my OBGYN be able to tell if I were pregnant just by doing a routine exam?

I got a 2nd line on a preg. test today, but I'm thinking it was just an evaporation line. I did a 2nd test and nada. I'll test again in the morning.

Anywhoooo, I was a little spooked at first, but I just had an exam last Wed. and no, um, activity, since then so if I am pregnant I would have had to be preg. then too.

I feel really stupid asking this question, but I really don't know.
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Routine-routine exam, or routine-with-speculum exam?

I've heard a very early sign is the cervix turns blue. Doctor should pick that up if he was looking.
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I saw my Dr last Tuesday & had an internal exam (for right sided...ovarian? pain)
He told me that I was pregnant because my uterus was enlarged.
They did a test at the Drs & the gal said that "it looked pretty negative to her".
I did a HPT on Saturday that was faintly positive & another on Monday that was more positive.
I called the drs office back to book a follow-up & the (same) gal said "oh...actually when you were here on Thursday I thought I saw a faint line...but I wasn't sure."
So...yes, I guess a doctor CAN tell on an exam.
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When I was about 5 wks pregnant I went to my oncologic GYN for follow-up care for abnormal paps. I asked him if I "looked" pregnant. He said my uterus was very slightly enlarged. I suppose it would depend how subtle/obvious that change was.

But not always...

The daughter of a friend of ours went to the doctor for an IUD placement when she was 3 months PP. She told the doctor she "felt" pregnant. He did a urine test, said nope, you're not pregnant, and inserted the IUD. She continued to feel pregnant. She talked to her mom, an MD, who told her to go to an obstetrician (this was in another country, where most GYN care is by a general practitioner). It took several weeks to get the appt (socialized medicine). Lo and behold, she was 20 weeks pregnant, had been pregnant when the doc placed the IUD. I don't know why she couldn't/didn't do home pregnancy tests--perhaps they're not available over the counter there.

In any event, it was a stressful pregnancy (she was terrified of complications), but all went well & the baby is 9 months old or so.

AND---she was exclusively BFing. Go figure
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I think you'd be too early to have an enlarged uterus. I went to a mw when I was 6 wks b/c I had bleeding. She said I had miscarried and it was complete b/c my uterus didn't feel preg. She was wrong. Blood tests after confirmed preg. I've heard it's hard to tell from an exam until clser to 10 wks.
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