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Embarrassing Question

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I'm a bit bashful about posting this, but feeling like I need some info and have been playing phone tag with my midwife practice . . . I'm 33 weeks and in the last day or so have noticed that my left labia is swollen - probably twice to three times the size of my right labia. Is this as ODD as it feels? It doesn't hurt, it just feels weird - sort of numb and puffy.

Has anyone had any similar symptom? Or heard of such a thing?
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Are you talking about your inner labia or your outer labia? It could be an infected bartholin's (sp?) gland, which can get quite painful, although I don't think it's life threatening. Hot compresses can help if it's just blocked, but wait until your midwife OKs them before using them, as I don't know whether they are safe to use in pregnancy (sitz baths with warm, not hot, water should be OK).
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Interesting - I've never heard of that. It's my outer labia. And I noticed today when I woke up it seemed back to normal until I stood up - then it got all swollen again. I'll mention the bartholin's gland option to my midwife (if we ever speak!). Thanks for your response!
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Could it be a vericose vein? I had them in that area while pregnent and it was very irritating. Laying down a couple times a day helped. As did wearing a tummy belt to redistribute the weight.
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talk to her soon!

I had the same problem!
But it was extremely painful from the start. Ice was the only thing that helped me, until I got in touch with my midwife, who actually directed me to our backup OB, who drained it with a scalpel. Apparently, when this happens, there can be lots of little pockets of blood and pus, so he jabbed me over and over, and each time there was a little spurt of funky blood- and incredible pain!
He used a 'local anesthetic,' some sort of spray that was supposed to numb the area, but when he sprayed it on me, it burned like ice & fire, and made the whole ordeal even worse.
Then he created a bigger hole so he could put in a little rubber tube for drainage...just awful.
So, if you have the same problem and can catch it before it gets painful or infected, you will save yourself a LOT of misery!
Good luck!
Aren't you glad you asked?
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It happened to me too

I also had a bartholin cyst....and it was really swollen. my midwife gave me antibiotics for ten days. five days after the antibiotics i started to feel a bit of relief...by the tenth day i was fine but I got a yeast infection from the meds!

anyways, she did mention that she would have to drain it with a scalpel IF the antibiotics did not work so hopefully in your case, if it is the bartholin cyst they can give me meds to make it go back to normal.

good luck!
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Hi, i had the same thing, though not while i was pregnant. I ended up popping it myself, after days of pain and it getting bigger and bigger. I used very hot water compresses and then just squeezed! It had a ton of puss in it, after popping it though it felt So much better.
But you didnt mention pain though did you? It might be something else altogether. But if it it the Cyst don't feel like you Have to go to the Dr to get it popped, it can be done on your own. Just my 2 cents...Oh and it went away on it's own after popping, didnt take any antibiotics or anything..
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Thanks for your responses everyone. I was examined by the midwife a few days ago and she thinks it's a varicose vein. She recommended doing nothing unless it becomes painful, which it really isn't - just weird feeling.

Just when I think I've got this pregnancy stuff down pat, something new happens - goodness gracious, what's next?!?
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