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Mother's Helper or Preschool for toddler???

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If you were going to do a small amt of work from home, would you look for a Mother's Helper or a P/T Preschool? Why? Pros and Cons of both please!!!!
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I'm freelancing a small amount from home, and I am starting to use a mother's helper to be here while I am here working, and am looking for some "parents' day out" type programs. With two kids, I just can't get enough done while they are both (finally) sleeping. With one I could, and I was happy to save that money. My freelance work load is very inconsistent though, and hard to predict, so that makes commiting to a sitter or part-time daycare difficult. Also, I am just finding it hard to find part-time daycare. I wish there was more options and more info out there about it. I am looking at some churches right now, since some have mothers' day out type programs.
I find it hard to work though, when I can hear my kids in the next room and feel like I have to occasionally help.
This isn't helpful I know, but I'm kind of in the same position.
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I do some freelance from home and have tried using a mother's helper in the past, but a con is that I have had some trouble with them showing-up! : The older kids who babysit in my neighborhood tend to have lots of afterschool stuff so I tried to use two different mother's helpers to play with my ds1 while my ds2 was napping --- both of them totally flaked out on me a couple of times.

DS1 is in kindergarten so I am back to just doing it during naptime (or at night --- just wrapped up for the evening ) but finding a fun social mom's day out or something might be your best bet (unless you can find a more reliable sitter than I have!!!

Barney & Ben
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I would ideally look for a homeschooled mother's helper. I had a wonderful 12 year old girl last year who would play with the kids while I got stuff done. You may want an older teen since you're trying to do actual work.
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I vote for preschool. Mother's helpers do get busy with their own afterschool activities. Also, whenever I have tried to get "work" done while I have a mothers helper watching the kids, the kids still want my attention. I think it is easier to work if the kids are out of the house. Also, a good preschool is nice because it gives the kids nice play opportunties.
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Good point, wildmonkeys and yogamama...I can see her getting busy with her own things to do...mom said they were a busy bunch!

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It would totally depend on the child. Are they social? Are they quite independent? Do you think they are ready to be dropped off at preschool and left for a few hours there? Are they ready to handle group settings etc?

If not, then a helper would be better. If yes, then try a preschool and see how it goes. My guess is that you'll spend a lot more on preschool than you would on a mother's helper.
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i've been debating the same thing!
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For me, personally, I'd rather hire someone to come over than my send dd to prek. There are way too many negatives for me about preschool (illness, wrong kind of socialization, etc)

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