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Has anyone considered not doing the GTT?

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I have no real reason for not doing the Glucose Tolerance Test aside from just not wanting to deal with it. In my prior 5 pregnancies, I have been fine, and though I know that every pregnancy is different, I still think things are probably okay.

I guess part of my reluctance to do the test is because I've got so much else going on with this pregnancy and I already feel like I'm always having *some* kind of test done every time I turn around, so I'd like to just NOT do anything that I don't absolutely have to do, kwim?

Anyhow, I just wondered if anyone has actually refused to do the GTT or if I am a moron to even think about it. Whattaya think?
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They don't do the GTT in Japan, where I had my first pregnancy and birth. Since my lifestyle and diet are largely the same this time, and my midwife doesn't recommend it for me, I haven't even considered having the test. I don't think you're a moron.

Kam, mamamama! to Meg and one more
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They don't do it in Sweden either. The way they control GD anyways is through diet, so if you think you may have it, skip the test and just follow the diet to be safe, ya know?

One of the best things about instinctual pregnancy is not having to go to someone else who wants to poke and prod you all the time. *grin* Nor do I have to pack up the boy and his stuff to go there and back, etc. Aaaah, sweetness!

I think you'd be fine skipping it.
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They don't do it routinely here in the UK. There are warning signs for gestational diabetes, as well as other ways to test for it for patients who fall ino risk categories. The test seems pretty archaic to me... drink ounces of horrible, fake, ueber-sweet fluid and see how your body copes? Ick. There's no reason for this to be a routine pregnancy test in this form.
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I'm thinking about skipping it, even though I have a couple of the so-called risk factors. ("So-called" b/c like many people, I'm just not convinced that GD is a bona fide complication.) My mom is diabetic (type 2) and I'm "old" (37), but I'm in great health. The test itself just doesn't make sense to me, and real diabetes has obvious symptoms that can be dealt w/ as necessary. I'm 24 wks and my midwife hasn't even mentioned the GTT, so I'm hoping she's on the same page as me. Actually, come to think of it, I need to talk with her about this. (....off to e-mail my MW now....)
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I refused the test this time since I have no risk factors and it makes me sick everytime.
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Lurking from December.......

I didnt do it either. I did have it last time but this time I ate much better and I have my own monitor at home so I can check it. That test made me barf everytime with my son and I figure there is no reason to give this baby sugar shock and just eat healthier and watch it myself. My midwife had me bring in my numbers every here and there and they have always been good.
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Just spoke with my midwife on Monday about this. She said she's not a big fan of the test. If I wanted it, she would rather that I eat a good breakfast and then take the test, not drink the sweet coctail. She says eating a good meal is a more accurate way of seeing how your body processes regular food.

Since I only have one of the risk factors (over 25, I think) she doesn't recommend I take it. At my next appointment she will check my sugar level and see if it seems notmal.

She also said that if I took the GTT and it was positive, all she would do is adjust my diet. So if my sugar levels are high, we'll just adjust my diet.

It just doesn't seem like the test is that vital unless a person has many warning signs... and even then, why not just play it safe and eat well? Maybe I don't understand all the risks?
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I have a couple risk factors but decline the test. I had it with #1 and it made me sick.
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They don't routinely test here in Switzerland either. We won't test unless I start having symptoms, since I don't have any of the risk factors. They generally try to control it though diet, exercise, and close monitoring of sugars unless it's quite severe... then they consider insulin.

I don't think you're weird at all.
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I can't even remember my mw offering it to me in my 2 previous pg. This time she mentioned it because she has a few back up obs and one of them requires it.
I won't be using that ob for my back up care, so no test.
I'm not worried about my risk level, and I watch my diet pretty closely anyway. Honestly I never even considered it for a second.
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declined the test here. didn't do it with DD either.
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HI there, i'm popping in from the Feb board.

I was shocked when I saw what they made me drink----did you read the ingredients!? Tons of dyes. It's like the most nasty melted popsicle ever--i would never eat that much crap, pregnant or not! And then, it's given to me by my CNW!? If our bodies can't handle that, who can expect them to?!? I'm with the mw that suggested doing the test after a normal breakfast!

(that's my 2 cents!)
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I have declined the GTT tes, with my midwife's blessing. I had it last time, just because that's "what you did"...along with a whole bunch of other ill-informed decision I made, but that's for another thread.

Until I see some evidence that being tested and treated for GD has a positive outcome for mother or baby, I see no reason to do it. I have not found or been shown any such evidence so logically I have declined the test.

Of course, I'm having a HB anyway no so one to hound me about a "huge" baby and inducing early "in case she doesn't fit" or "she's too big, she'll need to be supplemented until your milk comes in" or any of that nonsense.

Ah, I love knowing what is going on with my own body and my own baby.
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I'm not doing it either. My hb mw hasn't recommended it.
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just got my results----turns out my miracle of a body knew how to handle that orange crap anyway....
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I have been stressing out about this all month, since they sent the orange drink home with me after my last prenatal . . . I have another one scheduled for the 29th and am supposed to have made up my mind by that time, so that I can drink the orange crap ahead of time and they can do the test at my appointment.

The only real reason my MW recommends it is that in the case of a transfer, if you don't have a "negative" test result in your chart, the docs tend to treat you as if you have GD--meaning that they may be unwilling to attempt a manually assisted delivery (forceps, vacuum extraction) and instead go straight to c-section. DH's reaction to that was that I should probably take the test, "just in case" . . . my reaction to HIS reaction was that I was planning a homebirth to AVOID the "just in case" mentality that pervades the medical system. :

My MW did say, though, that I could certainly refuse to consent for a c-section and instead push for assisted delivery--IF I end up with a hospital transfer AND it comes to that. (*sigh*)

Screw it; I'm skipping the test. I have no problems sticking up for myself, it will probably be a lot tougher if I am in labor & in pain, but I will work with DH ahead of time to make sure that he is willing to help with advocacy.
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Originally Posted by MrsAngelic
I refused the test this time since I have no risk factors and it makes me sick everytime.
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I decided not to take it, after some deliberation (for the same reasons Birth Junky gave). My midwife was very mild and just said, "Okay, just know you're taking a risk." Eh.
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I hope my midwife is as mellow about my decision as yours was, Nubianamy . . . I have my prenatal appointment tonight. Looking forward to it, but also a little stressed out--just don't want to deal with an argument today.
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