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I am of the school that believes that we both work all day (I get a break while DD naps, true, but I am often doing housework or other "life maintenance" at that time and DH gets an hour lunch break) and that when we're both home, the work should be split evenly.

DH pretty much takes DD as soon as he's home. He gives her dinner and her bath and puts her to bed while I make dinner, have a short break, and clean up and do chores. On the weekends we both pitch in to do childcare and whatever cleaning was not done during the week; we also try to have outings together as a family then and to make occasional "alone time" for each of us.

My Dh has always been very involved, and his incredible relationship with his daughter speaks for itself. I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way. The rewards are huge.
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Well, yes, but I absolutely don't think of it as "help".

DH is a parent, and we co-parent our DS (and soon-to-arrive DD).

He works outside the home at a paying job from 8-6, and I work at home from 8-6, raising our DS & doing household tasks. Both of us work really, really hard.

When DH gets home, neither of us gets much of a "break". One of us cooks dinner while the other plays with DS & maybe does some chores (usually I choose to make dinner). Dinner around 7:30, then someone cleans up from dinner, maybe does another thing or 2 and then it's time to get DS ready for bed. Then we all go to bed.

We try to allow each other equal "alone time" (which doesn't equate to much) whether that is weeknights after work or on the weekends. And every once in a while, we actually get to go out alone just the 2 of us

SAHM to a spectacular little boy, born 5/2003 :bf Feb 2006!
"When you teach your son, you teach your son's son." ~ The Talmud
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He reads the girls their bedtime stories and tucks them in (after I've done the pj/bathroom/tidy the bedroom/pick out your stories routine), but that's about all I can really count on, unless I specifically ask for help...on a specific task....
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DH works a very odd shift like every other weekend on and off then 2 days durring the week.... he works 8AM to 8PM so when he's working i really can't expect him to play with the kids b/c they are usally in bed by the time he gets home... but not on the weekends.... he will play the playstation with ds help with flash card, reading ect, he'll do puzzles and stories and pretend play with abigail and he'll brush her hair out and get her jamies on her most of the time after bath... with allie he will play with her as well. He doesn't do diapers, cleaning, bathing, ect. he will if i ask him with out complaining but i have to ask to get him to help.... he does outside stuff when it's summer like mowing the yard, watering my plants, helping my pull weeds, ect. he also takes care of feeding the dogs most of the time. I think we are pretty even in what we do even though i do a lot more around the house... he does make the income that makes me able to stay at home ... JMO!
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