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back pimples?

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I am just wondering if anyone else has had this....

i got like these red pimples just over my shoulders going straight down the side of my back. I first thought that they were insect bites since we left the window open all night. they were a bit itchy and painful. Well, there was about 15 of them going down the right side. They started to fade and go away and all of a sudden i get like five more on that side and about 6-7 on the left side....this is the first time i get anything like this....my back was nice and now it is all scarred where these pimples? left their marks.

could these be from the pregnancy? anyone else experience anything like this?
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I don't know if it's the same thing or not, but my back broke out terrible with something pimply like during my last pregnancy. I don't think they itched though, I was just irritated, because I thought that was a problem I left behind with all things teenagerish. I haven't seen them this time, but I was about 6 months preg last time.
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I've got em too and nothing will eradicate them! Maybe if this baby ever comes...
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This may bee way too much information, but I had a huge breakout on my rear end a few weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for it to go away... I thought it was a reation to the antibiotics I took for UTI, but now i'm not so sure.
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Gr8flmom&Zeebee: glad to know that I am not alone....mine started like about a month ago so maybe around 7 months. I hate the fact that I am not even touching them and they are leaving almost black scars on my white back.

Stacymom: i had to laugh when i read ur post....I also got about 5 on my bottom but i sorta forgot to mention that in my post
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I've been noticing the same thing, and I'm only 11 wks today! : When I was a teenager I used to get them on my back all the time, but they went away as I got older. Now all of a sudden you can play connect the dots on my chest & back! I can't see my back as well, but I have little red dots all over the top of my chest and between my bbs. : They don't itch or hurt, they're just ugly!
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