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How do you cook 'em? I love to eat them. But I have to admit, when I see them fresh in the produce area of my grocery store, I just feel intimidated!
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Super easy!! Wash them. Cut off the bottom of the stem nice and flat. Snip off the top of each leaf - the spiny part. And the top of the whole thing - where all the leaves meet and are spiny at the top. Make sure there are no spines left. Brush lemon juice on to the cute parts to keep it from turning brown.
Put enough water in a pot so that the artichoke is halfway covered, toss in a couple of bay leaves and some salt and bring to a boil. Let simmer until the leaves come off easily.

That is it!!

Enjoy - you have inspired me. I am going to go and get some artichokes!
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About how long do you simmer it?

And then what? You take the leaves off it and cut it up? Can I put it in sauces or cassaroles?
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But don't eat the choke at the center. It looks kind of fuzzy, scrape it out with a spoon.

Want a real treat... This is the yummiest salad ever. Cook the artichokes as describe above. Meanwhile make a dressing that is equal parts lemon juice (fresh) and olive oil. Add a little salt and pepper, finely minced garlic (a clove or two) and freshly chopped parsley (1/4 cup flat leaf if you can get it).

When the artichokes are done let them cool. Then cut them in half, scrape out the choke. Put each in a bowl. Cut rounds of chevre goat cheese. Put a round of cheese in the center of each artichoke. Top with dressing and freshly toasted pine nuts and let sit for an hour or two. Then, pull off leaves and dip in the center. yum.

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I like them on pizza!
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We posted bat the same time... cook for 30 minutes or so, but test often. If you can pull a leaf off easily, its done. Small ones take 20 or so minutes, big ones up to 40 minutes.

I think the best way to eat them is to pull off the leaves and dip them in something- usually vinagrette- and then scrape the flesh off with your teeth. You don't eat the whole leaf, just scrape the soft part off. And then savor the heart- it is the best part (Have you seen Antonias Line? You should- it is by far my favorite film.)

But I have also cooked up a bunch of small ones, cut out the hearts (like you get in a jar) and used them in pasta recipes or to make artichoke dip. So the hearts would work in a casserole or soup, but not the leaves. Savor them with a sauce of vinegar, olive oil, and good stoneground mustard.

The thing is, artichokes are mostly leaves. So if a recipe calls for hearts, I usually buy a jar....

please tell us what you end up making
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I live in the heart of Artichoke country and we eat them at least once a week in season. I usually steam them in a pot. Make sure you check the water level so it doesn't boil dry! For a medium size choke it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to cook thru. You can check by either pulling on the outer leaves, if it comes loose its done or by poking the bottom into the heart and if the fork goes in easily its done. Don't overcook as the heart will get mushy.

We eat the leaves right off the choke at the table. My hubby and I each get one and we share with DD. We dip the leaves in mayo with either soy or whischister(sp) sause mixed in or a wasabi mayo and bite the soft part off. Have also had them steamed in a olive oil and herb mixture and served with a horseradish sause. All good! When you get to the fuzzy middle, scrape it off and you have the heart to eat. Unfortunately, my DD has discovered this delicacy and we now have to share

Here is a site to help you out: http://www.artichokes.net/facts.html

Good luck! They are Yummy!

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Yeah - what they said! :LOL
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