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I've wanted nothing more than to be a mother for at least ten years. I finally have my daughter and am somebody's mom! yay! I thought too, that I'd like to just have 1 child. There were three of us in my family and dh has 4 siblings. One child seems so simple and intimate.

BUT... dh has always thought we should have at least 2 so they could play together and have a lifelong friend who is close to them in age. So he has always pushed for more than one.

And now that we have a child,
I want to do it again! I want to be pregnant again, I want to experience birth again, and I want there to be a chance that I can have a babymoon uninterrupted by a stay in the NICU. I would like just one more.

And now dh says, maybe one is enough! I think we just need a little time to get over all the stress in our lives. We just had a baby three weeks ago and are closing on our new house tomorrow, which means we are trying to move right when I go back to work, etc.... High stress levels plus a newborn make life less organized, but no less delicious.

So I guess we're still up in the air. (But I secretly think we'll have a sibling for Isa in the next 3 years...)
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It's funny how soon we forget about the 9 months of pregnancy and the eventual birth, not to mention all of the sleepless nights, etc. Yes, I would love to do it all again, but not for a couple of years. I would love to try for a boy after having my two beautiful girls. Convincing DH is another story. He is content with two.
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im not so sure.. when i was pregnant i thought i wanted 10 kids.. but having birthed ngaio so recenty i feel different. her birth was SO intense.. i dont know if i want to ever feel that kind of pain again. it was amazing and beautiful and im sure in a year or so ill be wanting another, but i think ill wait at least 5 years if i ever have another baby. its a LOT of work having 2 under 3 and beaing a single parent. ill go hours without getting to eat or pee some days and its hard to say the least. but im so enjoying it as well.. i really want to find someone to take care of me(us) before i decide to do it again!@ that said i love being a momma and im so in love with my kids and every day i thnk the earth and the gods & goddess's that i have such an amazing life.
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My short answer:
In a heartbeat.
In fact, I may find it hard to wait to TTC until Winter is at least a year. I love him so much I would rewind time and go back and birth him again. Labor was painful but the memory is totally overshadowed by the overwhelming love and awe I feel for him. I would go through the entire thing a million times if I could. And I will definitely have another home water birth.
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It's funny, before I was pregnant with Noah, I could care less one way or another if I ever had kids. I figured that if I did, one would be plenty. I even went so far as to think (when I first found out about him) that I would be fine stopping here. Then, regardless of my circumstances (his dad and I spliiting four months into my pregnancy) I had *the most AMAZING pregnancy and birth*!!!!! It was all such a spiritual experience for me, and I would love nothing more than to go through with it all again, but with the right partner by my side this time. I have alot of things to work through before that's even an option, but one day I hope to give Noah a beautiful brother or sister!!! It was definitely ALL WORTH IT!!!!
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Totally!!! Such an amazing experience! Even with the two kidney infections... and if i can give birth naturally at home with a kidney infection, then without one it would be easier, right? I loved pushing, hated crowning, but nothing mattered once sweet little Aena was born! And I'm so glad my mom was there 'cause she's all about home birth now and with the infection I wouldn't have made it without her after the birth...

love and peace.
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I am already having baby lust! But we can't afford to have another baby right away. We just bought a house and a car this month! yikes! I want to make sure we can provide everything Isa needs and then we'll try again.
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Yes, I would do it again. We are all really positive on our little boy's birth, me, dh, dd. dd says she wants another baby already. The only part I would hope not to do again was the barfing my way through the first trimester while trying to homeschool dd.
I already have amnesia about labor and pushing out the 10 and a half pound chunky nugget I have here! It does take a slight toll physically, but a routine of abs and kegels every day will get the old bod back better than before.
I'll go for it again if we get the opportunity, hopefully not too soon though. I like a long interval between nurslings.
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Would I? I'm ready now - DW thinks I am crazy. Okay, maybe I am
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