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MIL comment.

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How many MILs have made comments on nursing? *sigh*

Today something I never in my wildest dreams expected happened. I was at MIL's house doing laundry (landlord is bad about fixing trivial things like that : ) and she told me how she was telling her dh about how Kairi (my dd) asks for "nursies" and he says "she's still doing that? isn't she too old for that?" MIL tells him "yes she's still doing it, she's only a baby, not even 2 yet!" She tells him dd doesn't nurse much (at least not when we're away from home) anymore but that she's not ready to be done nursing. And she also had the exact same conversation with her sister. Let me tell you I am extremely impressed, especially coming from my MIL (who never breastfed any of her children... actually I think I'm the first nursing mother she's really known). I'm so proud of her
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Yay for your MIL.

Mine has also said (to my DH, not to me) that she was surprised at how much I nursed, but now sees nursing frequently is important in getting bfing estabished, and maybe she would have had more success if her doctors hadn't told her she must bf every 4 hours, no more no less. She complimented me on figuring out what's best for my DC in spite of all the misinfo out there.

I guess not all MILs are all bad all the time
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I wish my MIL would make nice nursing comments. All she ever says is "Are you STILL NURSING that baby?!?" every time we see her. She's been saying that since he was 5 months old. I just keep smiling and saying, "Yep!"
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My MIL hasn't ever really said anything but actions speak: her preference has always been to not be in the same room.
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Wow, I had been avoiding this thread because I figured it would be a *bad* comment.

That's good your MIL has "seen the light" so to speak
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Originally Posted by TiredX2
Wow, I had been avoiding this thread because I figured it would be a *bad* comment.
Yea, I'm tricky like that
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my son is only 5 mos. old, so i am not even close to weaning but i had to share about my in-laws and my own parents. my GMIL told me how proud she was of me that i had worked out all the issues and was successfully breastfeeding and my MIL has always been just downright supportive of everything. my mother has also been very supportive and when i was going through all the massive and painful problems establishing breastfeeding with DS, my father told me how important it was to work it out especially for the bondng aspect (you could have knocked me over with a feather when i heard him say that - this is coming from a man who has literally never changed a diaper in his life).

i wasn't really expecting the outpouring of support i have received from everyone. nobody actually talked about breastfeeding or anything when i was pregnant but now that we have the baby i have learned that everybody breastfed their children and for at least a year. i think that they never talked about it because it just seems to them like what you do.
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for your MIL!

I was talking to my MIL about how DS was not going to like seeing the new baby nurse and she said "that's what you have two (breasts) for."
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YAY for your MIL!

My MIL nursed at least one kid til 2, but I think she nursed 3 of the other 4 until at least 18 months (the 5th, my dh, refused to nurse) so she tells me to nurse til then.

I'm not 100% sure on CLW, but I have no problem going longer than 2 years or doing tandem nursing. It'll be interesting to see what she says then, lol.
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for Crystal's MIL!!
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I am glad you have a MIL who sticks up for breastfeeding.
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My MIL nursed DH for 14 months (he weaned when she was preggo with #2) and nursed #2 for 3 years. She was so ashamed to tell me this when I asked. Her mother told her it was gross and wrong. But she said she felt like he still needed it, so she continued. She was so glad to hear that not only did I NOT think it was wrong, but I thought it was GREAT and planned on CLW with DS. I printed out some info for her from kellymom that reassured her that EBF and CLW are normal and healthy.

My mom also EBF, though not CLW, with me and my little sis (about 2 1/2 years each), so I have lots of support from her. And my dad too.
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Oh sneaky, I thought it was going to be another awful MIL comment. That last comment my MIL made regarding nursing was in June when dd was 22 months old and we're in the car on the way to the grocery and MIL busts out with "Yeah, Anne gained weight when she was nursing, too." And then proceeded to tell me what size clothes dh's sister has worn every year since her first pregnancy. I really have a problem with her.
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My MIL has commented that I've far surpassed her expectations as far as nursing my children goes - she's a retired La Leche League Leader and just hoped I would breastfeed my children! I've now been nursing for almost 7 years straight - nursing through three pregnancies, tandem nursing through two of those, tandem and triandem nursing. She lives in another state - and whenever we visit she asks who is still nursing (I'm triandem nursing my 5 yr old, 3 yr old and 12 week old).
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Originally Posted by TiredX2
Wow, I had been avoiding this thread because I figured it would be a *bad* comment.
Me too! Yay for your MIL!!
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