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I was really trying not to join into this thread. It's just too hard not to partake when my feelings are so strong on the subject. It's like leaving my favorite dessert on the table and asking me not to eat it.

I know there are many good cops out there. I have several good friends that are cops. My concerns arise when I see blatant misuses of power that occur within the police profession. Who is policing the police? If the police force were a consumer industry they would go out of business for bad customer service. To serve and protect. Who?

Okay, okay, I'm not here to bash. Just the facts please. Here is what I see on a daily basis: Two of my neighbors are cops, and when they get together they frequently speak of getting out of speeding tickets, pulling people over for fun and other ways of abusing their power. One of my other friends who is a traffic cop speaks of how they like to play games and target different things on different days; red cars one day, Mercedes another, blondes another. I can't believe it.

How about "leading by example"? You don't need to do 90mph just because you are a cop and can get away with it. You don't need to drive on the shoulder to get through traffic or turn on your lights to go through a red light because you don't feel like waiting. Come down to earth and obey the law like the rest of us and you'll have my respect. Earn it first.
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Before I get into experience...cops are people too. There are good and great ones. There are bad and horrible ones. If you happen to get the bad apples, you work your way up through the department and then the the legal system, as necessary.

I have only twice been in anyway involved with an officer pulling over. Once when I was really small, hanging out with my older sister (she's older by 8 years) and her friends at night. According to my sister, the officer got a big laugh out off something I naively repeated (a naughty comment I overheard someone say).
The second time was sometime around my freshman year of high school when again I was hanging out with some friends in the middle of the night. Though the officer was suspicious of us, he wasn't excessive.
However, in the town where I last lived, there's a handful of police with a serious case of boredom. I don't know if it's over supply because of the neighboring town or people just have attitude problems, but the fear of kidnapping is only one reason not to have young kids out by themselves. Though older kids can be seen hanging out.

Where I currently live, there's a good neighborhood community. If someone tries to make off with the kids or a car, somebody WILL see and WILL respond. So it's not such a big deal for the kids to be out playing without an adult right there. It also helps that I'm in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood near the elementary/junior high school. So far, the only police officer I've seen is one checking on an older woman who had some previous issues with a guy stealing her water.
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dad arrested!!!


this happened recently here in humboldt county, usually a very parent/kid friendly attitude.
dont be intimidated by the length of the article, its worth the read

ps... ferndale is a small cute community, its where they filmed the majestic w/ jim carrey. the old victorian town
also our county fairgriunds are there
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I think you find both types, and it's scary if you have to deal with the wrong type because they have so much power.

Last week, an officer came by my apartment and asked for information about our landlord. I just moved to a poor/sketchy neighborhood so my husband can work part-time and go by to school. This officer said they have a program to train landlords how to prevent crime on their properties. As he copied down the information, my 11 month old reached out to say "hi." I told him "This is a police officer. He's a good guy."

The officer stopped writing, looked at me, sighed, and said "I needed that. Thanks."

Poor officer!
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...and I sooooo feel for that officer.
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Originally Posted by lotusdebi View Post
Actually, I have been raped. Repeatedly. And, while I had some issues with white men for a while after my first sexual assault, I got over it. Why? Because I met some decent white men after that.
I have also been assaulted. Repeatedly. And, still, my anger and hatred towards men didn't last past meeting decent guys who treated me with respect.
Now, decent cops? Well, they probably exist. Thing is, I haven't met many of that sort in my area. And, since this is the area where I am living and, so far, raising my son, this is the area, and the cops, that I'm concerning myself about. And I have, repeatedly, stated that my experiences are with the cops HERE. My feelings are because of the cops I've interacted with HERE. If I ever have the opportunity to meet and interact with decent officers who treat people with respect and don't abuse their powers, then perhaps my feelings will change.
I'm sorry if this is difficult for you to understand.

My husband and I keep our family safe, with the assistance of our dogs, and, if necessary, weaponry. The police here haven't yet made my life safer. They have endangered my life and my family. They nearly killed people who I loved. They harassed, ridiculed, beat up, and sexually assaulted my friends and family. I grew up trusting the criminals more than I trusted the cops. That's just how it was where I grew up.

Google "Prince George's County police; brutality" and then tell me that I don't have a right to feel the way I feel.

I am sorry for whatever has happened to you but that's really no excuse to hate all police officers. What if I was harassed, ridiculed, beat up and sexually assaulted by a black man in my area and than I said "I hate all black men in my town because I've never met a good one" would that be okay?? No, it wouldn't.
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