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Let me tell ya I just had my husband/wife assisted homebirth on the 14th and it was the some of the most beautiful moments in my whole entire life. I am changed! I posted my birth story on this board today....go have a read. I just joined today as well.

I had all these fears and worries. But after battling for the birth I wanted and just reading and talking to women who had done it I got to the point where I knew I could. They all had such great births...and everyone I knew who used the hospital had a horrid painful...long...drawnout medicated with baby complications birth. We were so lucky with our first baby Eli. God was so watching out for us. I had as good a birth I could have at that time in my life in a hospital. It was unmedicated. I was stuck in a bed though with wires and monitors all over me. Couldn't drink or eat or move! Was gotten on to when I would move. I had to not vocalize so they the docs and nurses would think I was okay. You have to be silent and act perfect so they don't think you are in pain and in need of their drugs.

But I did it. Thank God! And my sweet hubby!

Remy's birth was so simple. I woke up...water broke....I hurt for hours....in and out of the tub...did what I wanted...just got through the contractions...and then his wee wittle head was bulging into my hands! And I was having my baby!

There was so much less blood and it was so unmessy! In the hospital it looked as if someone was cut to death there was so much blood.

It was just perfect and simple.

Birth works when we leave it alone. I just let go and let my body work.

I used two different midwife's for prenatal care from about month 5 and on. But I went in monthly. They knew I was going unassisted. It didnt start out that way...but that is where we were to end up and I am so glad it did.

You are going to have fears....but they go away when you are in labor...you become the mama bear who must do what she must to birth her baby.

I will offer any of my own journey...just ask. There is much to tell. But this is a book now.

And just let family think you have a midwife! We told much of our family. But have kept it from friends here where we live. Like church. Didn't want to have to explain ourselves. LOL.

Hugs...and I can't wait to see how you grow and learn....you can do this!
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we evaded the question mostly w/my mom who we KNEW would be terribly worried about it as long as we could but she caught on fairly early and then we didn't lie. We never lied to anyone about it, and were fairly open about it w/everyone except my mom. Everyone else was really supportive! It was wonderful though I did feel really bad about how worried my mom was. And actually w/others (meaning friends, sister, etc) I was extremely open and discussed many concerns etc w/them. Many acquaintances were very weirded out by it, and said so, but it was fun to explain to them why we were doing it.
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Hey, it's your right to birth the way you want. More power to you.
What do they think people did before doctors? My mom was really freaked out about me having a midwife-she must have had a premonition or something...but just because I had a bad experience, and totally not the birth I wanted, I still think it is a woman's right to make her birth exactly as she wants it to be.
I had a question, though...where did you get a cord clamp, and what happens if you tear? Will dh sew you?
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Some UCers use cord clamps, others just tie off the cord with something like shoelaces (cheaper and more comfortable for baby.)

The nature of planned UC is such that deep tearing is very unlikely. Tearing usually occurs because a woman is inhibited, afraid, compromised by interventions and drugs, being asked to push before her body is ready, or in the wrong position (left to her own devices, she will instinctively find the right position.) Small tears do not need stitching any more than any small cut to the body does. Some UCers have midwives as back up; I would have called a midwife friend in the event of a non-emergency injury that called for skilled care of some kind. Others would just go see a doctor, I suppose.

Solmama, we didn't tell anyone who we thought would interfere in any way, including worrying at us. The few times that strangers asked specifically whether we were having a midwife, I would say, "we have a midwife for back-up" and let them chew on that. If I had enough time, I would go into more detail. I've only had one stranger react negatively; he said it was "out of his league" and walked away! Usually people ask, "aren't you scared that something will go wrong?" But surprisingly they are usually just curious, not hostile.
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Well we purchased all of our birth supplies online....the cord clamps and such.

I was swollen down there...and DH hasn't found a tear or anything. The swelling is gone and I don't hurt down there. I just have the butt pain from his big old head...and don't feel totally normal down there at all yet. But I have even heard of women tearing to a second degree and just staying in bed with their legs together so they can heal.

I have used a peri bottle with warm water and Bentadine to spray myself with everytime I use the potty! I haven't had an infection and only used an ice pack once after birth. The trama down there was so much less then it was with Eli where I was flat on my back with my legs in stirrups in the hospital. I tore to a 2 and then they cut me to a 4...hole to hole. mmmmm...and I had a bigger baby this time around! I think that speaks for itself.
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