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Aw shoot! She *stole* the stupid poster, okay?

Good for her! Sign me up for the nurse-in...tell me where to send bail money...WTG!

It sure got their attention, didn't it?

Now I think the poster should be returned to it's original spot, after being plastered over with pro-breastfeeding facts and information.
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Originally posted by Joan
Now I think the poster should be returned to it's original spot, after being plastered over with pro-breastfeeding facts and information.
Then they can add vandalism to her rap sheet! This woman is a menace to (formula-happy) society!
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Answer me this: If she's so militant that she just had to rip down a poster, why did she go back there?? Why didn't she go somewhere else that doesn't put up formula posters? If someone was threatening to call the cops on me, I wouldn't go back there.
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I have been hesitant to say this, but most people here see it differently from you. Breaking the law in keeping wiht your moral convictions has a long history. You disagree with that practice. Your extreme insistance on continuing the argument makes me wonder if you're a troll. Perhaps not, but you just need to be kindly told that we can agree to disagree, and I would ask people to no longer engage you on the topic.
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My last comment, a FYI in response to mom2ava's question. Then I will be sitting quietly, hoping they come up with a "I'm biting my tongue" smiley.

This is a very small town. Breast cancer patients don't exactly have a choice about where they get their diagnostic work done, especially if they have an insurance plan. Perhaps if we had more choices and the doctors had some competition to worry about, they would've removed the poster themselves. But don't worry, she is no longer under their care. She has opted to drive 4 hours north instead.

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Clarity, I was wondering exactly the same thing myself.
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Funny you should bring up extremes. This woman went to extremes by stealing a poster. I'm going to extremes to show that this woman did a stupid, childish thing. It was said that it's okay to go to extremes when it's something you believe in. I believe in morals and ethics, even when advocating. She's a hero, but I'm a troll. Go figure.

That said, I won't post here again. Different opinions aren't welcome here and neither am I. Have a nice day.
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I think you just need to lurk a little more and get the feel for how we handle disagreements...there are a lot of them. I would hope to think if you're really interested in participating in the commuity, that there tons of other issues on which we agree! We also feel more comfortable arguing with people once we've gotten to know them better...please feel free to share some of your othering parenting issues on our other threads so we can get to know you.
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I dont think we should automatically categorize someone as a troll simply because they disagree in one thread. Having read other posts by mom2ava I dont think she is a troll she just disagrees about the stealing thing..

While it is a bit of a moral dilema, knowing what I do about formula companies and their marketing methods, particularly in third world countries, I have no problem with someone running off with a formula poster. Maybe a little reading on the nestle boycott...

I agree with the others, the Dr was probably being paid to have that poster up and I find that horrid!! Some Drs do receive cutbacks from formula companies and this needs to be addressed and dealt with. While her actions may have been a little childish, she is a longtime breastfeeding advocate and has helped countless women bf successfully through her work.

I dont know what sort of legal action can be taken to force a hospital to support the WHO code as the US hasn't signed the WHO code last I knew...

It may have been immature but being an immature person I think it is kind of funny...
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From Usenet:
'The content of a
"troll" posting generally falls into several areas. It may
consist of an
apparently foolish contradiction of common knowledge, a
offensive insult to the readers of a newsgroup, or a broad
request for
trivial follow-up postings.
There are three reasons why people troll newsgroups:

People post such messages to get attention, to disrupt
newsgroups, and
simply to make trouble.
Career trollers tend for the latter two whilst the former is
the mark of the
clueless newbie and should be ignored.'

abimommy, i gotta respectfully disagree; i've seen her (or him) in 'diapering'. clueless newbie or not, i smell troll. was this thread hijacked, or not? someone who simply disagrees would make their point and not harp on it. shoo, trolls!

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Hi all,

I usually lurk here, and participate over in Diapers, but I've been following this thread, and I think it was trolled too.
The funny thing is, there was a thread on diapering that seemed to have attracted a possible troll. Can you guess who?

BTW Way to go Kathleen!!!

(back to lurking)
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a formula ad in a cancer clinic Good for her!!!! She has more guts than I do, but good for her!!!!!

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oh yeah, and thankfully my doc is an ND and all of his kids were bf for 2+ years....no formula ads in his office!!!!!

I think any mama who is having a particularly hard day nursing would consider formula if it was readily available....consider, not necessarily act on it....

I know I did (considered) once or twice...but no formula for my babe. I am now more educated about the evils of ABM but not everyone is...
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Abimommy is right. Please do not label posters as trolls. If you are suspicious about a person's posting intentions you may contact us and let us know so we can look into it. But on the boards let's try to assume the best and respect everyone, including Kathleen.
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maybe she wasn't a troll but her constant debate over something so mundane mad her very trollish. And IMO someone who is serious about coming to forumes for support doesn't quit coming at the first sign of disagreement or bad blood.

As for Kathleen Huggins. I see nothing wrong with what she did. If it's that big of a deal I'm sure she would replace the damn poster with a more suitable one.
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Actually the person who left here in a huff over this thread has brought it up at another site to "discuss" it, in a more "mixed" environment IYKWIM.

I figure that says enough and we should leave it at that.

I personally think discussions at one site should stay there, and if the same subject comes up elsewhere, then the two discussions should remain seperate..........but that's just me.

How's Kathleen doing BTW? Still got the garbage in her trunk?
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Official apologies to the administration; I should've just pm'd a moderator (like when we had that guy a few years ago getting pervy pretending under various user names to be a mom nursing a twelve yr old, remember?)... altho' that just kinda struck me as sad & lonely, not 'official' trolldom. I felt sorry for him (and pity is not the usual emotion I feel for the specie. Energy leeches- ugh!)

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I want to say that I agree with mom2ava. I am not a troll, either. I am a mother, a breastfeeding advocate, and do volunteer work with an organization that helps breastfeeding mothers. I am quite familiar with the unethical and sneaky marketing tactics of formula companies. I have read Milk, Money, and Madness, The Politics of Breastfeeding, and many other books about breastfeeding advocacy. I understand the WHO code.

That being said, I think, if this story is true, that what Ms. Huggins did was immature and unproductive. It was stealing. Comparing her action to that of Rosa Parks is laughable. Rosa Parks was practicing civil disobeidiance. She broke an unjust law. I am assuming that Kathleen Huggins does not believe that laws prohibiting theft are unjust. Comparing Rosa Parks' brave act to this little temper tantrum just doesn't fly with me. I can't imagine that she has changed the policy about posters at the clinic. I would wager that she has pissed them off and they may put up twice as many posters just to spite her now. I am quite certain that Ross or Mead Johnson will be happy to provide more.

Right or wrong, the clinic was doing nothing illegal by displaying that poster. The World Health Organization is not a governing body in the U.S. The Code is not law here.

I realize that Kathleen Huggins has probably done some real advocacy. This just isn't an example of it, IMO.
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She was fed up and upset, and did something that a lot of us would like to do because she reached a breaking point. I think it was amusing, and even if it wasn't the "right" thing to do, I'm not going to sit in judgment of her. I can understand that there are those who don't like what she did, and everyone is free to state their opinions. However, I find the moral outraged expressed by the one poster to be out of line with the degree of the wrongdoing. This leads to the belief that ripping down a poster is equivalent to breaking into someone's home to steal, and I find that kind of thinking to be dangerous. I also do think that what Kathleen Huggins did could fall under the guise of civil disobedience if she believed she was doing something for higher moral purpose. It may not be right in the eyes of the law, but people have different beliefs as to what is right and wrong, and we're not necessarily going to agree that what Kathleen Huggins did was wrong (or right), no matter how it is put to us.

During the last election, Nevada had an initiative on the ballot to make gay marriages illegal, and many of my neighbors had signs in support of this measure. I found these signs insulting on several levels (they said protect marriage and showed a stylized diamond ring), and I was tempted to pull some of them up, but I didn't because ultimately I decided that was not a good way to respond. If I felt like abortion was wrong and I pulled down a poster for a family planning clinic that offered abortion services, I'd feel that I was doing something right even though I might be breaking a law.

On the subject of civil disobedience I have to say that Rosa Parks broke a law when she sat where she did on that bus. That it was an unjust law is a view shared by many people today, but people have different moral standards and not everyone would agree that it was unjust. To plenty of people at the time, what Rosa Parks did was wrong if for no other reason than she broke the law, and some people may think that there is no excuse for that. And other people didn't think there was a problem with that particular law, I'm sure. Sensibilities and moral standards have changed, and we now easily see that what she did was standing up for a higher moral purpose. What the cancer clinic was doing in displaying a formula poster is legal, certainly, but that doesn't mean it is morally ethical. I'm not comparing Huggins' actions to Parks' in intensity, but I think that their intent and reactions were similar. Given that I can make that comparison, I can then understand that there are those who would do the same type of comparison and say breaking the law is wrong no matter what. I acknowledge that.

The clinic personnel were perfectly within their rights to call the police. I would be surprised if the police or the courts thought this was an offense worth pursuing, however.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by clevah girl
[B] Rosa Parks was practicing civil disobeidiance. [QUOTE]

Kathleen Huggins was also practicing civil disobedience. This wasn't stealing for the sake of stealing--it's not like she took a box of tongue depressors and a prescription pad.
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