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You can regard it as civil disobedience if you want, but it hardly compares to Rosa Park's actions, and I seriously doubt it did anything to promote breastfeeding advocacy.

I'm concerned about the overuse of antibiotics. Maybe the next time I'm at my doctor's office, I should rip down all the Zithromax calanders and steal all the Ceclor pens. That'll fix 'em!
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Anyone else feel like they are ? I really think we are way off the original post and not getting anywhere by continuing this discussion.
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Yes, very much so.
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Sorry, but even though what she was doing was for a good cause, it is still stealing. I mean, stealing isn't about what you take..it's the fact that you are taking something that doesn't belong to you. Ok, so she didn't go to the store with a big diaper bag and steal formula cans, but it is still stealing.
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ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!! so, we all agree that she *stole* the stupid poster....

that isn't what this thread was about..it was about Katherine standing up for something she believed in...period! It was about how the doctors should not have had the poster in their office to begin with, it was about how little support bfing moms get...

This was supposed to be a humorous story (at least I took it that way), but now has become an ethics debate....why????
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Because everyone has a different sense of humor. What I find funny, another may find apalling or morally reprehensible. S/He has that right. As do I.

That said, it was funny to me. But, I agree she was stealing and that was wrong. The funniest part being that that man called her and asked her to bring it back. And that she clarified things before going back for another appointment.

She's got balls. Most thieves do.

(that's respect you're reading... )
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Originally posted by Chaka Falls

She's got balls. Most thieves do.
Shouldn't that be ovaries?:LOL
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My thoughts exactly Jane

Or is it gonads?? don't gonads include both the male and female variety?

To paraphrase the David Bowie song Ziggy Stardust, "She was the nads!"
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Originally posted by mom2Ava
stealing is unethical. She stole the poster.
Coming back in here late, but.....

stealing is always illegal, but not always unethical.
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True. Just ask Jean Valjean!
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warm up: La La La
clearing throat and taking breath
In my best Javert and Valjean impersonation:

Now bring me prisoner 24601, your time is up and your parole's begun. Do you know what that means?
Yes, it means I'm freeeee.
No! It means you get your yellow ticket of leave, you are a thief--
I stole a loaf of bread
You robbed a house!
I broke a window paaaane...My sister's child was close to death, we were starving--
And you'll starve again unless you learn the meaning of the law
I know the meaning of those 19 years, a slaaaave of the lawr.

And so on Not enough for a copyright violation.

Hmmm, maybe next time I'm in the OB's office I'll steal that Enfamil sign up sheet. I'm not a stranger to breaking the law--I took a pen home from my last job.
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