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Mother's Intuition??

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Since I am on both the May and April DDCs and they had this thread over there, I thought I would start it over there...

Any ideas on what you are having, for those of us not finding out? And for those of you who have found out, were your intuitions correct??

With my DD I KNEW she was a girl. There was no changing my mind! This time around, I just CANNOT pinpoint it! I keep changing my mind! Chinese baby chart says girl, wives tale stuff is about dead even on boy or girl... I just CANNOT figure it out!!! LOL I guess wee will see in the Spring!

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I was wrong both times... sort of. The first time I thought I was having a boy... I think I had to think that because I really wanted a girl, so needed to "prepare" myself mentally for it to be a boy, if that makes sense. This time, until about a week before the US I thought we were having a boy, but then I changed my mind and felt it was probably a girl. My dd would ONLY say "Baby Sister" and never "Baby Brother" no matter how much I prompted her, so that got me thinking it was a girl.
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For me, the Chinese gender chart said it would be a girl. My dentist and a couple of friends thought that I would have a girl--though they really had no way of knowing this. So, I was quite surprised when we found it it was a boy at the ultrasound last week! When, I think about it, both DH and I had had dreams about little boys and boy babies, but not girls, around the time I conceived.

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I thought from the beginning that I was having a girl. Slightly different pregnancy and the timing of conception. Plus I kept thinking "When SHE comes, I'll decide on a name". But everyone kept telling me that I was having a boy by the look of my belly. So I started to believe it. I mean I have three boys already so it wouldn't be that unusual. But the ultrasound tech said it is a girl. Well, I've been buying lots of dresses but am discouraged by alot of stories about ultrasounds being wrong. I guess I'm just going to wait and see. He might look cute in a dress.
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with first daughter i KNEW she was a girl and was right. with second thought it was a boy and was told it was a boy twice, until the thirde u/s said it was definitly a girl! with this baby I just KNEW it was a boy. i had boy dreams and thought about boy stuff, but then things started feeling like a girl and at my u/s it is a girl.
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Hi. I'm lurking from the May DDC but had a question for Sadiebug: At what points did you have your 3 u/s's? I've had one so far and am due for another next week. I'd like to see how accurate they are....
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With dd I knew she was a girl...but had hoped it was a boy.

This time I'm pretty sure it's a boy. Like, I can't possibly wrap my mind around it being a girl. That just doesn't gel for me, even though dd keeps saying baby sister come out, a stranger told me I was having a girl, and the midwife's adult daughter guessed it to be a girl based on heart rate. None of that really matters to me. I wouldn't be upset if it was...but I would seriously be thrown for a loop.

I could be wrong...but I'm about 99.9% sure it's a boy. Regardless of what other people say or think. 1) DH and I can not for the life of us come up with a girl name we like...last time it was the other way around (couldn't come up with a boy name). 2) I prayed for a boy before conceiving. 3)Based on timing of BD, chances are much greater at a boy than a girl (didn't even BD until several hours AFTER o and too many days had passed for a girl spermie to be sitting there waiting...we we're exactly "trying", but that's just how it worked out). 4) DH told me the night before I tested that I was pregnant with Christian Michael. I thought he was loony and told him no way....and where did that name come from anyway? 5) And finally, my dad says I'm having a boy.

Also, although I don't pay too much attention to this...The Chinese Gender Chart was right for dd and it claims I'll have a boy this time. So, maybe it'll be right again. But, I'm not basing my sole purpose of believing I'm having a boy on what it says.

We don't do u/s...and we are having a homebirth anyway. So, we won't know until birth day.
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I *knew* my first was a boy. I told DH that if the U/S showed a girl I would be so shocked. I was right.

With #2 I wanted a girl, and Dh said he was "thinking girl" for us when we were sorta trying (not trying to, not trying not to, and DH wanted another). The U/S showed girl and was correct.

#3 I was not sure at all. The U/S tech said pretty sure girl. She was a girl.

With #4 I did the homebirth thing, and did not feel there was any reason to go into a doc just for an U/S for my curiosity. I felt strongly that the baby I was carrying was a boy, and he would be a LOT like his daddy. I had a vivid dream around 36 weeks where I could see through my belly and I saw my son. We also could not decide on a girl name, only a boy name. My fourth child is a strong, stubborn, kind caring little boy who is so much like his daddy it is freaky.

With #5 I felt like I was having a girl. I had several dreams where I had a boy though. We could not come up with a girl name once again. Even so, I *felt* like I was having a girl, and when I pictured myself with a baby it was usually a girl. I didn't picture myself carrying around a boy ever. When I had intuitions about the personality of the baby, I felt that this was a very peaceful calm and gentle soul... As it turned out the baby was a boy but I did not ever get to carry around my baby boy. Some might say his soul was too peaceful and gentle for this crazy world... I am glad for the time I carried him, he brought me lots of joy.

This pregnancy, I think this baby is a girl. I had a girl name come to me before I was even pregnant in the middle of the night one night when I could not sleep. I think it is a perfect name for a baby girl coming into this situation of loss. As soon as this name came to me, I felt renewed energy and hope. Dh and I have tried and tried to find a boy name, but as with the girl name situation in the last 2 PGs, nothing seems to "fit." I have not had any baby dreams at all, boy or girl, except for my sister who is also pregnant and I dreamed she had a boy. (She dreamed she had a boy as well)
This pregnancy has been different emotionally from my other pregnancies obviously, but it's been different physically as well. I don't know if that's an indicator that this PG is a different gender than the last two, but it's a factor to consider.

The only "boy" thing is my fourth child insists that the baby in Mommy's tummy is "a boy baby" and when anything is said about how the baby might be a girl he gives you a look like "are you nuts" and says "No, it's a BOY." So cute!

Another thing that kinda gives me chills is that a couple months before I got PG my second child was talking about how Liam died and she said how she hopes our next baby's "head comes out, and the baby doesn't die." I was really touched by that, and then nextt hing she said was "We will love her." I said "who honey?" and she said very seriously "The baby that is going to grow in your tummy."

Then she went back to playing and being silly with her siblings like nothing had happened. I had chills like crazy. I don't believe my DD is "psychic" or anything, but it was just so unusual for her to talk like that...

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As far as the accuracy of U/S... my sister wanted to know REAL bad with her third. She wanted a boy so bad, and went around calling the baby "Josiah" all the time. Her oldest DD called the baby Josiah too, and when they mentioned anything (before they "found out" the gender) about the baby possibly being a girl she would say "There's a girl baby in there with Josiah?!"

Well, finally after several ultrasounds for various "reasons" they thought they had a good crotch peek and the U/S tech told them 70% boy. The in-laws threw them a big baby shower with all this "boy" stuff.

Well, my third NIECE has a head full of dark straight hair and looks a LOT like her mother did as a baby. Her name is Katie-Abigail.

So, if there's a medical reason for you to get an U/S and you want the tech to take a guess for you, go for it, but don't take the tags off the dresses/overalls just yet! Me, I'll pass. I've found I prefer finding out by looking at my wriggly pink newborn in my arms, with the cord still pulsing as we look into each others eyes for the first time. More magic in that one moment than in all the millions of black and white dots on a cold computer screen could ever be, for my money.

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I found out each time, but my intuition was correct every time too.
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I find this so interesting!

With dd, I knew she was a girl, and dh did, too. I only doubted myself for a few days after I had a baby boy dream. And we were right!

This time I wasn't sure at first. Then we had a real quick u/s at 11 1/2 weeks when our m/w couldn't find the heartbeat. and my first thought when I saw him was "he"! I knew he was a boy, even though we saw no "indication" of it at that point. Again, I had a baby girl dream this time, and he is definitely a boy. So my dreams are apparently TOTALLY off.

I had done the pendulum trick before we had dd, and it said 3 girls. After dd it said 2 girls. And now when I do it it says one of each. I guess it's the power of suggestion! And the chinese gender prediction chart says "girl" for this pregnancy; so unless our u/s was completely wrong, it's incorrect. Although it was right for dd.
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Originally Posted by KittyKat
So, if there's a medical reason for you to get an U/S and you want the tech to take a guess for you, go for it, but don't take the tags off the dresses/overalls just yet! Me, I'll pass. I've found I prefer finding out by looking at my wriggly pink newborn in my arms, with the cord still pulsing as we look into each others eyes for the first time. More magic in that one moment than in all the millions of black and white dots on a cold computer screen could ever be, for my money.

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Originally Posted by burke-a-bee
Sorry. Didn't mean to come across as pushy, just stating *my preference* and I made very sure to clearly indicate what I was saying was *my preference.*

Except for the part about not taking the tags off. Any U/S tech who is realistic and not on an ego trip about their "track record" of accuracy will tell you that. It's never a guarantee.

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Originally Posted by KittyKat
So, if there's a medical reason for you to get an U/S and you want the tech to take a guess for you, go for it, but don't take the tags off the dresses/overalls just yet! Me, I'll pass. I've found I prefer finding out by looking at my wriggly pink newborn in my arms, with the cord still pulsing as we look into each others eyes for the first time. More magic in that one moment than in all the millions of black and white dots on a cold computer screen could ever be, for my money.


Originally Posted by burke-a-bee

Oh, I didn't think "ouch" at all...this perfectly describes the reason I *don't* want an u/s and want to be surprised at the birth. I work with so many birthing couples and it's such a magical moment when *they* get to discover what they've got, rather than someone else telling them. My dh desperately wants to know but I told him he'll have to develop x-ray vision b/c there's no medical indication for a scan. I haven't found the right words to convey the awesomeness of the surprise to him...maybe I'll have to show him this post (although maybe it's not something you can imagine unless you've seen it...?).

Anyhow, back OT....neither of us has a clue!!! Women at my work are guessing girl, dh is pulling for a boy (though he did say he thinks it may be a girl), and all of my intuition has deserted me. I suppose it's gone off to the place with the rest of my brains.........
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See I've had both. I was surprised with my first two and found out with my second two. In no way did finding out take anything away from the moment I saw my baby for the first time. I just don't think finding out by ultrasound should receive such a harsh response.
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About U/S being wrong, I have only heard of baby girls being mistaken by U/S as boys. I have never heard of girls being mistaken as boys.

First babe, I just *felt* that it was a boy and bought lots of blue stuff. My intuition was right. Chinese chart said boy. :

Second babe, I was super sick again, which I thought meant boy and I was right. We had a U/S and the technician wrote the sex on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope which we did not open until after birth (to see if U/S would be right) U/S said boy. Chinese chart said boy. :

Third babe, I really wanted to know. I was hoping and thought it was a girl because it was my easiest pregnancy yet. Only nauseas, not throwing up constantly. U/S said girl!! U/S was right. Chinese chart said girl. :

This babe, number four, I was super sick (sounds like boy ) but chinese chart says girl . hummmmmm....................... :
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Mine is a girl and I knew it was a girl for a couple of reasons: I didn't ovulate until several days following sex, and girl sperm live longer. Plus it just felt like I was having a girl, especially after the second month or so -- I was convinced of it.

Everyone close to me but three people thought it was a girl too (DH said he had no clue and wouldn't venture to guess even).

Sure enough -- no penis! *beams* I'll laugh my ass off if it's a boy when it's born though....

(And I wanted to know the gender asap, since I hate returning things and I truly don't understand the whole wait and see bit -- I wanted to start getting to know my little one as soon as possible -- but that's just me.)
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I told my DH before both our u/s with our dd and this baby what the sex of the baby was and I was right both times! I just somehow 'knew'. With this baby I've felt like he was a boy since I very first found out I was pregnant. With my dd I had 2 very realistic dreams of what she would look like and that she was a girl. I've always told my DH that we would have an Anna and an Alex With my dd I was still paranoid that they might have been wrong on the gender guess, but this time we all saw the boy parts very clearly, so I'd probably fall over if the baby came out a girl. I feel so strongly that this baby is a boy and that his name is Alexander...even if the u/s had said they couldn't tell I'd probably be buying boy clothes
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I wanted to state first off that my cousin when she was pregnant with her DD had 2 u/s and both told her she was having a boy, she had all decked out nursery for a boy and a ton of boy stuff, little Amelia came a month early, what a shock to all lol. Her grandpa went and painted the room to pink and switched some stuff out for her..I would've died.

Ok now to the topic LOL

With my first I knew at conception it was a boy, there was just no way i even fathomed it could be a girl, and I was right. DH's family had a long history of not having a girl and it had been about 40 yrs before the girl was born.

With my 2nd pregnancy i assumed boy from the getgo , then about 16 weeks i started to get girl vibes and have girl dreams sure enough was a girl.

This time is my 3rd pregnancy and we aren't going to find out at the US as we did with our first 2,and I just have no flipping clue what this little one is. I can't wait until April to find out!! Since this is my last pregnacy I wanted to try out something different, we already have a wonderful son and a wonderful daughter, so we figure this one will leave a big surprise until the end!

I am 20 weeks now and was hoping to get some vibes but nothing so far lol
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I thought I would jump in. This is our first and my DH an I both feel it's going to be a boy, but chinese chart says girl, but old wives tales say boy. I'm pretty sure I concieved on the day that I ovulated so that is also why we think it's a boy. We are also not having an ultrasound. We're thinking James Owen for a boy if we are right. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to get peed on.

We will see. We are too excited though!
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