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What does the name...

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"Gus" make you think of? Dh wants to name this babe "Augustus Nathaniel" if it is a boy and call him "Gus". I can't say I really like it, but he is insistent. (It is a family name) So what do you think of when you here the name "Gus"? Be honest.
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It makes me think of the fat mouse on Cinderella. Sorry!

If you don't like it too well...maybe it could be used as the middle name instead.

My DH also has a family name I don't care much for..but he is insistent. So, although I didn't want to use it all...we're using it as a middle name.
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When I hear the name Gus, I think of the poem about Gus the Theatre cat (from T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats). The cat's full name was Asparagus, though, not Augustus. I don't know if that's any better than the fat mouse from Cinderella

When I hear Augustus, I think of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I agree that it would be better to stick with Augustus for a middle name. Especially since you don't like the name.

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I saw your post on “new posts” and I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. The first thing I think of when I hear the name Gus is “Grumpy Gus.” I’d push for it to be a middle name, if your DH is set on it…
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Well, I'm not going to sterotype a name, so I won't say what I think of. But, if you really dislike it as a first name, ask your dh to compromise and make it the mn. I think it's reasonable for you both to like the first name.

My dh also has a family name which my ds inherited, but I agreed that it must be the mn, because I personally dislike the name. But, it's growing on me since it's now my ds's mn.

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A fat kid. Sorry.

But I love Nathaniel. That's my ds' name.
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What about the nickname August instead of Gus...? How would you feel about something like that?
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Nathaniel Augustus is lovely, if you really dislike Gus.

We were kind of in the same boat. DH wanted to name a boy William Miles (this was before we were even ever pregnant, we've kind of had our names picked out for awhile!). His dad was Bill, his brother is Bill and his uncle is Bill, along with all the other Bills in the rest of his family. I couldn't stand it. I said we can use it if we call him "Will", but dh refused. Then we switched them around and we both liked it a lot more. So that's our name, Miles William.

*On a side note, when we told MIL that it was a boy and the name we'd chosen, she was very upset that it wasn't William Miles. Fortunately, I wasn't talking to her. :
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I think Augustus is a cool name, but not really Gus. Wonder if there's some other nickname that can come from that? Augy? Maybe not...how about no nickname, and just Augustus?
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I've heard "Aggie" and "Gussie" used as nicknames for Augustus.

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Augustus, is really classy. In french, it was a name reserved for wealthy families (a BCBG name as we call it).

However, IMO, dimishing the name to Gus takes all the class away.

Nathaniel is classy and beautiful too.
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I think August is a great name. Gus...not so much.
I think fat kid also.
I went to school with a nice guy named August (not fat) . It's also my father's middle name (who was born in January btw).
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I say fat or dumpy kid, dh says the fireman from Leave It to Beaver. I agree - push for it as a mn.
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Gus Gus Gus the little mouse from Cinderella Its a cute name.
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I like it. I think it is cute. especially Gussy I do prefer august to augustus. it is in the same ball park as Simon to me. I see loveable nerdy when I think of the name.
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I like Augustus, but I have to agree. My first thoughts are the cute little chubby mouse from Cinderella! Sorry!

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Well... we had a dog named Gus. But I also know someone very successful named Gus, so I don't think negatively on it. I don't think of Agustus, I think of Gustave.

For some reason Gustave sounds more sophisticated/romantic to me. Think Gustav Klimt. I don't think Gus is that difficult of a name to live with.
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My husband's cousin is named Gus. I think of a very calm, soft spoken, kind person. I like it.
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I like it. My boyfriend when I was 15 was named Gustavo and was called Gus a lot. He was a cutie.
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It reminds me of the book Gus the firefly.
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