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I really like the name Gus. I know two Gus's (one is the son of a good friend of the family, and the other was a guy I had a crush on in middle school). Both were very good looking, and very sweet.
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Whenever I hear the name Augustus or August attached to a child who wasn't born in August, I hear a friend of mine saying (of her son, who's middle name was August), "He was born in June, but he was concieved in August!"

I think of Augustsus Ceasar. : I must be some kind of geek! It sounds very grand, but I think of grownups and not kids. I have a hard time picturing an Augustus under the age of 35. Gus, however, I can see going on forever... but I also think of the chubby mouse in Cinderella, after I think of two books that I had as a child called "Gus the Friendly Ghost." So, I have this kind of young, rotund, bumbling figure in mind.
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