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skiing anyone?

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This is my first successful pregnancy (had two m/c last yr) but am really wanting to go alpine skiing. I'm thinking about going during the week and staying on the groomers. Has anyone else gone or thinking about going? My friends and family are scared for me but i've been skiing since i was about 2...
Has anyone gone or is anyone thinking about going?
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I snowboarded early in my last pregnancy but won't be doing so this time around. I'm much further along this time, my pants don't fit, my balance is not so great, and I feel the risk is much greater than when I went early on with #1.

But you know your limits better than anyone else. I guess you just need to decide if the risk of injuring your baby (or yourself) is one you're willing to take right now. Personally, I'm not willing to take that risk. The mountain's not going anywhere.

Jill (who is VERY bummed to be missing out on the boarding season this year....and probably next year too)
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You know your capability. Try to go when it's not so busy so you don't have to worry so much about OTHER people (which is what I'd be MOST worried about). Lots of women here ski during pregnancy, it's the alps. You know what your skill level is. You're pregnant not disabled. If you were a novice skier, I'd say it'd be best to sit this season out, BUT if you've been skiing your whole life, than why not?

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Go for it. The only thing to keep conscious in your mind is that the hormone relaxin relaxes your tendons around your joints, so be very aware of how you are manuvering your knees and hips and back. It would suck to strain or blow one of those out so late in the pregnancy game.

Enjoy the snow.
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I'm not a good enough skier myself to ski pregnant, but I think it's fine if you are a good skier. My SIL skied through all 3 of her pregnancies. Nothing crazy, of course, just the basic trails! Have fun.
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I went until 3rd trimester. I think that's when the dr says the relaxin kicks in and makes your joints looser. Been awhile, though, so I'm guessing 6ish months.

I kept xc skiing,though. My dr/mw said the ONLY concern is wiping out.
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Wow, my balance is so off, I don't think I'd trust myself skiing! I can barely walk straight. I went bowling in my first trimester and I bowled an 83!! No bowling for me for a while.
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I won't go alpine skiing this winter b/c my belly is really sticking out already, and I'm just not that great a skier. I'd consider it if I were more skilled though.

I am, however, nordic skiing like crazy, with my midwife's blessing.
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Originally Posted by JillChristina
Jill (who is VERY bummed to be missing out on the boarding season this year....and probably next year too)
I feel your pain Jill!! I am an avid snowboarder and I would've boarded when I was pregnant with my first but everyone around me freaked out. This time I know I am too big and clumsy to do it safely.

I agree with the other moms though. If you have been skiing your whole life then you know your limits. I think it would be safe as long as you take it easy.

To be real about it, you're pregnant not broken. lol And you could fall just walking down an icy sidewalk. I personally don't think that an expert skiier would be at any more risk skiing safely than anyone else would be at just walking.
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thanks everyone

thanks for sharing...now i just have to find some maternity ski pants (yeah right)... time to go to good will.
happy skiing/boarding to anyone else trying it.
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!
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