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Today dd (28 mths) went to the bathroom, opened the cabinet and got a pantiliner out then pulled her pants down and sat on her potty and put the pantiliner in her panties while she peed.
Earlier she was doing much the same thing and I asked her what she was doing with my pantiliners and she says "I'm giving it to my butt".
Too funny!
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I noticed the last two days ds#2 started saying "hi low" when he plays with the phone and when he is done he says "bye low" . When he wants food he will smack his lips and say "mmmmm"

He has also made it his "chore" to feed the cat. BUT he puts the food in the water dish!

He is just so cute!

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If we are doing something that would make a noise, dd says, "You have to say the words, mama!". Like today we were peeling potatoes & we had to say, "scrape, scrape", & mashing them say, "mash, mash".
It's so cute!
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When I give my 18.5 month old son a handful of cheerios or bite-size snack, he dumps it out on his little play table and eats them without his hands... just like our dog!

Whenever I bring out his favorite toys, he says, "wowwwww!"

He says, "Ah-too!" when he hears us sneeze.

He's always been very ticklish. We've been tickling him under his armpits since he was a few months old. When he was about 14-15 months old, he started tickling us too, always with sound effects. It's hilarious! Sometimes he starts to tickle us as soon as we pick him up.

Lately, he's had a real interest in babies. At dinner the other day, when our friend's 5-week old started to cry, my son went to rock the carseat, and then tried to tickle the baby!

There is much more...
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My 13 month old son likes to run his finger over his lips while humming making a "blbb bllb, bllb," sound. It's even better if DH or I do it to him, though. :LOL

He likes kicking his big bouncy ball around the living room or having it kicked back to him (future soccer player?: ).

Anytime someone is talking on the phone Ian says, "Hi." DH was carrying Ian down the street earlier and they saw a guy talking on a cell phone. Ian immediately piped up, "Hi." :LOL

And this was the greatest! I was sitting on the floor after playing together and Ian walked away. I was in a reverie or something and just sat there for a couple minutes. Ian noticed me sitting there, came back to me, and gave me a hug!!!
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There is a root beer commercial that dh and I saw that is hysterical. You may have seen it too. We nearly never watch TV and we've managed to see it so I presume that it's run regularly. Anyway, there is a guy who is interviewing for a job with the CEO who's name is Dumass and he humilates himself by pronouncing it the way it looks. At the end of the interview the CEO says the name is Du MOSS and they go on to say Now that's thick headed....

Dh and I like to repeat that line when we would rather say something else. Like when we're in traffic and someone cuts us off he might say, "his name's du moss."

Last night I heard dd singing at the table while I was cooking dinner and she sang, "his name is du moss" in her own out of tune way. I thought I would burst trying to keep the laughter in.
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My little guy has become so darn cute! He pretends that everything is a phone (not just 'logical' things like remotes and calculators, but any old toy in his hand) and will walk around with his head cocked to one side, talking into his phone. It's amazing to me how he's picked up the 'cadence' of a phone conversation (i.e. blah blah blah, pause...... blah! Ha ha ha! pause.... blah blah??)

He knows a bunch of animal sounds, including a backwards 'meow' that sounds kind of like "ohhm". The other day I asked if he could say 'dog' and he barked instead - smart boy!

He has a teddy bear named 'lovey bear' that he gives the sweetest hugs and kisses to. He recently signed for milk and handed lovey to me to nurse.
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I will be standing in the kitchen ,making dinner or something, and my son will come up to me,lean on my legs and say"my friend". While patting me.

When we lay down for naps or at bedtime, he says" closer me,momma" and slide in nice and snug.

The other day he gave me a hug and told me"Paul love mamma so very much".

He has a very cute way of telling me something makes him happy...Like, he wants a popsicle,so I get him into the highchair and fetch his popsicle. He says "thank you,Paul HAPPY now momma"!!Lots of emphasis on the "Happy"..all said in his funny little toddler accent.

He pats my face sometimes, and he knows that I am feeling a little yucky because of being pregnant..so he asks me"belly feel good,momma?".

He has so many little things that he does and says during the day that I could sit here and write and write..but then I would not leave room for anyone else...

( one more, in the mornings when he wakes up, he says"sun is out momma,time wake up" in this tone that reminds me of my grampa telling people"well, days a wasting!"...implying that if you did not get up at four am to start your day and were still in bed at eight you had just shot the entire day.)( i think it is rather funny sometimes that my 28 month old son can say something so innocent and still manage to remind me of a crotchety old grampa! )

ok, all done.
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I LOVE this thread!

1)when we ask her something she nods her head YES, and says mm-mm.

2)when she wants to nurse or wants something handed to her she will do the sign for please and say "peas?"

3)she has started to count things and say some letters when she sees words(we spell things for her a lot)

4)whenever I start cooking she starts getting out pots and pans and wants to help.

5)she has started to nurse her dolls

6) while we were in the bathroom the other day and she was sitting on the counter, she lifted her shirt and tried to put deodorant on!
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ohhh things that have cracked us up the past few weeks....

- When my usually doesn't want to be changed 1yo hears me say "ohhh time for a diaper change!" will take his diaper off (just wet hopefully! ), toss it to the winds and run and get a new clean diaper! Hand it to me, and lays down! And sticks his legs up in the air! :LOL And it seems he prefers his ol' prefolds!!
-Today I got some diaper mail for the same child and Dh took it out of the package and handed them to ds and said "well these are yours! " Ds immediately managed to open the ziplock they were in and pull them out and cuddled them!! That's my boy! He then desparately wanted me to put them on him(they were so cute, I did too :LOL) At least I got to see that they fit before taking them off to throw in the wash.
-When my oldest is going to bed and we go through the get a million stuffed animals to sleep with. "Gimme horsey!" GImme Bear!" "GImme tigger!" it's all worth it in the end when I stop and say "ok good night gimme hug kiss, I love you" and he says "I love you mommy" Awwww melt me to a puddle!
-When I crash out on the couch and the boys manage to get into some treat or soemthing and my oldest runs up to me and wakes me up and says "DEEELish-us!!"
-Ds#2 used to completely lose it when Dh left for work. I mean scream for 20 minutes till he was hoarse. It is quite welcome now that instead he has been giving a hug and kiss and stands right where he is and waves his hand up in the air and goes "Bye! bye! bye! bye!" over and over again until Dh walks out the door giggling. I am thinking he now trusts that daddy will always come back so it is ok for him to leave now.
- When I first had Liam and went to take a shower and Dh was walking around with the baby all wrapped up in a blanket and sat down on the couch for the older two to meet their new brother, he said "this is Liam!" and my oldest said "oh a lamby! bahh bahhh bahhh!!". Later on he got to "hold" Liam and he said "AWWWWW the baby is SOOO CUUUTE!" and patted the top of his head.

Gee I could go on all night !!
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Way cute!

My favorite thing from my 19-month old son:

When he is sitting on my lap or in my arms, and my husband is next to us, he will push our faces towards each other to make us kiss. He keeps doing this over and over, all the while making a "mmmmmmm" sound.

So nice to be encouraged to be loving in front of him! (My girllfriend told me, "Don't show that to anyone who's not in love, its just too cute!")
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My dd2 makes a beckoning motion w/her hands to the animals at the zoo and says "come"

she does the same to us and says "show" when she wants to show us something

she cocks her head to the side when saying "peez" (please) or "shoo-shoo" (thank-you) or "shar-shar" (sorry)

My dd1 says when my husband goes into check on her after she's been in bed for almost an hour but is obviously still up - "mmm, daddy, you smell like salsa (or popcorn or whatever he's been eating)"

My dd1's response to being shy at her 3rd bday party "mommy, i just got freaked out by all those people!"

My dd2 calls my dd1 (Maria) "ree-ree" and my dd3 (Isabel) "eye-bell" - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
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Got another....

when he says "shhhhh" he puts his finger up his nose!

when he nurses now he says "This side?"

He is so freaking CUTE!!!
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Right now my dd runs up to me, kisses my knee and says, "You are beautiful Mommy and I love you" .............. that and she told her father that he couldn't give her a ride on his leg because, " Daddy your are too OOOOOOOOLD" :LOL
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Dd belted out an aria of no particular melody and the words, "Milly, milly, milly like a butter deem!" I later figured out that this is her version of Row Row Row Your Boat.

My mother was in town recently and dd walked in while she was bathing. Dd asked, "are those your ninnies?" My mother said yes. Dd said, "They're big like mommies (mine aren't big.)" My mother just smiled. Dd said, "Do you have milk?" My mother told her no. Dd said, "Did Opah take it all?" My mother thought she was gonna bust a gut.
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