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Curious to know your opinions on new screen test and cord blood bank ...

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I have just started researching this and wanted to know if anybody else is considering or have signed up for either of these procedures?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

For more info:

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Hi Lena,
I'm glad you brought this up. I didn't know anything about the newborn screening, but had read up on the cord blood banking. I'm not sure if we are going to bank the cord blood or not. I have been giving it some serious thought though. My DH's father died of Hodgkin's when he was only 50. But other than that, our families are pretty healthy.

It sounds like they do certain newborn screening tests anyway, like the PKU test. That is done in all states.

Very thought provoking subject... It's such an individual choice. Kind of along the lines of getting an amniocentesis. You dread waiting for the results, but are happy if they come back normal. But what if they don't? Then one has some serious decisions to make. I guess in the case of the screen test, it would help with the care if the child were predisposed to a certain disease anyway, whether you did the test or not. It would give you a chance to give your child the proper meds. and care before things get worse. But, it would also be heartbreaking, IMO to find out your baby has some sort of disease. Better armed than fighting blind...

Jenn L.
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I think we had extended screening...it was through the dr's office...we did it with the PKU at about 2 weeks old. The chances of the baby actually having something is so remote...some of those tests only find a fwe children per year. If I had financial pressure, I probably would have done without.

There are also public cord banks, to avoid the cost of banking. A public bank wouldn't have taken ours, since I have a genetic condition. We privately banked with California Cryobank who is *much* cheaper...but they have been in business doing sperm bank stuff for like 20 years...so I was reassured they'd be there if I needed it. We're in a genetic research study, so some of her cord blood went ther enad we banked the rest...we may need it for that purpose in the future.

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This is the first I've heard of the expanded newborn screening. Honestly, the links given above are so ....commercial. Not enough info up front. Unless I just clicked in the wrong spots. It looks like more "play-on-parental-fears" hype. Steer me in the right direction if I'm missing something, please.

The cord blood. I really wanted to donate ours. I couldn't see paying the money to bank it since we don't have a history of related health concerns, but I did want to donate it for research or someone else's use. As it turns out, the hospital I'll be delivering at (the only one in town) doesn't deal with cord blood. I was disappointed.
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I don't have time to dig this second, but all these links are the selling companies...not the general info. A lot of the parenting sites have written articles, newspapers, etc. My link was a suggestions on where to do it once you've decided, not the research side. My own decision was made after a scientist friend, a microbiogist who was researching children's leukemia, said it was a good idea...so I didn't so as thorough a job as I have on some other things...

anyone want to hit google?
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Clarity...I meant the links in the first post. I've looked at the banks and really am disappointed I couldn't at least donate our cord blood. That's what you get when you live in BFE.

I don't have time to look further right now concerning the expanded newborn screening (I'm headed out to walk and encourage my uterus to open up) but I DID find this in a quick looky-see. My state is working toward testing for some of the diseases I saw listed in the above links.


Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I'll have to put in a call to our pediatrician.
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here's a list with public banks. I thought there were some that sent kits (for fee) and then you could ship them the donation? So it does cost, but like 85$ for kit and shipping...not the big money private banking charges. I am happy to see there are a lot more public choices than there were a few years ago.
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I was considering banking the blood, or donating it, but in order to "harvest" it, they have to cut the cord early (or normally, as they do in hospitals), before it's stopped pulsing so that the blood can be "milked" from the cord and placenta. I'm planning on leaving the cord attached until it's done pumping and the placenta detaches on it's own, instead of having it yanked out. This would empty the cord and make banking pointless.

Aparently if you birth in a hospital, and probably some birth centers, they "milk" the cord and take the blood, if you don't tell them you want it before hand. And it's used for stem cell research, or whatever they choose to do with it. It's one of those forms you sign off on when you're admitted. Giving them your "cast off" fluids and "parts".


edit: just skimmed the newborn screening stuff: no way. too interventionist for me.
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I forgot where I was reading it, but the hospitals want those cords, because they get good money selling those stem cells. I hear they get pretty annoyed if you tell them to wait until the cord stops pulsing... bunch of greedy %#@%#@&! I've even heard of them 'forgetting' you requested them not to cut right away. So make sure you remind them.
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We donated the cord blood, for the public bank not privately, so for anybody who needs it.

The early clamping is true. We wouldn't have done it if dd hadn't been very healthy (despite an "emergency" cs after "distress" her birth Apgar was 8 and 5-min Apgar was 9), but we figured the half minute or so was worth potentially saving another child's life.

If she ever needs a cord blood transfusion (leukemia is a typical disease for which it can be uses), I hope someone else shows the same generosity
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