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Doula ?

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Where can I find a doula who will be with me for free. I really want to have one, but we just can't afford with having to pay out of pocket for part of the homebirth. I know there is such a thing as doulas who will work for free/cheap that need to attend births to get their certification, where do I find one? I am in the Houston area if that makes a difference.
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You might try contacting DONA or Doula Network to see if they know of any doulas in training in your area, or any who are willing to donate their services based on need. You might also try searching the listings on those sights and just start making some phone calls and asking people for resources. You never know who might know someone who is in training and looking to build experience.
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I also just thought of Craigslist . You search the services section and even post an ad stating what you are looking for. I live in CA (bay area) so I don't know much about the Houston Craigslist, but I know a lot of people who have contracted great, affordable services (wedding photographer, florist, etc) through our Craigslist.
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www.bellywomen.net is a website that has listings of doulas that will do births for free and or low cost. You can search by city and see if there is anyonw near you. You can also post yourself in the moms needing doulas section and see if anyone replies.
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