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in october i decided that we weren't getting pregnant b/c we hadn't picked out a boy's name yet. so we settled upon earnest until we can think of something better. i like the meaning of earnest, but it might be too old fashioned for me.

we also like the name ananda. it means joy.

mamabear: dh wants to name a girl violet too. purple is his favorite color. it may be too similar to the word violent for me. or maybe i could let go of it.
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LOL, Ursula, my grandmother's was Elizabeth Violet and her kids would "slip" and call her Lizzie Violence.

I actually think it's a beautiful name and am considering it as a middle if we have a girl.
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Originally Posted by peilover010202
So, he loves Aidan for a boy - I just prefer to stay away from the popular names - I want my dc's to have no one else in their class with the same name.
Okay despite my jenniferness I LOVE aidan.. I think it was sex in the city that did it for me, John Corbett
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Ya know when dh was lobbying for Violet the last time- dc #2 ended up as ds . I had it alwys in the back of my head that Violet is 1 LETTER AWAY from violent. And sound similar and all the accents are in the same places ykwim? Even though I do love the name I have a hard time getting past that. Dh so has his heart set oin it though. We'll see. She may not be a Violet once shes here .
With ds I was set on Ezra for months, in fact he was named Ezra for quite awile and when I was about 7 months dh and I were talking and he felt he didnt want it at all for his name. Alas dd named ds and his name is not Ezra . This time howecver, I cannot get the name out of my head, and though ds could in no way be any name but what he is I really, really want to name this little one Ezra if babe is a boy.
Dh and I discussed names again last night. He knows my attraction to "Ezra" and he came up with Sky. We are thinking Ezra Sky. His uncle who passed several yrs ago was nicknamed Sky so that would be meaningful to his family.
so right now we're rolling
Ezra Sky
around in our mouths and hearts .
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I'm loving the ideas here!

Ezra Sky is ... dreamy.

Zephyr sounds so exciting... it reminds me of the train from Chicago to San Francisco, which was one of the most exciting moments in my life.

Purple fan here too-I really like Violet, I hadn't put it with violent for some reason until it was mentioned. Now I don't know that I could stop the association.

But Ananda, that is so beautiful... made me : again... I've got to stop that!
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Originally Posted by beemama
Purple fan here too-I really like Violet
I am a big fan of color names. My daughters are Ruby and Sage.

I even love:

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We've had them for a long time. The deal was: I get to pick the first boy's name, and my husband get's to pick the first girl's name, and then we switch. So we've had to boys, so now he chooses the girl and I choose the boy.

girl: Maia Anne
boy: Nathan Michael or Martin (can't decide on the middle name, and suggestions which sounds better?)

- Krista
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...I feel so boring compared to some of your beautiful names here! We like family names. So we are thinking Patrick Dennis for a boy, after my grandpa and DH's dad, and Katherine Patricia for a girl, after DH's grandma and my favorite aunt. But at the moment we are still at the thinking stage...neither of those are set in stone yet. I'm pretty sure on the first names though...I wanted DD to be Patrick if she was a boy, and I *love* the name Katherine. Pretty and kind of different since it's not one of the super popular names right now.
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I never stopped thinking about names after we had our first:
Jackson Mark (three in January)

My faves for the newbie:


Liesel (eldest of the Von Trapps from Sound of Music-I have loved this name since I was a wee one)

Great ideas everyone!
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We have almost used up all of our favorite names as all but one of our children have at least two middle names .We finally decided on:

Rachael London Madison ,for a girl
Benjamin Daniel Josiah , for a boy
I dont really like Madison but it is dh's turn to name the baby so I guess I'll get used to it
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I;ve been thinking lot of Scotia Danielle. DH's name is Scott and I found out Scotia is a medieval term for Scotland.
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I have a hard time thinking of names until I know the gender. Once we get those results (around 5 months?) we'll go to the family trees and pick something old. Lulu's named after my greatgrandma.

We actually have the name of the first woman and man in our family to come to America (in the 1600's): Isabella and Petrus (as in Peter). Then the names get really funky : Temprence, Joziah and later, Hildegaard!

My husband actually is suggesting naming the baby (if she's a girl) after our Newfoundland dog who died this spring. She was an important member of our family -- the spark, the glue, believe it or not. But I just can't see doing that. My dog has such a singular part of my memory and heart, it would be confusing to have a child named after her. You know? Still, I thought my husband was sweet for suggesting it.

(Hey, we would have an LL Bean monogrammed dog bed for the baby all ready down in the basement!! )

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Girls names are hard. My DH doesn't like any that I've chosen:

Evelyn (Evie)

He said he'd think about them...

DH really likes Gabriel for a boy, but I really like Gage. I guess we have time!

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I love the name Julia .But maybe that is because it is my first dd's name Only we spell it Juleah ,It was my great grandmother,s name and I think it is beautiful.
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