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Does anyone else sleep w/ thier cat at night?

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I was reading an article from the on-line mothering weekly newsletter and it made me worry about sleeping with my cat. I love my kitty. He won't be sleeping with me when the baby comes, he will be too afraid of the baby, he's just that way with new stuff that moves. I got tested for the toxoplasmosis ghondi like 2 yrs ago and was amazed I didn't have it, I've had cats all my life and have worked at a kennel with lots of cats. I was hoping I had it so I wouldn't have to worry. Now that we live in the country and the cats eat lots of mice and gophers they might be carriers. Somebody reassure me that I can still sleep with my kitty, I love him and know he won't sleep with me much after we start having kids.

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Hi Cathy!

I also sleep with my kitties and have always tested negative for toxoplasmosis (this is my 3rd preg.) I have had cats all my life so I was surprised, too!

My cats are indoor/outdoor cats, like yours, and although they are healthy and up to date on their shots, I guess there always is a possibility that they might catch the disease from another animal out there.

What I've learned from my reading and talking to medical providers is that it is mainly the cat feces that transmit the disease. When I'm pregnant, I give the litter box chore to someone else in my family (lucky me ).

Anyway, I hope that puts your mind a little bit at ease! Probably you could mention it to your doctor and ask them what they think, too.
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We have three cats and two dogs, Two of the cats routinely sleep with us and DH is in charge of the litter box.

I haven't worried once about being close to the kitties while pg -- it's only from messing about with their litter leavings that you can catch toxo-p and even then the chances are very low if you've owned/been around cats for a while. It's only a big deal if you're pg and its incredibly rare for someone who has cared for cats previously to catch it. I was told you can build up an immunity to it? I thought it only showed up on a test positive if it were active at the time -- but you can have it, think its a bug and not know it, then it go dormant (test negative), but you can't catch it again after you've had it once?

I could be wrong but I've never bothered testing for it as assumed I got it at some point since I've owned cats for years.

Regardless, my only concern would be if I were the one changing the litter box and if I were doing so sans gloves.

And even if our one cat with claws were to scratch me (he does sometimes by accident) I just go wash it carefully, rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and put neosporin on it. I did that before I got pg though as it would always raise a welt on my arm if I didn't, and itch like mad. I do it now as I know it's being super careful about poop contamination but really it's just to avoid the itch.

I'm super paranoid about a lot of things (no eggnog for me, thankyouverymuch) but when it comes to the kitties, so long as I'm not touching the poop, I'm fine.

(And the recomendation I've read is even if you do come in contact with the litter, just wash your hands really well afterward. Same as you would if you were gardening.)

Even if I'm wrong about the test, just avoid the litter box (or wear long gloves if you have to change it), hug your kitty and get a good night's sleep. This is one thing I wouldn't worry about.
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Thanks Ladies! That makes me feel a lot better. I love my kitty and he will do anything to cuddle up next to me at night. Ever since I've been pregnant I haven't let him go under the covers though. That is his favorite spot, but on top of the covers and next to me is all he gets until the baby comes. By then he won't want to be next to us as much. I think the baby will be too new and squirmy for him for awhile.

Thank you so much for your responses.
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Like everyone said, it's contact with fecal matter that can really be a problem.
All 4 of our cats slept with us all thru my pg with DS, then 2 continued to do so after he was born.
We only have 2 cats now, but they both sleep with us, with ds, etc. It's fine.
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