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1 hour, 40 minute Homebirth with Hypno

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After two easy simple natural pregnancies my third pregnancy shook things up. There were a lot of medical issues that I didn't even know existed! I went to an OB for the first time ever, I was in the hospital for the first time ever since I was born myself, and my family and friends were really asked to go the extra mile to help bring this baby into the world. I can't thank the online community of MDC enough for support, wisdom and information at every step along the way. Thank you!

After a pregnancy chalked full of hyperemesis and then premature rupture of membranes at 31 weeks; I really didn't expect to go overdue. I was jus so grateful to make it to 37 weeks with a healthy baby! 38 weeks, 39 weeks, 40 weeks, 41 weeks... my weeks were passing right on by with no baby! I was as patient and trusting as I could be.

In the mean time, I had lots of Prodromal Labor. Contraction after contraction that just wasn't quite labor! The 2 days before our 3rd child's birth my Prodromal Labor really picked up. It was as if I kept going in and out of labor. Contractions were more intense, patterned and lasting long in duration.

On Saturday, December 10th, 2005, I was really tired of dealing with so many contractions with no labor. I was concerned that the baby was in a bad position & maybe that was holding labor off? The Midwife we hired was in town for a prenatal and offered to come over to check positioning. She thought she could be at my house at 3pm. She lives a distance away from us and the roads were slick from a recent snowstorm.

At 2:30pm, I got my one-way ticket out of Prodromal Labor Land; my water broke as I was leaning over my birth ball. I asked my husband Jason for a towel and then to get the kids (Jude 4, Cicely 21 mos) over to our friend Jenn's house. As he handed me the towel, I quickly hopped online & posted that my water broke. Jason made fun of me and we laughed... yes, I'm a geek!!!

I kissed the kids goodbye. It was bittersweet to kiss Cicely, because I knew her position in the family would change the most. Soon, she'd have a little sister or brother.

By myself at home, the contractions were coming quickly and strongly. I'd have a couple smaller ones followed by a bigger one. These were REAL contractions, not the easy ones I’d had for days on end.

I got the birth supplies out, changed the message on the answering machine alerting callers that the stork was circling, grabbed the digital camera and was ready to head upstairs when Jason and Pat both separately pulled into the driveway. A half hour had passed since my water broke.

Pat checked the baby’s heart tones and positioning. It was hard to do, because the contractions were coming so close together. Everything looked good. I said I was going to head upstairs.

I didn’t feel any urge to have Pat around during my labor. I didn’t want anyone but Jason. The plan was for Jason to call her to come during labor when he felt it was time. Her job was to stay downstairs unless I requested her to come upstairs. The way things worked out she was already at our house and there was no need for Jason to decide to call her or not. Pat respected our space and just stayed downstairs.

I asked Jason to prepare our bed for birth while I got in the shower. He joined me a few minutes later. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was feeling really antsy and then tired in between contractions. Usually Jason and I laugh and joke and sing during labor, but this one was throwing me for a loop. I didn’t want to do that. There didn’t seem to be time to enjoy laboring as husband and wife.

Jason suggested we go to the bed. I had no clue what I wanted to do and the idea of a nap sounded really nice. As soon as I laid down labor intensified significantly. Jason read from a list of affirmations I had posted near the bed. It seemed like one contraction after another. Jason helped me stay centered and prepared for the long haul.

I had to use the bathroom and we managed somehow to get there. I peed the tiniest amount and then was pushing during part of each contraction. I felt really confused suddenly. I didn’t know why I was pushing since my labor only just began.

We went back to bed and I called for Pat. As soon as she hit the stairs, my body started full on pushing despite my mind willing me not to. I felt so disoriented. I was laying on my side not really sure how I got there. THEN, I felt the baby in my birth canal.

I laughed and said, ”The baby is coming!” Neither Jason nor I realized at that point that the end was so near. We’d been prepared for many hours of labor… not one hour from when Jason returned home!

I asked for hot compresses and Pat disappeared to get them. Jason held the compresses on me and I pushed our baby easily out. Its head came out after a few pushes and I prepared for a much needed break before its shoulders were ready, but instead I got another contraction right away. I pushed out the shoulders and our baby was on my chest.

The baby was all purple blue and took a little while to breathe. It opened its eyes and looked at Jason. It was probably a little shocked that just an hour and forty minutes ago there was no sign of labor and now it was expected to breathe air!

I instinctively rubbed the baby and I think it was Jason who suggested facing the baby downward. Soon it let out a gurgle and a little mew. We were not worried during this short time, partly because the umbilical cord was not clamped and thus still providing the baby with oxegen.

I couldn’t see the baby very well, but I reached down to feel if it was a boy or a girl. I couldn’t feel any testicles. I said, “It feels like a girl to me, but you should look, Jason.” He lifted one of the legs and said, “Oh, it’s a girl! It’s Josephine!”

From there we marveled at her chubbiness, deep brown eyes, curled ears and little rosebud lips. We could not believe that she came so fast and so easily. We felt so blessed to meet her.

Welcome Josephine!

Baby Josephine and Daddy

Josephine (Joie - pronounced like Joey)
8 lbs, 4 oz
22 inches long
Healthy & Happy!
Mama had no problems, no tears. no need for a peri bottle

Just to help with search terms: HypnoBirthing HypnoBabies HypBirth Imagery Birthing Midwife Homebirth Hyperemesis PROM Premature rupture of membranes preemie
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Congratulations. she is just beautiful
I know exactly how if feels to have that kind of labor - actually our stories are a bit similar. My labor was 90 minutes of active labor - and like you days of prodromal that never got me anywhere..(though appearently they did do something since my little girl could get out so quickly)
I too was shocked since my first labor was 50 hours and a quick birth was the LAST birth I had imagined..
How are you feeling now?
Personally I had a hard time believing that we actually had the baby. I hate to say it but I even felt slightly cheated that my labor was so short. I too felt like it had only just begun when I held my daughter in my arms.
Thanks for sharing!

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. What a great story Claire. Congrats to you and your family.
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Claire, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful homebirth story!!

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!! What great pics, too... I love the "Born at Home" one. She is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Spark
I got the birth supplies out, changed the message on the answering machine alerting callers that the stork was circling, grabbed the digital camera and was ready to head upstairs when Jason and Pat both separately pulled into the driveway. A half hour had passed since my water broke.
Meanwhile, WOW! You really had your head on your shoulders. I am very impressed, mama!
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Congratulations on your beautiful new arrival!
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What a beautiful story Claire! I'm reading it. The part about saying goodbye to Cicely was so sweet!
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WOOOHOOO! You did it girl.

Poopoo to all of those that sent you negative advice. See...you DO know what you are doing!!! What a great testamnet to women!

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thanks for sharing mama. happy tears!
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: : :
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Yeah, Claire!! How wonderful!!! I love the part about your being confused...know that feeling Third birth's a wild card--that's for sure.

She's a beauty

Welcome to the world, Josephine!!!
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Absolutely beautiful! I'm so proud of you, mama...
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Congrats. Your beautiful story made me cry. Freaking hormones. Give baby Josephine some snuggles for us in Texas.
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Aww, what a great birth story! She is soo cute too! AWWWWW!!! Happy Babymooning, mama!!
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: Lovely . . . and she is quite a cutie!
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awesome birth and story claire. didnt i tell you just to keep pushing?! hehe

joie is darling, and looks so incredibly tiny in the teensiest fuzbomb known to man...i never would have believed that it would actually fit on a baby!
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First off, Josephine. And that look on your dh's face! Precious...

Secondly, love how your mw didn't interfere.

Thirdly, love the "search tearms" idea.
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Congrats Claire!! How nice to be back and to hear that your baby has arrived!!!!!!! PS- that sounds alot like my 3rd labor too!! Happy Baby Moon!!
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claire you are awesome! I still you : Congrats, what a beautiful girl you have!
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