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Spinoff: Where have you NIP'ed

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the thread about being comfortable NIPing got me thinking..So, lets have it!

I have nip'ed my 3 month old (3 months today)

w/ no sling @ target while shopping (that was an adventure)
the mall sitting in a nice leather rocker
the food court
walmart, sitting on the floor looking @ a magazine
a diner (sat indian style and layed her in my lap so I could eat)
at birth network meetings
and of course LLL meetings and at doctors offices.
oh and @ the park on playdates
and my parents house

Im excited to read some of ya'll places!
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I have nursed my dd (nearly 10 months):

-In a coney island
-In a chinese restaurant
-In the mall, both in a family bathroom (when I didn't know better) and on a bench outside of a department store
-On a bench in downtown Traverse City, MI with onlookers gasping in disbelief
-In the stands of Spartan Stadium at a few Michigan State University football games (we're season tix holders)
-In my backyard
-In the waiting room of my obgyn
-At many of dd's pediatrician appointments
-at a wedding
-at my dad's house (his wife HATES when I nurse dd in the open, she always offers their room)
-at my inlaw's house...my fil is the most supportive of me bf, my mil is comfortable with it "for now" as she says
-at my baby shower thrown by my mil after my baby was born, I basically had to nurse in front of all dh's side of the family...very uncomfy for me at the time (dd was 2months)

I think that's about it. lol
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Oh my, being as though I have 5 children and have nursed for over 6 yrs.. is there a place I have not nursed???

Mind you through all of my list, I am NOT a nurser that covers myslef. I never used a blanket to hide my baby nursing!

-shopping (you name the store.. retail, grocery, ect..)
-elementary school (my first time ever being told I could not NIP)
-church (not a church I am a member to, but went with a friend, first time there)
-traveling down the road (someone else driving, I say NIP cause there was a semi next to us that caught it all and even beeped.. errrhrhr)
-during the hosp labor/birth of a friend
-at my mothers local 'club house' ( mind you all older valued people, did not care for my NIP at ALL!)
-at the movies
-in the swimming pool of my mothers local 'club house'
-of course LLL meetings in the past
-at the park with the kids
-walking through a car lot with my mom while she was searching (dude that was with us seemed to be very uncomfortable by my nursing.)

Oh my brain is not working well enough to think of them all.. Like I said, where have I not nursed?
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I really can't keep track- I just nurse her wherever she's hungry! I've been pretty shameless about it.

The back of a police cruiser (after an accident, not being arrested )
The cutting counter at Jo-Ann's (I don't think the cutting ladies even noticed, and I wasn't being subtle, either.)
At the movies, as recently as yesterday
The counter of the tasty ice cream place in the farmer market
Walking around like, every store and market I've ever shopped at with her
The renaissance faire!
The lobby of a fancy hotel
During my postpartum OB/GYN appointment. Like, during the exam, even.

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I'll nurse almost anywhere

recent places:
Family, friends houses
Chuck e cheese
Grocery Store
Payless shoe store - yesterday

That's all I can think of at the moment but I pretty much feel comfy nursing anywhere
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Other people's homes
Dr.'s office
dd's school
Panera (restaurant)
....everywhere ...because my *20 lb* baby will starve if I don't nurse him every 45 minutes...
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Target's food court
Wal-Mart's shoe dept.
Babies R Us but was in that silly room
The movies...in the theatre and in the hall (part was rather undiscreet oh well)
Dunkin Donuts drive thru
A furniture store
Native American Cultural Center during the xmas party
LLL meeting
Parenting support group
Parent/teacher conference
Brownie Troop meeting
Trick or Treating
Doctors office
A local diner type restaurant

I started to walk and nurse (in a sling) at a grocery store, but I lost my nerve. I couldn't handle how bunched my shirt looked under my sling. Because I'm large breasted I have only figured out how to nurse in a sling and walk with DD in a football hold. I use gravity to my advantage LOL.

I really enjoy NIP! I'll do it whenever and wherever I can.

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Well, I have been nursing for 18 years...as of last friday, my oldest turned 18, so I have nursed pretty much everywhere.

Here is some of my recent places

A funeral
a courtroom
the mall
grocery store
health food store
the dentist office, many times this last 2 weeks, all my kids had appointments so we were there every day for two weeks--

I just nurse when she is hungry just like someone would who bottlefeeds.
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I have NIP at:

-at mil's house(who is VERY uncomfortable with it)
-at multiple doc's appts(mine or the kids)
-at the ER with older dd and the baby
-Wal-Mart(the pharmacy AND layaway sections yesterday)
-the public library in the children's section(on a really lovely couch!)
-the mall on multiple benches
-my husband's squadron picnic in front of more than 150 troops and their families!
-my Family Child Care training meeting 2 weeks ago
-my backyard during a party with 25people
-my husband's football games
-my daughter's soccer games
-during my daughter's kindergarten orientation at her classroom
-McDonald's playplace(gotta love that for rainy days!)
-the playground
-a courtroom

And probably more places that I have yet to think of. I nurse everywhere, anywhere, anytime, etc. Whenever Sara needs to eat, I feed her, no matter WHAT'S going on or who's there. I nursed her at the squad picnic in front of my hubby's wing commander without a second thought until dh nearly bugged out. After that I just turned my back to the commander(who probably wouldn't care anyway as he's a big family man but dh's rule is, "it's a good thing if the chief doesn't know my name or yours") and kept on nursing!

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Reading all these posts makes me feel more confident with NIP. DS (our first) is only 2 1/2 weeks old. So far I have NIP'd at Barnes & Noble with my sling. I am obviously a novice, so I went into the bathroom to get him latched the first time since I have to see what I am doing. I had to re-latch him later, so I just found a secluded corner of the store for that.

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Thanksgiving, in front of 30 or so family members
In-laws house (no biggy though, because 2 of my SIL's have nursing babies too and we all just nurse and talk)
Walking around target, walmart and michaels and henrys with no sling
The front seat of my moms car in every parking lot in america (xmas shopping, egh)
Walking around Kohl's with baby in snugli
Restaurant sitting next to my bro and his new bf

I just nurse whenever. I have a little cover that my mom got me at target, and I use it if I feel uncomfortable.
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I have nursed my DD who is almost 2/
at the grocery store standing up while she sat in the cart (i got many looks) on a farris wheel at lagoon (a theme park),
at the doctors office,
on public transit,
in the park,
at LLL meetings,
hunched over her carseat in the car,
on a plane, in restrants,
in movie theaters,
at a Violent Femmes concert,
in my school classes (when she was littler and i could still take her to school),
at school, any where i am pretty much.
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-in a college lecture
-at restaurants
-on a boat tour (did I ever get the looks!)
-homes of friends and relatives
-bench at the mall
-a comfortable chair in a restroom that I had to move there (wedding reception)

I have NEVER nursed on a toilet! YUCK!
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Originally Posted by naturalmomto8
Well, I have been nursing for 18 years...as of last friday, my oldest turned 18, so I have nursed pretty much everywhere.
You haven't been nursing the same child for 18 years, have you?

Seriously, I tandem nursed my girls, then had a few years break before having DS. I've nursed anywhere and everywhere when I had an infant, and in just about as many places when I had a toddler (though I generally NIP less often once the baby is old enough to share my snack.) I even nursed DS after his preschool orientation- in the grass next to the parking lot, waiting for my Mom to catch up to us with the car keys!

I haven't NIP'ed in a while though- my not-so-little-guy only nurses in bed now. It's so freeing to be able to wear a "real" bra and dresses without hidden nursing openings!
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I have nursed on and off for 6 years now So just about everywhere! :

Most recently:

My dd preschool class. It was a Harvest/Halloween party thing with all of her class mates and their parents. We were sitting in a circle playing Bingo on the floor. To be honest, I was nervous. But I knew it was the right thing to do.....I wasn't doing anything wrong. I did use my sling as a blankie. The little girl next to me said "Mama, what is she doing? Why is the baby under the blanket?" She could still see part of his head and his hand. Her mama said, "Lily, he is drinking milk. Remember yesterday we talked about how babies receive milk from their mamas breast." Lily said, "Yeah....I remember. Just like I used to!"

It was awesome! I got total support and felt totally comfortable.

Oh.....I own a dance academy. My children are there almost every night I instruct. I nurse Angelo during class or in the waiting area with parents
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We've nursed anywhere we've gone... with both my boys

on airplanes and in the airport
movie theatres
sitting on a lawn tractor at Home Depot (the garden area is better but it was cold that day,lol)
walking down store aisles while shopping
at dr's offices and waiting rooms
at an air show
at the mall
at the park (even on the swings once, lol)
at the hospital when dh had a minor surgery
at all my relative's homes
while testing a massage chair at a warehouse store - ahhhh!
at cafeterias in club stores
on a lounge chair in front of Home Depot right by the front entrance, heh heh

I'm sure there's others but that's all I can think of right now!
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What a fun thread!

I've nursed DS (3 months) pretty much everywhere I go ...

- At work.
- Walking down the main street of my town.
- At parks.
- At several restaurants.
- At Doctor's offices.
- At the Grocery Store.
- Shopping at Kohl's, Walmart, and local shops.
- While Hiking.
- Hotel Lobbies
- At friend's and families' homes.
- At an Art Auction
- At a Benefit Gala ...
- At Board of Directors' Meetings
- During a Poker Tourney.
- Everywhere my baby needs!
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Let's see...Started out nursing in the NICU (no cover...the nurses always pulled the drape when they saw it though)...moved on to McDonalds, Black Dog Cafe (the owner NIPs her almost 2 year old just as openly as I do ), Target, Wal-Mart, Publix (as I was checking out w/o a blanket...that got me a look or two), the flea market (tandem'd mine and my old roommates!!), a Christmas celebration in S. Ga. (got called disgusting for that one), Ross, Old Navy, pretty much any store we've ever been in together...on a rock in the middle of a river in NC with hikers all around, my mom's, my dad's all my relatives, my boyfriend's parents' house (I did cover for that one b/c he asked me to since I was just meeting them), Burger King, the park, LLL, I even pumped in public in my car *lol* Oh, while driving through the mtns. with a trucker beside us, work meetings, at the school I work at, at my dad's office, the public library while filing my taxes. He wants to sip everywhere so I let him if it makes him happy.
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Ahhh- the fond memories and giggles! Here are a few of my favorites:

- Planes, trains, and automobiles!
- The Zoo
- At the gyn with my feet in the stirrups!
- 12,000 ft in the Colorado Rockies (I have a picture of this... we are above treeline with mountains as far as the eye can see with wind whipping all around us!)
- Thanksgiving Dinner table (at a resteraunt!)
- Sitting on the floor in Sears
- Gettysburg National Cemetery
- The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
- At the DMV (gosh- we were there for HOURS!)
- The National Aquarium in Baltimore during the dolphin show
- A rodeo in Wyoming
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At walmart in a sling, the theater lobby, in the theater, starbucks, the dollar store, the thrift stores, at the welfare office, wic office, park, the zoo, dr.'s office,
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