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Anyone know if taking acidophilus is safe?

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I know it is given to newborns sometimes, but pg?
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My midwife okayed it for me during my first pregnancy - even in the first trimester.
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it's naturally occuring in yogurt. there is not problem with it, and is fact recommended to pregnant women prone to yeast infections rather than conventional treatment. Even my obs suggest it.
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I think it should be highly recommended at all stages of life.

Some womyn use an acidopholous douche when their yeasties are imbalanced. Or insert a capsule at night (with a pad, of course).

Here's a slightly different version of "yogurt"
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yup. I had a big problem with yeast after ds was born due and during the second trimester of this pf, so my mw recommended I take it every day. It's worked great. There are even studies out showing that if you are prone to allergies then it's very helpful to take during the last trimester and first few weeks of nursing for your new babe -- may help build up a resistence to certain allergies and particulary eczema.

Tori ----- edd w/ #2 TOMORROW : )))))))
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Thanks! nt

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What if Acidophilus is not enough?

I am 7 months pg and have been struggling with (I think) yeast for all but 2 1/2 weeks of this pg. UGH!!! I have restricted my diet by limiting sugar and yeasts. I take acidophilus orally and vaginally, as well as taking garlic vaginally upon the advice of my mw. I am still miserable and have 2 more months to go. Any other advice would be welcome.

Just to give you all the ugly details, the break in discomfort/itching was when I did an over the counter clotrimazole vaginally for 3 nights. The first time I had relief for a week. The second time for a week and a half. My MW said not to use it anymore or it would throw all the flora out of whack.

Thanks again for any information.
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Quigley - My midwife told me to break open a couple of capsules of echinacea and to steep them in about half a cup of water for a few hours (or overnight). I then strained the concoction through a coffee filter and douched (very gently) with it. Never insert this further than just the opening of your yoni. And do not be forceful in "applying" it. You have to hold yourself closed as long as you can assume the laying back position, which for me, wasn't long. I did this in the bathtub, but boy I was not comfortable. Then I tried on the bed with towels under my bum. Way better. I think Midwifery Today has more information in their archives. Have you tried Kefir? I'm sure you could "paint" it on the same as yogurt. Or get a liquid acidopholous and use it as a douche. Maybe you have to do the acidopholous more often than you have. Yes, I know it gets messy. You gotta find a solution that works.
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I've got it!

Quigley - Here's the solution that worked for me. I too had a yeast infection from 5 weeks to delivery with my son. It was AWFUL to say the least. I tried the vaginal yogurt, using a peri bottle with tea tree oil/water, garlic, limited diet, etc. Nothing worked. Finally, just before I got close to my due date, my midwife told me to try this: pharmacy grade boric acid. Here's what you do - you can get the boric acid at one of those Mom & Pop pharmacies (the big ones like CVS and Eckerd won't have it). Get four size "OO" capsules from them as well. Make your own each night. Put one in your vagina each night for 2 nights in a row. Skip a night and then do it again for 2 more nights. It was amazing! At least I was able to deliver without a raging yeast infection! As soon as he was out, the infection was gone! I think for some of us, it is just the way our bodies handle pregnancy. I've got another one now. (Aren't we the lucky one?) Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
P.S. This is stronger than the yogurt and garlic remedies, but more gentle than Monistat, etc. I guess the medics used to use it all the time before the drug companies came up with a more expense and marketable product.
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Thanks for the advice. I hadn't thought of echinacea and had never even heard of the boric acid as an option. For now, I'll keep those options in my back pocket. I am currently doing a 7 day monistat and severely restricting my diet. It feels odd to have such a narrow diet while pg, but we'll see if it works. I am also still taking the cranberry and acidophilus.

Thanks for the help. Grantsmommy- Good luck clearing yours up.
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