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how common is a false negative on a hpt?

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Hi mamas,
I don't post here too often, but have been TTC#2 for a year now. Still bf'ing my 16mo old, so haven't had much luck---anyway, I'm now on CD#44 with no signs of AF. I've had 3 neg aimsticks and 1 neg first response. (AF returned around 6 mos postpartum and had become increasingly regular to a 32-34 day cycle).
Any thoughts/ ideas?
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Sorry I don't have the answer for you. Does it not give that kind of information on the tests that you did try?
Perhaps you could do an internet search.
Probably less stressfull to just go see your doctor.

Good Luck
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You do get false negatives if you test too early, but they are pretty good (I think) if you are 14 days + past ovulation.

Is your 16 month old nursing more than usual or anything like that? I would imagine that could throw your cycles off a bit. It is very frustrating, though, especially when you do want to get started on #2.

Chances are, your GP will put your odd cycles down to the breast-feeding...I had very weird cycles when AF finally came back (at 13 months post-partum), and that's all my GP said.
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From what I've been reading (tcoyf), there are some factors that would delay ovulation, e.g. stress. Did anything weird happen, say day 14-18? Your O may have been delayed and so your period is late.

I have found charting to be of much help while ttc! It's easy once you get in to the routine. I've learned so much from that book, and from this board.
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With one negative, there is a chance that it's inaccurate (urine is too dilute, testing too soon after O or just plain broke) but with several it's likely that you didn't ovulate when you have been.

Personally I love the control I get taking my BBT... mostly because my cycles can be quite irregular. Before I started temping I had a couple cycles that I just couldn't figure out when I O'd and I just had to wait it out. If you don't have a baseline BBT it might be a bit late for starting that this cycle.

I hope that helps, I've just been in this TTC game so long I always look to a reason for not getting af that doesn't include being pg, then if I am it'll be a happy surprise rather than a let-down.

But, I do hope that it is the good reason why AF is absent.
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UPDATE----well, I concluded that I had just flat out skipped a period. It was so strange, though, because I had a temp elevation that remained elevated and I had 2 days of excellent EWCM. Anyway, on day #48 I decided to use the last of my pregnancy tests, and it turned positive *immediately* I've since done 3 more tests and they are all +++!!
I'm now 7 weeks pg
Thanks for everyone's advice!
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