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What stores/WAHMs are NOT on hyena cart? - Page 4

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not on hyena cart but on midday faire which is a congo.
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angelbee, did you mean preciousdignity? Not sure what a righteousdignity is but your link didn't work. I'll assume you're confused. sup

my favorite WAHM for diaper covers, playthings and candles is


I've bought quite a bit from her and have loved everything. I have a candle from her store coming, beeswax, I can't wait! Her prices are rediculously cheap considering her product.

I like www.dakotasdreams.com for play things.

www.lavenderlongies.com is great too.

I'll post more when I remember.

I've always had good luck with www.lilbunz.com but she mostly sells retail diapers and things.
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I missed her post but maybe she meant Righteous Baby?
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green mountain wee woolies for knit wool www.woolsoakers.net Valerie is great to work with and she puts in extra wetness absorbers in the diaper area.
Meagan at patchwork pixie (stocks on midday faire mostly) and Christy at fussybutt.com (but stocks some awesome stuff at universal mama, which is on hyena cart now) are two of the best WAHMs I've come across.
loveybums, SOS, green acres designs, pishypants, lucy's hope chest and calico baby are all great, too. nak and I don't have links now, all are pretty easy though.
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whoops! sorry..
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Originally Posted by QueenSheba'sMom
That ignitethesenses.com store looks amazing!
There's no, by any chance, mdc discount is there?
Jodi just told me to tell you the discount is :

OH and its free shipping till the 14th! of Jan
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I'm not, but I love looking through some of the sites that are.
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Originally Posted by hillymum
Here is Hawklins store!

Willy's Woolies

It's actually now: http://www.willyswoolies.com/
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Originally Posted by Jilian
I think it is only if someone asks for spam. I'm really not sure how the rules work. So I'll go ahead and ask for spam

Mamas who aren't on hyena cart, can you post a link to your site please so we can look around?
Bridget's Woollen Soakers Bridget is a dear friend who does amazing work
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I have a HC but don't use it any more. The links in my sig work.
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bumping this thread to help with the alphabet game LOL
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Originally Posted by didelphus
I'm not.
Hyenacart freaks me out.
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I'm not at HC either.


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We're not on hyena cart either.

JamTots Online Baby Store
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