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Puke, puke everywhere!

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Good grief!! Gracie woke up at 5 am this morning, she had puked all over her bed. She has puked twice more since. I don't need to be sick right now, I sure hope I don't catch it. Poor kid, she's so confused. I took her over to the toilet to make sure she didn't have to do anymore and she stood there and tried to spit in it, she was blowing raspberries and crying, it was so sad . It must really suck to be so little and not understand why your tummy hurts and stuff is coming out of your mouth. :Puke .

I hope this does not last all night. :
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Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon and you avoid it! (I bet you'll be fine; kids get so much stuff that our bodies fight right off). Take some acidophilus, if you've got it.
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Well, now she has a fever and we had to play musical beds last night to help keep her asleep!! I am glad the baby hasn't come yet, I want her to get over this and I want to get rested back up before I have to do the hard work of labor. Boy, it's always something isn't it??
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Sounds like what we had last Thursday. The puke came first, followed by a low fever, and finally ended with a couple episodes of diarrhea. The first two parts were done within 24 hours for us and the diarhea was a surprise after we thought she was fine.

I ended up with the low grade fever and some loose bowels but no puke. Thank goodness!

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