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Gift ideas for first time grandparents-to-be?

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Hi All! I know I've been posting random stuff lately, but I want your opinions! We are due in March, both sets of parents will be first-time grandparents and are THRILLED.

We are trying to think of some nice (inexpensive) gifts that we can get them that are baby/grandparent related. Any ideas? All I can think of right now is a grandparents book where they write their memories, etc. about having a grandchild.
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How about a one-use camera (or film, if they have a camera already) and a small photo album or cute frames? My parents' living room is like a shrine to ds.

Or you could get a sturdy cardboard box with a lid, cover it with contact paper, and decorate it as a "Grandkids' Toy Box." I helped ds decorate a chest for my mom's house for her birthday, because she's collected an assortment of things they play with together.
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I like the toy box idea . . . and a grandparents' book is great, too; that is how we told my ILs that we were expecting (wrapped it up and gave it to them, and then just smiled until they figured it out).

For my parents and ILs, we will be doing "brag books" that they can fill with baby pictures once the little one arrives. We will be waiting until sometime next year to present them, but they could easily be Xmas gifts as well!
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The toy box idea is great- they have already started buying a bunch of cr*p that I don't really want around our place, but I told them they could have whatever they want at their place!

I also did a search on Amazon and found a few decent looking books. The first one looks especially interesting as I think it will help to get them away from the TV and doing more WITH the baby.

101 Ways to Spoil your Grandchild

The Grandparent Guide : The Definitive Guide to Coping with the Challenges of Modern Grandparenting

Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren
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If you don't mind waiting until after the baby comes, I got a double frame and in one side put a copy of babies footprint and the other side a picture of baby with great grandpa (in our case). I haven't ever seen him like a present more. . . Still displayed (nearly 6 years later)

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We're giving empty picture frames with a note inside that says "cute grandchild pending." I also got my mom a copy of the book "The Grandma Connection" because it was on her Amazon.com wish list (which made me say awwwwwwwwwwwwww....).
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