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Need advice as to what to do next!

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All of you wise women. Asking for advice! We are a two mommy couple who has two beautiful children that i carried with my eggs and donor sperm. My partner has been ttc for about 2 years. She has had 10 IUIs (little less than half with drugs), and 2 IVFs without implantation. She has been said to have mild diminished ovarian reserve (the IVFs produced 3 embryos) The Dr. over and over says it has to do with the eggs or embryos and not something with her uterus though we have finally gotten him to have her tested for immunology issues. She has used accupunture throughout her attempts. What else. Oh we have a pretty limited about of our chosen donor's sperm left (3 vials) Well our options are as follow based on what our doctor says are our best (percentage-wise) bets. Me do everything (My eggs, my uterus), Half and Half - (my eggs, her uterus), or keep trying all with her. I am kind of scared and gun shy as I am getting older - 37, she is 35, and our DD has Down syndrome and i am scared of that happening again. I also get a feeling that she really wants to carry a baby emotionally and isn't ready to give up that dream. Oh did i add that we really should stop spending the money on this! Any way any advice would be awesome. I know there are no simple answers...Thank you in advance for your thoughts or advice.
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I wish I had some advice for you, as I really didn't want to read without responding.... but I have no clue. Those are all such personal decisions that I've never been faced with.
to you. I hope you and your partner are able to find a happy solution.
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okay. my honest thoughts. 35 is still young. don't give up yet on your partner's dream. for uterine lining, you can ask your RE to prescribe viagra (not sexy, horrid when used this way, but it can really make a difference to lining quality & thickness when started at with stims). also, I'd be aggressive about immunological and implantation issues if good embryos aren't sticking. if her embryos are good quality, & she's producing enough to cycle (she doesn't need dozens) then diminished ovarian reserve isn't so scary in a woman of 35. is she being given heparin? corticosteroids? ivig therapy? after multiple unsuccessful cyles, I would be insist that my RE go for the whole kit and caboodle, and if he or she doesn't, I wouldn't waste my time - I'd change clinics. I'd also ensure my clinic was at the very top in terms of statistics - it does make a big difference. very best of luck to you.
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