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RedWine~ I understand where you are coming from and just want to say !

Today it was 8:30 am and I just thought, "How can I do this again- the same thing- all day?" The worst thing is I love being a SAHM and have been doing it for 5 1/2 years- so I thought I would be at peace with it all! I too have been having the "I'm going to get a job!" thoughts, but know in my heart that this would only make more problems.

What am I going to do? Take deep breaths. Take the girls out in the rain. Try to concentrate on the positive. And get some alone time ASAP!!

Good luck to you!
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I so hear you!! I don't remember the last time I went to the bathroom alone or at least not have a toddler screaming on the other side of the door! Showers are fun too!

My DH will work out of town for weeks at a time. I get so stir crazy. I used to just go to West Edmonton Mall and window shop with DD, but we don't live there anymore and the mall here take like 5 mins to walk. Not worth it. We don't even have enough snow to go sleding or something. No museums either.... I guess we can go to the library, but my youngest likes to take all the books off the shelves.

My only solution is to stay up late... *lol* That is the time I get alone to do whatever.

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Wednesday, We SAHM's are here to support one another during the winter blues so please keep negative comments to yourself.

Thank you ladies! that was absolutely my point Redwine!

We have been having some beautifull spring like weather here and we have been taking advantage! Lots of outdoor time! yesterday without even jackets! Which was quite a change from bundling up with scarfs and boots and hats and gloves and extra gloves! I think that sometimes just getting out is nice!

I think reading is always a hit with DD!
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