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Going into 8th Week - Feeling Crummy

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Hi everyone,

This pregnancy is totally different from my first. My first one I felt so good and with this one I feel aweful.

I've had nausea for about 4 weeks now. I thought I had it conquered a few days ago, but now its back.

When I get up from taking my daily nap, it feels like I have a hangover. Food is turning me off, especially chicken which I love. My energy level is really low and I have a hard time keeping up with the house work and entertaining my little one.

My hubby took my little 2.5 yo ds out tonight and I'm just sitting here crying my eyes out over feeling so crummy.

Sometimes I think "what have I done, getting pregnant again." My hormones are going crazy I guess.

Anybody else going through a rough first trimester?

Thanks for listening.

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Hi Deb,
I'm 10 weeks and 2 days and I'm FINALLY feeling better. I started feeling sick around week 5 and was pretty miserable until just a few days ago. Now I'm still nauseous, but not nearly as bad and my energy is picking up. I haven't thrown up in 2 days! Feels like forever! But I know exactly how you're feeling. Around 8 weeks I was SURE I would never get better. That I would be a terrible mother because I would be sick all the time! DH would bring me food, I'd take one bite and sent it back. Or else I'd cry over what a big serving he gave me because I knew there was NO way I could eat it all! Oh it has been rough. But I'm here to tell you there is hope and it WILL get better!!! It's funny that you should mention chicken. It seems like all pregnant women want meat. I can't STAND it. I've had one little bit of steak and it was ok, but poultry is gross gross gross. I've basically put EVERYTHING on hold. DH has been sooooo wonderful and my co-workers have been incredibly forgiving....which almost makes it harder because I feel so pathetic.

To make myself feel better, I've been giving myself ONE necessary task to complete each day..go to the bank, fold laundry, vacuum, etc. It doesn't always get done, but when it does, I feel so satisfied. (Last couple days, I've gotten more than that one thing done! YAY!)

Hang in there. I know how rough it is, but just remember that it's all happening for a good reason.

I'm off to bed!
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Thanks Sharon for your words of encouragement.

Yesterday was just a bad day for me and after re-reading my post that confirmed it.

Today I'm not doing to bad. I love the weekends when hubby is home to help me out.

Plus, I ran into a friend and she's pregnant as well. She's in her 9th week and suffering way more than I from nausea. She is actually on a medication for it.

So I have to count myself lucky I'm not as sick as her.

Take care!

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