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Cost of clomid?

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Does anyone know how much clomid costs if your insurance doesn't cover it? We have to pay for 50%, so I'm trying to figure out approx. what that would be. I don't even know how it works - do they just give you a bottle of pills and you take so many each cycle or do they just give you enough for one cycle and you have to refill each cycle?
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My doc only prescribed enough for each cycle. I think it would have been abou $60-70 without insurance.
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I was prescribed enough for each cycle. 5-50mg pills were 30-40 bucks for generic. The second cycle I did 5 days at 100mg so that was twice the amount.
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My dr only prescribed enough for one cycle, 5 pills, taken cd 3-7. My insurance didn't cover it - but the cost for generic was $29.XX.
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Generic is the way to go - just clomiphene citrate. When I was on 100mg/day it was about 35 for the whole cycle.
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5 days at 50 mg. was 20-something. Then double it every jump in dosage. I also ordered at MedsMex and it was way cheaper, but there is a loooonnnnnggggg shipping time so order early if you go that way. Of course, my insurance didn't cover any of it.
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this is canadian prices so probably no help.. but in case someone in canada needs it..

5 days at 50 mg = 23.00
5 days at 100mg= 35.00

that is for serophene
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the dosage makes difference in the costs.. I was on 150mg.. it was $60+ish and for 200mg it was $85+ish my dh's insurance didn't help at all my old insurance did

i should check medsmex out .. sounds good to me
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question about medsmex... whats the difference between clomid and clomiphene which one should I order as both are in same dosage?
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Clomiphene Citrate is Clomid. Same thing
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For some reason, our pharmacy (Osco) charged us the same amount for 100/month as for 50/month. It was around thirty dollars, i think.
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Originally Posted by chiromama
Clomiphene Citrate is Clomid. Same thing
right thats what I thought.. but it puzzles me when I saw the medsmex list with both meds spelled both ways.. and considered different cateory so I'm not sure which one I should get if both are the same thing.. KWIM??
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Medsmex.com and Safemeds.com also lists under the name "Serophene" - same thing, Clomiphene citrate, just another different brand. They sell the Serophene brand for even less.

My 16 month old was a result of meds ordered from Medsmex.com. I had been paying $40 for a 50mg cycle to $150 for a 150 mg cycle when I was getting my RX's filled at Wal-Mart. I decided to give that company a try when it was suggested by others on an infertility support board. It's an on-line Mexican pharmacy who ships to the US. They warn to allow 4 weeks or so, though my order came in about 10 days.

FYI, you do not need a perscription for clomid in Mexico. You literally just order them. They came in the manufacturer packaging with insert, of course it was written in Spanish. I had nothing but positive things to say about my experience.
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thanks for the info on medsmex. i am starting on my second round of clomid soon (no success with 50mg) and was glad to hear about a cheaper way to obtain the drug.
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I got my Clomid at Costco for $15 without insurance. I don't know if that is an option for you in your area, or some other warehouse store. But maybe they do mail-in Rx's?
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My clomid was $5 each for 50 mg. I had to take 5 a cycle, so I paid $25. This was at Target. ( I got pregnant after the first cycle).
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hi tricia 80

did you use serophene. I'm from canada and going to start serophene my next period. 50mg days 5-9.
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I can't remember the exact cost, but under 30 sounds about right. I know that I shopped around, though, and Costco had by far the best price, if that is an option for you.

Best of luck to you!
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Hello i live in canada as well and i wanted to know if anyone can tell me the cost of clomid with no insurance? I have just found out i have PCOS, im only 20 yrs old and my husband and i have been trying for just over a year now....please let me know...thanks alot!!!

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Originally Posted by MerryOne View Post
I ordered from Medsmex, I got a box with 30 50mg pills for $42 and they were the brand name ones, I'm paying for everything out of pocket so this really worked best for me.
I did this too. Taking day 5 tonight, first round. (CD 5-9) No real side effects, thankfully. Some yeast today, wiped out with probiotic yogurt (vaginally, one dose with syringe). Taking at 5-6 pm at night. Makes me sleepy earlier, but doing good otherwise. Today is CD9. Clearblue test neg. Guessing in the next few days.
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